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Ape Nation: Will The Momentum Push Us Higher?!
Dumb Money Ep. 41 || AMC, GME & Crypto
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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello! What's going on hello, look at that! I kind of wanted to start a bit early because it looks like amc's looking a bit froggy, it's looking a bit froggy as we're getting a little bit closer. Today's close and into power hour and all that good stuff franklin we talked about this. Some of us have to be just i'm sorry. If you hear those dog toys going in the background i talked to him about it.

I said we have to be professionals on camera. He said no, i said what did you just say he said no, it was this whole thing and then he was in a scuffle with baxter doing dog things. It's all over. It's a they're all over the map.

With it, but let's focus on the important task at hand: amc crushing it back all the way up to 37 jimmy at 162.70 uh s, p, 500 s, p 500 had a really weird kind of like, i guess, a dump of the situation and then from that, It's kind of fighting back right now, um, so i'm kind of interested to see how the s p 500 plays out. For the remainder of the day. Robin hood looked like it was about to crater uh. I was calling out the high 45s and said it bounced off of 46, so i feel i was off by about like 25 cents there, but i don't think we're done on the day robin hood clearly in a downtrend and that's why i was just being.

I guess a petty person on twitter and what did we tweet out here, hang on? Let me get out of that. What was i tweeting out? Oh i put out my prediction of where amc and robin hood's price will meet as amc goes up. Robin hood's price comes down, i feel like we're. Coming coming, come coming and they're going to meet.

My prediction is 42. Let me know what you think: your prediction is: when amc will go up and robin hood will come down and what they're actually gon na meet at someone is saying. Reddit is down. Let me double check that they've been having some other weird tech issues um.

It might be location specific. Let me double check mine um, so i'm in the north east and it's still working for me right now. Maybe i should double check and just read one. Let me see: what's new, all right see uh it's working for me.

So it sounds like they might be down in a certain region, but i'm in the northeast united states and i'm getting uh it's coming through on my end, so i think that's good. Let me just double check uh there is that website down indicator that could give you a, i guess, a better idea of what's going on there. Let me double check this yeah, so the website's, showing that there is, i guess, some sort of increase in um down indicator reddit down indicator. Let me go to the website instead of google's version of it.

Let's just see what's going on there down down detector, it has been spiking, it did spike uh for the past hour, it's been spiking, so somewhere people are having issues. I guess i'm in a random area: that's not having issues, but there is a huge spike in the down detector. That's! You can kind of see some of the major websites uh up down somewhere in between, but lots of reports of it being down. So i am you're not taking crazy pills.

If that's also the problem that you're personally seeing down in idaho down in idaho uh did someone named david just get kicked out david david david. You were supposed to have potential. You were supposed to have potential so in terms of well, let's go over some of the or tech stuff, really quick, just to see where we're at on the day. So there's been a net return of 3.57 million shares uh with the return shares of 6.4 million.

So now, let's ask ourselves: is that actually shares that were short or they just borrowed and now being returned? Well, let's look at two days ago, two days ago, it did run from 32 up to 34.. I'm not saying all 6.4 million of these return shares were actually short, but it wouldn't be the craziest thing if a portion of it was because that's a good move. I mean look at this trend in amc. It's not the biggest surprise.

Anyone if some of the shorts did cover i mean ever since what august 11th we've gone from 2940 and we ran all the way up to 38.80, like that's a pretty good move, um and i'm not saying like any at all, i'm not saying that any considerable Amount of shorts actually covered, but it's crazy to think that maybe some of them didn't cover that maybe ones that were late to the party that were like. Okay, hang on, like this isn't looking exactly how we want it to look. Let's pull the rip cord um and i think, as we continue to truck higher and higher and higher we're gon na, actually see more of that, because maybe some of the newer shorts that were trying to bandwagon into it and push it down like nope we're already Underwater, let's cut the position before it gets any worse on us, um could be could be, but let's see how this actually settles to the end of the day. But the short interest right now on amc is 18.13 for gme.

There's been a net return of 118 000 and a short interest of 18.2. So that's how amc and gma are for right now, uh as we're an hour away from power hour, we'll see how that's going uh people are saying that there's an issue i mean i switched it up. There shouldn't be any problems right now on the uh. Everything 4k people in here hmm frozen frozen.

Why did it get uh? Because i'm not like? I have this new thing up on stream labs, where it tells me about any of the drop frames or what's going on there, and it looks as if we're good. I think we're good, i think we're good, i think we're good uh, hang on youtube is being weird: youtube is not receiving enough to maintain smooth streaming, as such viewers will experience buffering, but why why why why why? Why, oh, why my preferences, my output? So this time the bit rate is now a little bit lower at 4 500, but the cpu usage preset is higher at super fast, which should be better because that's less cpu uh and the keyframe interval is set to zero zero equals auto. I thought this was going to be a slam dunk of a thing of it working um huh. What is the actual issue? Because the issue it youtube is saying there is an issue, but uh streamlabs is saying we're good to go.

No drop frames, 30 fps, almost 5 000 kbs's stream quality is good. So for some reason there is a discrepancy between what youtube is saying and what stream is saying. Why would there be such a difference? 205, hang on. Maybe youtube is just um on on rumble.

It looks crisp like on rumble. This is coming across, like in beautiful, beautiful uh. Beautiful fashion looks crystal cree, clear right now on rumble, so i'm wondering almost if, but now even youtube's back to saying it's normal um. I don't know something something weird.

Let's just see what happens, but if you're having it, it sounds like if you just refresh it you're good to go. Let me check my own quality uh. 1080P yeah it's coming across. I guess in a manner that it should huh interesting, interesting yeah.

If it's blurry uh, you just have to go to your settings and increase the quality, but we're we're spitting it out at 1080.. So, if you're having a blurry issue, definitely just check that, like that little cog, wheel, click on it, switch it to 720 or uh switch it over to 1080, but i think we're we're firing at all syllables right now it lagged for a second. I wonder: what's the next thing i can fix on it to make it even better to make it even better all right, but we are we're cruising right now, um we my first target for as we head into power hour just on amc. So everyone knows i'm watching 37.40 roughly it's just.

We see a little bit of support a little bit of resistance, so roughly in the range of 37.40, so we'll kind of go from there. If it's blurry check your settings for 1080p yeah, it should be coming across at 1080p. So, in the meantime we have a little bit i mean. Obviously, we could always go into a fun story: crypto, let's do a quick check on crypto, so bitcoin 46 000 holding there ethereum holding at 317 doge at 32 cardano at two dollars.

All these are on voyager, it's above my head. If you're in the state of new york, unfortunately, you can have some problems, but other than that you should be good to go. It's a phone. It's it's an app for your phone.

It's not a web app! It's a phone app android, ios, download it put in the code, matt 21 and you'll get 25 worth of bitcoin as soon as you, trade, 100 of any crypto whatsoever voyager. If you go to their website, you can see what cryptos are supported, uh just to be completely honest about it. Not all these coins actually also function as a wallet, so you want to look into that specifically, but, as you can see, there's many many different coins here. The next one i'm looking to get is matic.

I'm hearing a lot of good things from the community about matic, so kind of interested in that, but i think crypto's interesting well. What i kind of find interesting, amc and jimmy are waking up roughly the same time that crypto's waking up. Obviously it could be a complete coincidence, but i find it interesting that these high-flying asset classes crypto and then specifically what i'm going to refer to as moon stocks, amc and gm meme stocks, but um. I think amc and jimi are thought of definitely differently and i do find it interesting that they're waking up roughly like almost the same week um.

So i wonder - maybe maybe i'm just like grasping at straws here but uh does. It does seem interesting to me that everything's kind of waking up simultaneously the spy is bouncing. Hood still looks like crap, oh, but anyway, yeah the voyager thing. It's above my head.

You download the app you put in that code. Here is the bigger picture. Amc perfectly rejected at the trend line. Today we do have this region of resistance and i'll go to a smaller time frame.

So you could see it. Let me readjust my rocket. Let me readjust, what's going on franklin um, let me re: what's up dude, what's up dude, you want to come up for the stream. You want to come up all right.

Hop up hop up hop up, you're, so excited here, sit down. Sit down we're talking about amc, we're talking about amc, all right, um, so readjust here, but we're just looking for so we've had this pattern of the lower highs. When we're looking to break this trend, let me get the intraday trend, all right, yeah, we're kind of right above that trend line, let's see if it holds for now um, hopefully franklin you could bring us some good. Look! Oh now, baxter's here as well.

What's up dude? Second dude um? Oh just so you guys know these are not. I am dog sitting. These are not uh. I am not the proud owner of these awesome dogs eye it's a dog sitting week for me and why not? It's always fun to do dog sitting when you have such cool dogs to hang out with, but they are not.

My own puppies pltr announced preparing for a black swan event, interesting news on pound. Oh, we should see if there's any other breaking news. Um total trade. Well, i want to see some of the biggest trades of the day.

Amc call oh whoa, all right. We should break into some of the options market right here, so the biggest trade of the day was at 9. 52. This morning was that a quick trade someone got in at five out at 5.05, 355, 000, weird stuff going on with the calls for expiration date, 24 days out interesting, all right.

Let's check out some of the news. Who is this? One from amc is ticking higher. Again, on tuesday, on monday, benzingo reported option traders continued to slap, the ask on bullish, call contracts together higher and they were right on tuesday option traders were mixed and the number of bearish puts were purchased, although in total more money was placed on calls and 9 52, one option trader paid a whopping, 430 thousand dollars for a single order of calls with a strike price of 37 expiring september 10th. The trade was for 680 amc options at five dollars per piece.

Although amc has already made a massive move higher over the past. Four trading days, its relative strength index, is measuring a very comfortable 50. This indicates amc stock could rise much higher still without entering into the overbought territory, which is commonly at a level of 70, all right sweet. I like that.

I, like that all right kevin o'leary. Let's i don't really care too much about this one. What else we have wait, robin hood earnings what's going on with robin, i didn't know they had an earnings. Oh robin hood will issue q2 earnings on august 18th.

Is such an announcement as a public company. Therefore, today we look so robin hood: oh wait: where did that go? This could get some crazy volatility going with robin hood hang on. They need to collapse these stories. If you want this news aggregator, it's been zynga right now: they're running a discount august 35 for 35 off um if you're interested, but there is also a free trial.

So if you do the free trial and at the end of august, if you like benzynga, i mean i like its news, you could see when stocks the options trading, you could also see, halts and resumes. You can see the options activity. I think it's cool stuff, but i want to know about this. On august, it's first such announcement as a public company.

Therefore, today we take a look at what investors can expect from the widely filed stock in future weeks. All right q2 earnings are important for a hood stock when the company issues the second quarter results. The street will want to see if hood has the essential qualities to become a robust growth stock. So far, robin hood has a polarized and also a large impact on the investing community.

Interesting, how i want to know if it's before or after the bottom line, all right don't really care about that. Okay, this looks like it's from investor place. Like i said, binzinga can also function as a news, aggregator um. So if there's anything coming across there, this was written on investor place and it was just reposted to binzinga, but um.

I want to find out more information. Robin hood generates 80 of its total revenue revenue via payment for order flow, a source of controversy on wall street. The broker is compensated for forwarding trade orders to the market maker intermediaries that may not provide investors with the best price possible. You know right there.

This guy seems to know what it's about, but sorry, charlie, doesn't have any idea like it sounds bad, but trust me, it's not no a lot. It's hugely! It's a big controversial issue on wall street so for sorry, charlie to go on and be like. Oh no! No like no, it's like fine, it's normal. No, it's not whatsoever um, so the earnings coming up.

I just want to know if it's pre or post market uh, robin hood earnings uh. I probably won't be streaming it or anything like that. I just want to know when it's actually supposed to happen today. It is down robin hood reports, earnings on wednesday.

Here's what can move the stock okay after the market closes tomorrow so wednesday, august 18th. Robin hood will have its earnings interesting good, to know good. To know good to know, good, to know good to know all right, i think we're still coming across in a beautiful fashion. Here citadel is shorting your bitrate.

They probably are matt. What are you doing? Magnets are stuck at 10, 30 rocket and spacecad are stuck too. Please fix socks, go burr. We need a technical boost.

All right. Let me just make sure that we have this magnet exactly where we want it exactly where we want it mega magnet we're gon na hit him with the mega magnet we're, not even waiting for power hour. We need this breakout to hold on this trend line, so we're just going to magnet mega magnet formation. I'm sure you guys are very familiar with this particular setup.

Did you see the institutional ownership is up one billion dollars for q3 229 um in 24 hours? That's a good sign: no, it's not up in 24 hours! It's because um, that's what they did over the entire fiscal quarter, they're just finally, all being reported now, there's a very, very big difference between the effective date and the filing date. So right now, i believe all the filings are actually in for the last quarter, but the effective date was june 30th, so that increase in one billion dollars. That was true as of june 30th, and it was relative to the previous quarter so from q1 to q2. It's not like they bought a billion dollars worth in the past 24 hours.

That's not a proper way to interpret those data points whatsoever. Now, to your second part, do i think it's good or bad um? It could honestly cut both ways, so it's good that they feel comfortable enough with having ownership in amc. Obviously, they're gon na buy it if they think it's gon na go up. It's not like you buy something that they think is gon na go down um.

So that's good, obviously, that's providing more demand, but it could also then be providing supply if it runs to a level and maybe they're, not as diamond handed as we want them to be. So that's what i mean when it could cut both ways. It could be good for us initially, they did all that buying. They stopped it from falling lower by providing more demand, but depending on when they want to pull the revolution.

All right does watching you on rumble or youtube support you more as a creator. Um they're hang on open, widget, it's lower than the ring um. They both seem to. I mean a view, is a view um, i kind of have it just so people who want to support maybe one platform or the other.

But for me as a creator, it works on both. So that's why i like to multi-stream on both it does seem to be. I don't know i i'm pretty new to rumble and whatever we have going on with it. Thus far, it's been awesome for me, so i'm happy with rumble um i i don't really get more or less of a benefit from one or the other.

For me, i'm just going to be on both so whatever, whatever you find to be easier, if you like, watching on youtube watching on youtube, if you will like watching on rumble watch on rumble - and i do also want to figure out what i need to do To also do it as well to twitch what i don't get here is it says the stream's current bit rate 4573 is lower than the recommended bit rate, but then, when it talks about it, we recommend that you stream with a bit rate of 4500.. So i am it's like even admitting that i'm above it, so i don't quite understand that issue uh fed reported 1 trillion in reverse repos today, market pullback, hopefully for some margin call soon. Don't worry, whoa, bye, bye, it's just us now! Just us now, don't worry! I recommended cg. He sucks on twitter uh 80k call options at 40 strike for this week is pretty significant, not quite the 200k that led to the first camera, but still big yeah uh, i'm gon na dive into the option chain.

In fact, we could actually do that now, because i've noticed that there's some interesting interesting developments that we're seeing basically more and more money is pouring into the options market. And how do i pull this up here we go. So this is the options the calls are on the left. The puts are on the right, and this is for amc.

So this i want to focus on the august monthlies, which is this week and the september monthlies, which is in about a month and in between that we have some weeklies as well. But if you look at some of these numbers, you're going to want to look at the open interest, is there a way that i can? I guess make these a little bit more readable. I have to figure this out, but anyway, so the 40s have 35 000. So does that mean uh? Remember each contract represents 100, so 35 000.

You could look at that as basically 3.5 million shares of amc, but with it that doesn't mean that that's how many they're going to have to hedge by because they can be buying and selling. So they're going to hedge on their net position. So really the maximum value is a hedge of 3.5 million, but that's if they didn't have any other position. So they're going to hedge on their net they're not going to hedge on whatever you see the pure number to be because they can buy and they can also sell.

But anyway, with that being said, the higher these numbers, the better like definitively the higher the better. Because, whatever they may or may not have hedged for well the higher the number the more they're going to have to hedge, we might not know the proportionate amount of what they have to hedge for, but obviously, as the magnitude goes higher and higher, that's going to Be directly correlated to more hedging, but i want to take a look at the 40s which we have of 3.5 million shares. Potentially, if you take a look at 50, we have another 1.5 million, but really the numbers just add up and all the way down at the 145s, which is the maximum it's the highest strike price for this week, which expires this friday august 20th. We have 65.

So that's 6.5 million shares. That's a lot of money being bet on the farthest out strike for this month and then there's a lot of action in the other august ones, the end of august, the start of september. But let's look at the monthlies the way you know it's, the monthly is the fact it doesn't have a w by it. The w's are the weeklies and then between the every the what's, the third friday between the 15th and the 21st of every month that one's the monthly expiration there's nothing really special about it.

Besides the fact that there's going to be more open interest there, more people are going to be betting on the monthlies than on the weeklies, but anyway that's for a different discussion, huge money for september. So we have another 3.5 million shares at the 40s. Another 1.5 million at the 45s, another 1.3 million at the 50s uh, for whatever reason we have 1.4 million at the 60s and there's big numbers in between. But here there's another 6 million at the 145s for the september monthlies big big bets going on like the.

If you're, looking at the options chain, a lot of things happening on amc like huge, huge bets being made between the august monthlies september monthlies and even the ones in between, like you could look at the options, change for those other expiration dates and, like i said, Groom, it's improper to say that they have to hedge for all of them, it's more saying: okay, they might have to hedge for whatever's going on here. So that's how i would honestly interpret that information, but um. It's interesting. It's definitely interesting to say the least, just because no matter what it is, we don't know the percentage amount that they're going to have to hedge for, but, as that magnitude goes bigger and bigger, it is getting closer and closer to a gamma squeeze.

As we a lot of those go from out of the money to in the money, look at the gamma, pushing it higher and higher, like almost the way day, traders handle it. Whatever the current trade is, the current trend is the current trades going on, will push that trend even more and more um, and that could help you or it could also hurt you so as long as we're trending up. Obviously the trends are a friend and we can look for the trend to go higher and higher, but if the trend is going against you well, if they're loading into like, let's say, put options well, they're gon na push it down even further. So it's another scenario: almost like these institutional buyers buying a lot uh.

It can be a double-edged sword, but right now just to be, i guess honest from the higher level view. Amc is clearly trending upwards. So that's going to be very good news for us um. I would love to see all those 40s go on the money, the 45s, the 50s.

Basically, all those major five dollar increments uh we're gon na see a good, a good amount of share, or, i guess, option contracts that might relate to shares having to be hedged for going from out of the money to in the money which really at its most Core level then boils down to them. Buying more shares, um so could be, could be interesting could be very interesting uh holding amc, but i need more money to double up before the big day. Any chance j pal might talk about the variance interesting movements in bdsx. He could i mean with that the government, the spy was looking strong and then it sold off and right now it just ran into some resistance, i'm very hesitant to i guess, commentate, on what they're going to do or not do because it seems like they're very Much like all over the map, uh in terms of our government and the federal reserve.

So with it i mean your guess is as good as mine, the s p 500, the government and the federal reserve. It's kind of you're balancing out two things: they love for. It to continue this like concept of melting up, but on a technical perspective, it does look a bit toppy. So it's a tough call where it is right now, because a lot of this, it's not being technically driven.

We have things going on in afghanistan. We have things going on with the new delta variant, so a lot of that. It's not technical. It's like it's driving on announcements from our political leaders, so it's a it becomes a more difficult trade, uh matt.

I pay for the live options, data on weibo and it shows 80k, not 35k. Oh, so it's even more money! Now i wonder we i pay for the options, data. Okay, i need to look into that in my account on weeble, because i thought i paid for everything that you could have, but i guess regardless there's more and more bets pouring into the options market. I have no idea why mine is not up to date.

I'll have to look into that uh. You need restream, i'm guessing you're using streamlabs. Now yeah is restream better than streamlabs restream restream dot. Io live live, live research.

The issue with restream is, i don't know if it's as customizable as stream labs um. Can you so like? I really like, i guess my background and all that stuff restream, i thought was less customizable. Am i wrong about that um? Basically, i want to be able to do everything i can do on stream labs. I just don't want to be doing it on streamlabs if it's causing issues such as this uh, please use a keyframe frequency of four seconds or less i'll have to figure that out.

The current frequency is eight. That does not seem good. No, the ingestion errors can use incorrect, gop group of picture sizes, so i don't know what's going on there, but something's going on streamlabs is obviously not playing nice with multi-streaming right now. Um, so i'll have to figure that out, but um.

If you happen to be some sort of streaming expert - and you just want to drop me - a dm of like okay - no like this - is the best one to do a multi-stream too. I see a lot of things about restream. I'm just worried that it's not as user-friendly product studio, multi-streaming yeah. If i can control my own overlay, like the space that you see around me uh, i would do it grow your audience with a single stream to multiple platforms.

I just don't know how customizable the background is. It is in austin, texas, professional custom platforms, no restream branding restream studio pro with custom logo and graphics restream studio pro interesting. Maybe that's what i need to check out yeah. I need to look into this.

Well sounds like it says: it's compatible with obs, oh god, interesting all right i'll have to dive into it. Maybe that's the best option, or maybe it's just my keyframe key frame issue. You sound like you're speaking, a foreign language with all good. It's all good, live and live him.

We hear we stream in quantity over quality. Multi-Streaming is tricky and doing it through stream. Labs is a bad idea. I would use original obs uh to restream all right, so it sounds like the issue is.

Streamlabs is like the crux of my problem. Right now which streamlines i would use original ops to restream. You can use original obs to restream. That's interesting, oh, but that kind of makes sense.

You could just kind of daisy chain it out. I suppose like if obs is going right into restream and then restream serves it to everything else. Maybe that's the way to do it. Uh my dog already looks like franklin check out her ig shout out perez.

Can you please do an or text check more than happy to more than happy to, and we also obviously have the mega the mega magnet working right now? Why is streamlabs bad then, like i don't understand, like they pride themselves, on allegedly being so good uh borrowed shares. 2.84 million return shares 6.4 million short interest of 18.13 in terms of gamestop, a net return of 118 000 short interest of 10.2 percent crypto, not moving too awful. Much, not moving a crazy crazy amount. All right.

We have that perfect, perfect, perfect. All right would love to see amc as we get uh we're about a half hour out from power hour. I would love to see it 37. 40 about um.

I want to see that because then i think that sets up a test of 38.25 38.25 streamlabs got your own restream service. If you own, i mean i have streamlabs pro, that's how i'm able to do this multi-stream at all. I use restream for work and it's super reliable. I would definitely go with obs 2 restream.

Okay, a lot of people supporting that stream labs is the apple to streaming and broadcast software. They don't let you adjust and tweak near as much as regular obs and they pay wall, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, 10k, ada, 30k and amc. Let's go rue, that's awesome. I mean i myself am in both of those amc and cardano.

I would love for both of them to rip simultaneously or, if one has to start it. Let's do it. Uh just made bacon for blt going to make wife's bf clean the kitchen. Now.

Did you see that daddy dogecoin was the first crypto to launch space after elon sadie, daddy doge to mars now they're going to everest market cap 9 billion goodbye? They have a video of launch um. I don't think so, and the issue is, i don't see why it's any more special than doge. So the reason with doge of it taking off is because it had such a crazy amount of community support. I don't see what's so much more special about daddy doge.

That's gon na take all those people and get it to support that instead of doge um, daddy dogecoin. I just think doge itself is gon na be better because it already has the critical mass of the community that cares about it. So you have all these other ones. I just don't know why they would possibly surpass doge without really going out of its way to set itself apart.

So i don't know i maybe i'm wrong. I just think that doge is going to for now. As long as the community is there, i think that doge will be a better play than daddy doge or really any of these other quote: unquote: memes um, just because there's such an advantage to being the original mover, i just yeah - i don't know i remember - for A point there there was like all these paid bots that would come in and pump all these different, like uh, safe moon was one bonfire was one so as crypto takes off, definitely get prepared for that. I think we're gon na see a lot of just like these random crypto accounts come in and they pay for super chats to pump like the most random coins that you've never heard of uh.

How did we have such a hot morning in a slow afternoon because of the overall market at the s? P, 500. Midday look at the sell-off from 11 all the way until 1 p.m. We just had two hours of selling and it tried to bounce right now, but the s p 500 is coming down. Let's take a look at iwm, really quick and we're seeing a similar situation.

It's because the market is doing this. The market had a nice bounce, but around 11 it sold straight to 1 pm, and this is directly related to what powell says what our government's doing um all that stuff is kind of intertwined pal speaks today. I believe he already spoke. Why did you take a shot at safe movement? I'm just informing you that people come in here and pump it uh.

That doesn't mean you can't make money on it, but there's no way you could say that safe moon is the best hold in the world of crypto um. There's no way you could say that safe moon is the best crypto to be holding right. Now you might make money on it and, if you're in it, i hope you make money on it. Um, just because things are pump and dumps doesn't mean you can't make money on it.

It just means that you shouldn't hold it for the long term. It just means don't get greedy if you make money on safe moon if you're up on safe moon sweet. I have no issue with that. That's awesome, i'm just letting you know the amount of people that reach out to me to try to pump it.

They pay for super chats to try to pump it if they're good at pumping. You might make a lot of money if they're bad at pumping. You don't want to be a bag holder, type of a scenario. Just because something's a joke doesn't mean you can't not make money on it, i'm not inherently against it.

I'm just letting you know the amount of people that have reached out and they they try to offer you they're like please pump this. The same thing happened with bonfire like when crypto gets moving every other day i get a different email to pump a different random coin um. If you're one of the earlier people, you might make money on it, but uh sitting where i am. I would not feel comfortable telling everyone like yeah.

You should get into it when i know that i have an email box, full of hey pump. This coin pump, this coin pump this coin uh. It happened with safe moon. It happened with bonfire.

It happened with another one i think called studentcoin uh. It happens all the time and as crypto picks up. I bet i'm gon na get more and more of these emails bdsx i'm trying to tell you, is running beautiful before the speech. Uh wait when i thought the speech already concluded, uh pal speech.

How speech pal speech pal speech all right continue to cite block uh the fed chair pal will likely leave the door open to a september taper announcement boosting the dollar dodging the timing of the bond purchases would leave the greenback bid as well only a full denial Of tapering would send the dollar down. According to the wall street journal and cnbc, the fed is nearing an announcement of tapering, its 120 billion a month purchase program already in its upcoming september. Meeting ahead of the september's meeting pal is due to speak next week at the jackson. Hole symposium, where fed chairs often provide hints about policy changes before the gathering comes tuesday's town hall, which investors are eagerly awaiting.

So today is the town hall, tuesday august 17th. I'm just trying to get a time for it because with it, the fed's comments you'll definitely see a little bit of a haywire reaction, especially in the s p, 500 and obviously the vix as well. The town hall, the town hall, tuesday's town hall, see if i can get uh the exact time. I thought it already happened.

Yeah it looks like it started. I think it's over yeah. The event is scheduled to start at 1 30 eastern watch, the town hall, like it's either going on right now or it's already concluded. I don't think it's like.

I don't think we're actively waiting for it at this moment now that it's 2 40 eastern good good good apecoin is the future. That would be something that would be something all right: amc currently at 36.69 71 gme at 162, 28 amc had good volume. This morning, um and actually right now we're at 78 million. So if things start picking up in power hour, that could get us over 100 million on the day, which would be a nice change of pace.

Unfortunately, uh gme is probably above its average. Now it's at 1 million and we saw a power hour to go so we we are seeing higher value or higher volume in gme, but with it i want to see more. We need to get more excitement back in gme. I think we're up to date there.

So yeah no streamlabs is sucking. We'll have to figure that out. Uh did you just say powwow hour. We have about 20 minutes to go until power hour, uh a little bit less than that.

But hopefully we get some excitement coming into it. Uh, have you heard of marina traders, it's a platform where you can buy crypto and they pay you five percent weekly lowest level. Nine percent weekly highest thoughts never heard of it at all, never never heard of it. All right.

Amc come on swing this back around iwm and s p 500, looking oddly similar, but that makes sense they're. Both major indices is robin hood breaking down. Yet almost almost almost almost, let me see if i could get a quick drawing nope horizontal all right. Well, what was the low? The low was 47 46.02 all right, so that would be a new low.

Let's make this red the breakdown, the breakdown in robinhood, just out of curious options. What options trying to do tend to invest in the most see pick, there's some that i've never seen anywhere. Um looks like a picture hasn't come through, but i would say my most common plays are either buying calls or doing covered calls against my court positions. So if i think something's going to run, i will put money into some calls and other than that i would say my most repeated strategy.

Maybe not the most money is gon na, be more so of selling covered calls was a bunch of college, kids and professors asking softball questions. Oh, thank you tmi's avocado yeah, so we already have the the reaction to whatever that town hall thing was all right, but i want like: let's get this moving where's the volume where's, the volatility. Let's get some excitement, oh yeah, so it's going to be single option. Um low lobo, it's always a single option.

It's a single option, call or put or a single option the if you're, trying to engage in a covered call you're still doing a single option uh. I know it's weird because it says covered stock, but that's not how you properly execute it on weeble thoughts on pfe might squeeze soon um. I don't think pfe has a high short interest, so i don't know how it would squeeze. I could double check for you.

Let's see what pfizer's short interest is at has a short interest of one percent. Uh pfe could go up, obviously, but that would be buying it wouldn't be a squeeze. It wouldn't have anything to yeah. It's not i'm looking up some other information about it and no like it could go up just because of potentially i don't know one of its drugs or something with the rona.

Something like that. But it's not a squeeze play and i don't think it's good for the community to go around just arbitrarily looking for squeeze plays what you're, seeing in amc, what you're seeing in gme. It's a super super rare event. You should not be going around being like.

Oh, a high short interest i'll buy that because it's going to squeeze no, no. This is very, very rare, and even with that, like you, don't normally see the degree to which these things actually did squeeze. So, even if you find other squeezes uh, it's not at all safe to compare it to amc and jimmy other squeezes have much more of the. I guess like that, the pump chart and the dump very quickly.

You cannot compare other stocks to amc and gme, because there's nothing else like out there, like it. Historically nothing's ever happened, um that we've seen happen with amc and jimmy. They are the psychology and the play out in amc and or gme is by definition, one of a kind we are living in the new age of looking at stocks, so just to look at other stocks and be like. Oh, i think this would be it's very silly to say something will be the new ames here, jimmy jimmy it could be, but i've seen nothing that has the same community support and the same social situation going on so with pfizer.

I mean if you like it you just like it because of the industry. It's in and it's uh, i mean safe to say, dominance within that industry. But i just i wouldn't say it's a a short a short squeeze play. Uh.

Someone told me about zuga coin a week ago at 50, and i thought it was a scam, but it's not 156 000. It's a serious project of africa. I wish i was in it yeah. So this zuga coin, that's another one that, like it has these same vibes that now i think this is the third or fourth super chat talking about zuga coin um.

So as soon as i see people trying to pump it it, my own, my spidey senses go off that it. It feels like someone's, trying to make me a bag holder and try to push it even higher, so i don't want to do it. I would rather be into something before everyone else starts, pushing it uh thoughts on pfe might gamma squeeze soon uh. I have, i don't think pfe is a squeeze play short squeeze play gamma squeeze play if it goes up it's just because people are trying to buy pfizer because they think it's worth more.

Could this squeeze during after hours to prevent fomo um? Absolutely not remember. With respect to amc, there's over 100 million shares out on loan there's simply not enough volume traded in extended hours, trading, pre-market or post market or even one normal market day. Um there's a lot of. I guess, and maybe it's a fair question.

This is a great question, but do not have fear that you're gon na miss the squeeze uh. In my best estimation, this will be a multi-day event, not like. Oh, it happened in one minute and you had to get in and out it's not going to play out that quickly because there's just simply too many shorts and not enough volume being traded right now, amc has traded 78 million 79 million. There's more shares legal shares that are short right now than we've even traded the entire day um.

It's just not possible good question, though chris all right folks, let's stand up once my cash secured puts expire worthless this friday, i'm making another one with 40 strike and i'm extremely bullish on amc shout out best to buy cardano, i'm weeble or coinbase definitely do not Buy any crypto on weeble or robinhood, or these brokerages, because those types of brokerages in no way are a wallet. A big thing in crypto is like truly owning the crypto that you're trying to buy, so i would not get it on weeble um whatsoever brambles. Definitely if you're, comparing weeble to coinbase, definitely go with coinbase without a doubt. Without a doubt, i owe no crypto on weeble or robin hood, and i refuse to the crypto that i own is on coinbase gemini, voyager and blockfi.

That's where my crypto is and then i have some crypto in a ledger: nano x, which is like a physical wallet, and i just keep that um offline, but yeah. So brambles i mean for you if you want check out voyager uh, but i would definitely recommend against uh weeble binances is another good one. I hear good things about crack and i hear good things about uphold um. Those are the ones i just happen to have it in i'm not saying mine are the best.

I know uh, there's people in other, i guess exchanges and brokerages that are very, very happy with it. I'm just letting you know where mine is at, but uh one of the few things i actually know about crypto is you want to own it where it's truly a wallet and you could move it around and take it offline if you want to so wherever you Own, it make sure it's actually a legitimate wallet for that crypto, you don't even own the coin on robinhood. Well, you don't own the coin on weeble either, which is a big big issue. Big issue: gemini is nice.

If you're in new york, uh other brokerages have issues in new york, but gemini has access there, voyager doesn't have access in new york. If you're in the state of new york, you're gon na have some problems. It's a pain in the butt, but it is, it is how it is uh. Currently, i only have options during the squeeze.

While i have problems selling contracts, no um you're going to be able. That's one thing: that market makers do market makers provide liquidity, there's gon na there's other creators out there who try to tell you that liquidity is just like the money that they have of like. Oh, they have whatever a million dollars so that they think that's a million in liquidity. Liquidity in the stock market is a different thing.

A stock is considered to be very liquid. An option contract is considered to be very liquid if the bid in the ask is very built out, it's easy to get in and out of large positions and then on the other hand, a good example would be something like a penny stock. A lot of penny stocks are not liquid at all, like it would almost be borderline impossible to get like a position of like a million dollars or five million dollars, because the option or the in this case the penny stock is not being actively traded. The bid and ask is not built out, so it's non-liquid, it's very ill-liquid, but something like amc with how much interest it has.

As in like the public interest, the wall street interests, market makers have built in a lot of liquidity, into amc in both its stock and also the options market. So i obviously anything could happen, but this concept of not being able to get in or out in the event of it moving it's so far down my list of concerns very very far down my list of concerns. Uh. If you own bitcoin on the hood, can you transfer it to a wallet on another platform like coinbase uh? No, because it's not actually in a wallet, you just have some fancy schmancy iou from robinhood.

That's like spawning you, the value difference in bitcoin um. You wouldn't be able to transfer it because you don't have true ownership and you have to have true ownership to switch it from one wallet to another. But for you, if you were to sell on robinhood simultaneously and then buy on coinbase to you, even though your average would be different, your overall net worth would be no different, because you did it simultaneously. Uh still have a few amc shares on robin hood might be a good idea to transfer it out.

100 shares. I i don't think so like you can, if you want to put them all in one place, i do have other issues with robinhood but um. If think of it, this is how i think of it if they pulled the same that they previously pulled where they stopped people from buying. Remember they never stopped anyone from selling.

So if your current concern is being able to sell your stock, robinhood never stopped anyone from selling uh, they stopped people from buying, but with it like. I in trust me i'm in no way ever going to be arguing for robin hood, but, like i do think people are overstating it when they're, like you have to get out, you have to get out. Is it nice to get out yeah, but i don't think there's some concern that they're gon na like steal your shares or stop you from buying or stop you from selling um. They have previously stopped people from buying, but i wouldn't try to be buying on robinhood.

Now, anyway, you should be on another brokerage right now, the one that i'm in full support of is public, because to my understanding, my current understanding is: there's no payment for order flow and, what's better than that, is that they are sending all of your orders to A lit exchange, i don't think it gets better than that right now, so i do think it's good for you to do all of your future trades, whatever you want to do from this moment on off of robinhood off of weeble or off of any brokerage engaging In payment for order flow, i just don't think it's worth it to be doing, because we now before maybe we didn't know enough about it, but now we know that payment for order flow truly is detrimental to retail trading, to the stock market at large. So, for me, my trades in the future, i mean water under the bridge for the ones in the past. I can't take those back um and i don't feel like transferring them so i'll. Let them sit in the brokerage, i'll transfer them.

If things get boring. I suppose, but all my future trades are going to be done on non-payment for order flow and other mechanisms where i can route it away from market makers. So public is non-payment for order flow fidelity. If you have active trader pro, you can route that away on e-trade pro.

You can route some of those away, i believe um, i think charles schwab is another one that goes to lit exchanges. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong on that, but i know the two most popular ones, robin hood and weeble. I don't know how to make this more clear. They are payment for order flow, brokerages um.

So if you're, okay with that - which i'm not okay with that i mean you could stay on them, but i'm gon na do i'm gon na go out of my way to trade somewhere else. Matt is robin hood: stop buying, then, who are people selling to so that was the one broker that stopped it, but not all brokerages stopped it um taking crypto offline physical wallet is big, no, no with irs because they can't track but devin's law. What if people just have security concerns? It might be a big irs, a big no-no with the irs, but how does that work? If people are like wait, i'm just very concerned about hackers and they would rather have it sit in like a security deposit box. Someone just said: schwab is payment for order flow.

Am i thinking of merrell lynch? Then i sometimes i get those confused um. I know one of those other ones like just what i think of in my head of like the big classic like bank brokerages public uses apex uh, they use it for clearing, but that doesn't mean they're doing payment for order flow. Sometimes apex does payment for order flow, but you can see it on public's website. They are very clear that all their orders get sent to a lit exchange.

I don't know how to be more definitive about that is apex, their clearing broker yeah, but that doesn't mean that that's payment for order flow public on their own website says no payment for order flow, and on top of that, they send all of their orders to A lin exchange, and on top of that i've reached out to the pub the public team and confirmed that with them, and they said yes, your understanding is correct. No payment for order flow. We send all the orders to a lit exchange um. What is this best execution is our number one priority merrill does not accept payment for order flow routed to third-party market makers, market maker competes for our order flow okay, so that one is from merrell merrell.

Thank you for that clarification, merrill lynch, there's just so many brokerages and so much to know about. So i appreciate some of you um, like sharing that all right still have a few mcr8 yeah, but anyway devin's law uh, if you're still tuned in i'm just so. Your comment was taking crypto offline physical wallet is a big no-no with irs because they can't track, but that's kind of weird that they're forcing people into it. So what if people have serious like hacking? Issues like they're, like hang on, i feel uncomfortable i'd rather be offline, because i don't want to risk mine getting hacked.

I don't see why the irs could interfere with that if people have like legitimate, like internet hacking, cyber security concerns, but with this just understand, folks, that, like devin's law, he's like a legitimate lawyer, i am not i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a tax expert, i'm Not an irs expert, that's why i'm like legitimately, asking him so uh. I would take his word to be more uh accurate than my own, because he's a legitimate lawyer. Do you know anyone with wells fargo as payment for order flow, i'm on fidelity mainly, but have cash with wells fargo in a self-directed account thanks for all you do um? No, i don't really know too many people with wells fargo, because um they lost a lot of trust from the public a couple of years ago, when all that, like the scam stuff, came about out about wells fargo, they were basically forcing people to sign up for, Like a lot of accounts that they didn't need, so there was quite a bit of public backlash to wells. Fargo uh.

I don't know what it's done to restore its own image, but i don't mess around with wells fargo because of its issue that it had a couple years ago. The point of cryptocurrency is to promote decentralization. Kyc is becoming big with certain cryptos and is the cause of most of their failures. Someone is saying cash app is not payment for order flow.

Is that true, all right? It's almost power hour! Folks, let's stand up for power hour. Let's work on those six packs. Let's work on those six packs uh you aware scott galloway sits on the board at public uh. I don't know who scott galloway is.

Who is scott galloway? He's a public speaker he's an adjunct, professor marketing, at the new york university, stern, school of business, a public speaker, author, podcast host and entrepreneur um. I guess he sits on the board uh. I don't lobo, like i guess what. Why are you asking? If i'm aware of that, i have no idea who this person even is um.

He seems like somewhat fancy fancy pants, uh yeah, i've never heard of him, but also just because, like i guess, you're sitting on the board. What does that?.

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