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Ape Nation Friday: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
Dumb Money Ep. 47 w/ Matt
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Gang we are back at it for the the second stream of the day, the final stream of the trading week, folks folks, folks, folks, folks, what a interesting chart when we were away on break there um what an interesting chart i mean, uh, very methodical, systematic sell-off And then a very methodical, systematic buy-back up, i mean it's just this is depending on how this closed. This must might end up being the most beautiful picturesque cup and handle we could possibly imagine on amc's five-minute chart. I mean very honestly, very, very honestly, look at this look at this cup. If we get this handle right here, we should screenshot that and put that in in books.

I mean historians should be writing about this thing, because this might be one of the most beautiful things if we get this follow through on it. What is this one matt you're, the official tour guide on the astronaut rocket screen yeah. I wanted to throw this on. Just because i think the action of how we're actually closing out today um, i assumed it would just be making a bunch of hedge funds cry and obviously, when they're crying, i don't.

We have to have on a rain, a rain hat when it's crying out there. Uh, so you guys know me, i always i need to have on my ducky my ducky rain hot, when it's appropriate when it is appropriate, ornate gournate. It is it's very great. Looking for the dutch tulips, what's going on what is going on, let me make sure we're live there.

I think we're live. I think we're firing at all syllables, as dr disrespect would say, are we firing at all symbols on rumble here? I think we are. I think we are, i think we are. Is this gon na look? Okay there we go perfect, perfect, perfect.

Is it not firing there? Hello, hello, hello, hello, friday afternoons always interesting. You know what we could do just to get us a little excited for this right. Here uh, maybe maybe this could give us a little bit of some enthusiasm for the follow-through here. Let me find you guys this.

Let me hang on this. This song always gets me excited and then let me just make sure that you guys can also hear it here we go here. We go a little friday, music, fun. Let me just get going here.

We go hey. Oh there we go. This is not financial advice. Let's stand up for free, remember: oh wait! When you made the housing market crash the planet out of the age, and we just want our parents money back.

We can see it in your face that you ain't think we would remember that ring ring ring candy boy. You better answer that someone call. Can he ask the hedge at hey old man, how many times we got ta teach you that we make dumb amounts of money, so we don't mind it when you call us that's ironic, that they talk fundamentals while they're pockets. Please just to fundamentals: no bots, no shields, no fud accepted when you address the apes and the different messages.

Our favorite breakfast is a tasty dip. Every red candle always leaves a wick that consolidates for just a little bit. We draw rocket ships and watch it rip. We came about the jungle because we made your game stopping now we're the stars of the show.

We take aim see the moon, that's where the apes want to go. I said someone called kenny where my money at failure to deliver is coming do, but you can't get them back when margin gets a call and shit until you better answer that green boom candle, oh shout out, shout out, give us just a little bit of friday Afternoon, i guess excitement coming in. I want to see this this. You can't make a better cup and handle.

I just want this to follow through just so we have. I mean this will be like the screenshot, the thing that we just kind of show like hey, what is a cup and handle this could be an absolutely perfect, perfect explanation. I mean we could just fill it in there with some like rocket fuel to show like the you just this dutch tool, folks, this is one of the most pristine dutch tulips i've ever seen since, like the 1600s. Ever since, we first noticed the dutch tulip pattern.

What are you doing? Franklin franklin come over here, franklin uh, i don't know he's franklin's doing some franklin things today he's doing some franklin things i feel like my headphones are really kind of messing this one up on me today. All right amc got the cup and handle going bros get nude key, shout out matt. I just chatted in tmi stream and now i feel bad because he wants to have a no dd weekend. I have a powerpoint.

Do you mind if i share it with you? Uh, you can share it with me. Uh, i don't that's like i don't know. If i'll make a video on it, i have to see what's in the powerpoint um. But i i don't know if there's like an overall group effort to not do like to have a no dd weekend, but i did recently watch one from gabe over at reviewdork and he brought up some good points of like it's just uh.

He used this term. It's not really like, i guess he used the term clout chasing, and i don't know if that's necessarily the best word to say that the situation is clout chasing, but it is very much. We see all this dd and, like the most recent one, was the brazilian thing before that. What do we see? Um convertible bonds was there for a second all these different nscc every single week, every single weekend there's a new thing that takes our community by storm.

Everyone loses their mind over it and they're like this is it. This is what we need to dive into, and then some of them are right and have validity a lot of them end up being nothing, and then people have such like an emotional attachment to it. That um i mean, i guess i don't really know the specifics of a no dd weekend, but honestly folks and uh. I agree with gabe in saying this, and i'm like this has been something i've been trying to say, for.

I guess a little bit now is like whether these like weird little things are proven true or false. There's no such thing as a magic bullet. In this scenario, so, if any of these things that come up they're like oh, this is what they're doing. This is what they're doing look at this hedge fund buying look at this one shortly.

Does it matter we are in this for the squeeze, whether it goes up or down a little dollar here and we're looking at these technicals and people finding out this dd, whether it's on discord, whether it's on twitter? Is it going to change it because we are here for a massive explosion and then people - i don't know like it's just i think sometimes maybe it's necessary to take a step back. So we can rewire our mind on what's going on because, like these small little things they're just that they're small little things we're here for some sort of enough demand to be expressed, that we see a movement upward, we have a technical breakout. The shorts start to cover which lead to all the other shorts covering, and we see a massive massive rally so, like i think, sometimes people are caught in the minutia, whether it's that they feel they need to write a tweet. They need to write uh a reddit post.

They need to outdo another youtuber and be even more bombastic in their predictions. I don't know necessarily what it is, but i think sometimes this all this uh, i guess dd, that's like going on uh, especially when it's like a lot of it, is just inaccurate. Some of it's amazing, i'm not saying it's all bad. I think some of it's amazing i've learned things and i think, there's important things that the community needs to know about, but um, i think sometimes it's just like freaking other people out when people are writing up these posts and making videos on something that maybe they Don't fully understand and then you're like well hang on, what's going on here and like i think it can accidentally, i don't know, spread some fud in a certain sense.

So for me this is it. Let's hang out it's a friday, let's listen to some music. Let's watch the cup and handle the old dutch tulip end up breaking through and rip fingers crossed. For that.

That's the fun thing here i mean we could talk about some option stuff we can someone earlier was asking about calendar spreads. I could teach you what a calendar spread is if you've never heard about it, we could go over the environment to do it, the pros and the cons, but let's, let's have a good time. Let's learn about something i mean. Let's i mean a lot of this or not a lot of it, but i would say one of the things that i really liked about this community, especially early on and then again in june.

It was just so much fun. Everyone was so happy. Everyone like it was honestly one of those things where everyone was just excited to be here together. It was a very, very fun community, so i kind of want to get back to that where we're having like a good time where we have each other's backs, we're going to fight against all this, the illegal illicit things going on in the market, but too much Too much drama too much in fighting like let's just let's have fun: let's have fun uh i've been in since january.

I'm numb now relax all what's going on ryan can't they short crazy at 40-ish. Take profits at 30's drive price back up to 40-ish and repeat uh, i mean they. They don't have that much omnipotent control of like oh we're, going to go from 40 to 30 to 40 to 30 40 to 30.. There's, not one entity that can influence it.

That much uh it would take a coordinated effort of a lot like it's more of the coordinated effort of like a total, sizeable amount of money to be able to pull that off. Is it theoretically possible yeah? But i don't know: there's some players that want to exclusively see it go down, there's some players that want to exclusively see it go up. And then, if you have this third party, that's like hang on, like your theory of like 40 to 30, 40 to 30 40 to 30, i mean you have too many people with uh different vested interests right now that uh, i don't know if there's like enough Coordination for that i'm just here for the relationship advice, oh yeah, of course, if you ever have any relationship advice, let me know, let me know we'll: do it we'll go over it i'll help you out chippensburg pa a pier thanks for your subpar jokes and keeping The community positive shout out dalton, not too far away from me. I've been to shippensburg uh.

I actually sent this to my boss. I am in no way cloud chasing, don't even want a video or anything. I just want your opinion on it. Amc to the moon.

Oh and yeah - i guess i i was talking about something more of like a general level, but uh yeah feel free to send it to me. If you want to send it to me on a twitter dm or something like that, i'd be happy to check it out. When i get some free time matt, please get a visor and wear it sideways upside down. You will get 1990s to order.

The hit in the 90s - i did my dd, it checks out. I do have the visor. Actually we can switch over to the rally visor. I have the coach coors visor at the the coach coors visor right here.

We we are ready to go what's fun about; it is not only is it the coach coors visor, but it very much makes it look like i work out of wendy's, which is even better because, as we all know, this is a wendy's. What else do we have all right? We did that we did that ryan. Here's a fun game. We could all play together count along with the world clock at the bottom of weibo, so we can see how many seconds behind the stream it is.

Where is it uh? Well, the world clock i have is in the bottom right, which i think my head is currently blocking, but uh. I can count mine out, so it's um. Well, the local time is 2, 12, so 14, 12. But i'll just give you the seconds uh it's about to go over to 2 13 and i'll go the seconds i'll start counting the seconds so it's 2.

13. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12. 13.. So, based on that, look at your own seconds and you can see what the time discrepancy is all right for the dutch tulips all right.

We have this, put your visor on upside down all right. If that's what we need to rally into close, this is what we need a rally in the close ten second delay. So i know the delay on different platforms is different, so youtube delay. I think i think the rumble delay might be like 15.

I think the youtube one might be like 10 and then the twitch might be like five or something along those lines. Something like that. I believe. Let me double check something like that.

I believe ooh. Let me double check inception. Inception hang on. Let me double check this.

I think it's something along those lines hang on. Let me see channel nope, creator dashboard. Is that what i want? No there we go all right, we're in our full wendy's mode right now, i'm ready i'm ready for the the wendy's explosion. I was gon na say the taco bell explosion, but i feel like uh.

I don't know, i don't know if that joke would have necessarily landed map all right. We did that. What about chips? What about chips? Mr angry face? 98? What do you? What about chips? Remix, what kind of it oh wait is this all right? We have this. I think i'm good.

I think i have the volume fixed all right come on amc. Let's, let's see some of the movement here um i did want to go. Let's whoa whoa whoa whoa uh, i don't know bitcoin moving bitcoin is moving moving moving 48k uh calling out 49. I think 50 000 is going to be so incredibly important, um.

It will act as a big resistance, but if we can somehow manage to get over 50 000, i think that'd be awesome um. It would definitely be awesome. I think a lot of people are right now watching it they're, like hang on it's a little too close. Let's see how this like actually plays out, but in the top left here hang on, i have i'll go to the daily, but you could see that crypto clearly has it.

I was pointing out this little circle as, like a nice buy point, but 50 000 we're kind of back up to some previous resistance support. Some support resistance. It's just an important price level above 50, 000 uh. If we get above 50 000 in terms of bitcoin and do it on some nice volume, i honestly think the next stop is probably closer to 54 000.

So i think what that's a nice, eight percent move upon, that breakout, the breakout and the hold, and i think if we get that, i mean for a while now we've had a trend reversal. I mean you see this trend and from may up until august, crypto was not having that much fun. It sold off slowly drifted and if anyone knew it but man end of july buy. This was the moment to get in and we ran right up to it.

We had that third test of the trend line it came back down and on the fourth test it actually broke out. But i am looking at a nice nice continuation um in the short term. It might need to take a bit of a breather just because it's been so hot. The technicals are probably overbought now, but if we run up to 50, get rejected, look for it to make a higher low and then on that next test kind of explode from there.

I'm not saying that it's necessarily going to be like one swift move. It obviously could be like i'm not saying it's impossible, but i'm just telling you that it's been moving ever since 8 a.m. On um yesterday, it's really kind of been non-stop. The rsi is a little bit hot, but overall, i'm kind of watching right here and the reason that i'm being more specific about the bitcoin levels is because i honestly think as long as this pushes um, everything else is going to have a little bit of a Rhyme to it like, as long as like, i think, just crypto as at large as a whole uh, a rising tides, raises all ships and we're just looking at all the individual ships.

Some might go higher. Some might go lower, but i think we're looking good. So just want to give you a quick update on that gme. Looking strong, strong, strong right now, it's up 3.9 pushing.

Hopefully we get above 160 by close uh, i mean i don't want to count it out. We still have a lot of time. We have what an hour and 40 minutes. I would love to see if we can somehow get above 164, but look at this.

The old dutch tulip really coming through for the win right now on amc, um, here's, the dutch we're forming the tool up right now and look for this breakout at 34.. We've known for a couple days now, honestly for the better part of a week or two. This resistance in the low 34 is like right around 3410 34. 20.

um. I think with this strong i mean this is so perfect uh. I have not seen a cup and handle this perfect in a while, and i'm really hoping that it follows through just because it's a good teaching aspect that we could all like learn a lot um, so amc currently fighting to go green on the day. It's green by ascent.

The red green move is 33.82 and that's exactly where amc is trading, so net neutral on the day, which is interesting because the past how many ever fridays have been red fridays uh. So we might be bucking that trend and i really hope we do on a beautiful cup and handle explosion. Uh iwm, looking strong and video looking strong, don't forget that pelosi bought a lot of this s. P.

500. Let's do a quick check on that uh just kind of drifting, but definitely showing a little bit of strength. How's apple, looking apple apple, apple apple, if it's going to load all right apple, not really doing much. How about microsoft is that holding above it is holding above 300 interesting, uh good for microsoft.

That's definitely some serious strength right there. What else do we have how's macy's doing on the day, macy's fighting back macy's, huge explosion got wrecked and now going back, macy's showing a lot of strength uh? What about uh? At least it's holding nine? We did have this right when i was getting off the stream right after stream. A couple minutes after we almost ran up, but this is having its own cup and handle. Really here, don't don't sleep on amc, let's see what this is actually going to do man.

I just i want to get 42s nice. A breakout of 46 in my book would be major and then obviously some of those other levels. 50 is a nice, nice key psychological level and then after 50 we have 65. I mean above 65.

You can't guarantee anything, but i would feel so insanely confident about a new all-time high on it. I would feel so so confident gme making that move to 160 jimmy watch 164.. That would be a nice nice level, nice level to it's. Just it's just a technical level that it hasn't been above in in about two weeks.

So above it would be some a nice technical show of strength, a show of technical strength, i should say, come on: let's go gme. Is it on volume? Are we getting some volume all right? I mean it's good. We still have an hour and a half go until market close, so it could definitely get above that million. I would love to almost double it up if we could really get going like the 1.5 million mark.

That would be pretty awesome. All right amc we're getting close we're getting close to that test. Let's see what this really does in the low 34s. I want to see that beautiful, follow through someone just said.

Tesla is ripping, is tesla, ripping tesla tesla tesla tesla tesla tesla, i don't, it hasn't been doing anything attention all apps. Today we begin the 50k hold till the drop movement. Payback is a beep. Let's give them a taste of their own medicine once the squeeze deploys, we just hold till 50k - i mean with it i'm not here for uh.

I guess specific, like price targets like that, like i'm, not supportive of price targets, because for me i'm in it. For this squeeze, i don't know what the squeeze is going to go to um, so i just think putting out those price levels is probably not the most helpful thing to do. Quick question fart in the tub and bite the bubbles is that sketch bros sunny side. Ups or sketch me love you, man, stefan message retracted, yo matt ever consider trying your freestyle during streams wearing your upside down rally cap.

That would be epic. Shout out, love you bro! I am the most wildly underskilled singer: rapper person you'd, probably ever meet in your life, so i don't know if you guys. Uh would really want me to do something like that. It'd probably be funny just from the point that you could all laugh hysterically at me.

I'm so bad, i can't carry it. I couldn't sing, get my life dependent on it. Folks just cannot sing all right, we're getting close 160 getting close. Here we go.

Let's get the horizontal line on gme come on there. We go 160 160., getting close gme, showing some strength up 4.4 on the day. Amc green right now, above it's closed from yesterday at 33.82. Well, i just want to get the breakout now and i would love a just a power hour rally.

Just like all power hour. We just like keep going going going, but weeble is honestly showing some being weird right now. What is happening? Low latency hang on low latency over here on all right. I think we're good.

We are bueno, bueno bueno and then we'll get we'll get ready with the green glasses on the cup and handle breakout. I don't know around here 34, what we'll call it 25 or something like that, but come on. Okay, we have about just over 90 minutes. I think we could put something together.

I think we could put something together and actually, while we're waiting for that, because uh hang on someone said that there's a paint thing, um microsoft, what's the paint? No, that's not the paint project. How do i just draw? I want to be able to draw something all right, drawing apps nope. I need a much sketch pad all right, don't need this. I hate this background.

How do i undo this all right? Well, i was going to do these calendar spreads but hang on. I don't want to get too too distracted if we're about to watch an awesome breakout on amc, get ready for the dutch tulip folks get ready for the dutch tulip. I would love a t-shirt with a cup and handle on it posture. Looking better matt, proud of you brother, i might even eat a honeydew, nay! Thank you.

Bro am i i don't understand your most recent post on twitter, quick tl, dr uh wait was my recent twitter post, let's close the week out with some fun, and then i linked to this stream in that stream? Is that one? What you're talking about that's my most recent post, i was just letting no letting people know we were streaming again. Is that what you're talking about dylan? It was literally just the link to rumble and the link to youtube all right. We are getting what a beaut classic classic classic dutch tulip pattern. I almost want to screenshot this.

It does not get much better folks. The classic here we go here. Is the old dutch tulip pattern there we go classic classic dutch tulip. I love it.

I love it when some basic technicals really play out the way you want them to classic dutch tulip setup classic touch tool there. We go classic dutch tulip pattern um, but yeah dylan. Let me know what you mean, because i, unless i don't think i tweeted anything else out pretty sure it was just the links, uh the cup and handles picture pretty perfect, i'm red nude and completely unhinged. Oh that's hilarious! Stefan here we go.

Let's get moving. Moving! Moving in terms of the bigger picture on amc, let me just show you the two hour the two hour. Things probably get interesting around 36.5 and we are bound look at this. Look at this perfect bounce of just being over sold as soon as it gets oversold.

People are starting to step in and we're kind of undoing this crap and honestly talking about dutch tulips. Look at this. We might be setting up for another dutch tool up depending on our trip back to 38 right here, but here's the dutch as in the big cup, here's the tulip the smaller handle and on that third test. Let's see if we get that break and rip that would be awesome.

That would be a okay in my book. Come on come on come on come on. We did just make a new intraday high of 34.43, currently trading at 3416 gme trying to get right above 160, just south of it right now, but showing some pretty nice strength thus far. And then let me do a quick or text check for all of you.

Let me reload this reload this all right. They have borrowed 3 million against amc, but it's pretty much net neutral on the day at 17.88 short interest in terms of gme also pretty much net neutral. They borrowed 175 000 with a net of 45 000 short interest of 10.66. Let's get going, let's get going, please check the discord's artwork matt deep, fake section, you'll love it! Alright i'll check that out after stream shout out match quartz.

They said it could happen anytime, but when is the new rule requiring 25 x needed for collateral, officially uh, actually official? I'm pretty sure this is for clearing brokers, so i don't think people are trying to apply it as if it were a hedge fund and a hedge fund's relationship with a prime broker, but i think it's more of the broker's relationship with the clearinghouse. So the 25x thing it's good to know about, but i don't think it's going to necessarily have the um. I guess play out that people are thinking it will august naked short banning uh dylan. I haven't tweeted anything about august naked short banning you want.

You might want to just double check that it's actually my account. You might be thinking of someone else. Thoughts on aqst as a sciplay analyst are now giving it all buy ratings with big projections could be a nice fda, run up play a q s t, let's hop into a q s, t shout out trey subway cup aqst therapeutics, so definitely not my specific domain. I just don't know much about the pharmaceutical industry, but i do like the current risk to reward.

I mean it's been in this downtrend and if you wanted to, you could use either 332 to 315, so basically the lower three so somewhere between 310 and 330. As your risk and what i would watch for in the technicals is more of this trend line. How does this line up right about here? Something roughly like that? That's what i would be watching for the breakout so, like i said i don't know much about the fundamentals or the likelihood of fda approving their drug, but from a technical perspective i would say this bear trend might be turning into a bull trend if you get Above this trend line - and if you want to take that bet now, i would risk somewhere between 330 and 310 as my risk and if it went below that, i would just be like all right. I'm not going to get in on this play.

But that's how i would look at aqst. Can you transfer a gift shares to another person say i want to transfer a certain amount of shares to my dad's account. Remember i am dumb money, so i believe there is a way to it because, like you could just transfer - and you have to put in your information so the way people are transferring out of robin hood. You could theoretically transfer like that, but the way you're talking about gifting of like oh, like i have a share of amc.

I want to give that to my completely real girlfriend. I don't know if there is a like an app or brokerage. That's necessarily set up like that, but i do think that that's a pretty good idea. If someone wants to make that like instead of say like with vemmo or cash app sending people money, it would be cool if you could send them stock uh.

I think that would actually be really cool. That should be like an ape and ape nation stock all right. What do we have here? Let's go back to the spy, the spy, the spy, the spy uh win more likes, oh yeah, if you haven't already, i would appreciate it if you could hit that like button and if you want to be a member of the moon gang all you have to Do is subscribe. Both are completely free, helps me out the algorithm, whether you're on twitch, if you want to throw to follow if on rumble, if you want to throw it an official royal rumble and on youtube, you know all the good stuff, but that type of stuff just tells The governing social media body that maybe i'm not as crazy as they think so, can you give the moon gang merch twitter a shout out? Oh just so you know so the the moon gang merch actually that i'm wearing right now and just here.

Let me show you this uh: where is it gang? Is this it there we go the moon, gang merch um, they did release some new things and you could see it on. If you look on the twitter, the moon, gang merch twitter, that's where, like they're going to be announcing some of i don't know the the giveaways of whatever you could get free stuff or if there's a new release like i think they just released, that it's 354 Shirt uh, so if you guys want to check that out and kind of stay up to date, if you're more of a fashion forward person like myself uh, you might care about that right, no crazy, just like wearing in uh hat upside down. Is there such thing as a dutch tulip tulip or a dutch tulip tulip tulip? Is that a thing um? Sometimes you get like in nature? Not every tulip's gon na be a beautiful tulip, so sometimes they're not going to be as pic like picture perfect as you want it. So we could do that.

I mean since we're making it up like whatever. If hedge funds can make up things, why can't we um? So we could do it like that, like if it kind of bounces a little bit more, maybe a couple extra tulips in the field definitely possible. Definitely possible: hey matt how's it going it's going well. Captain catbeard, it was wondering what your thoughts are on casper sleep.

Maybe it looks like it might be, trying to move soonish casper sleep, casper, cspr, cspr uh. Maybe i would want a little confirmation, like maybe if he gets back above, like 525 a little bit, but it feels like trying to catch a falling knife. Captain catbeard a shout the duck out to your merch team. My dude lots of people stuff are trash.

Yours is legit, clothing, brand love. It shout out, fam jeremy. I really appreciate that that was like one of the biggest things um that the team - and i talked about is like when you do these type of i guess close and stuff. It's very easy to like charge a normal price and make a way bigger margin, but with ours like we like, wanted legitimate stuff, that's why we have kick-ass designs and, above that we go out of our way to source like the highest quality shirts uh.

I can't find the brand on this, but we really do um, so we've been through a couple iterations talking to a couple different suppliers, but we're really really honing on the ones that um are the highest value like the highest quality that lasts the longest. And this is actually one of the newest ones like we have the kind of like the eye test uh that you'll do at a doctor's office, but this one's, obviously the moon gang eye test, love it moon gang. Maybe i need a nine test proud to be an eight moon gang proud to be an ape. I don't even know if the bottom, but that's what it all says.

I like the eye test, just cool creative stuff. Not me, i'm definitely not the creative mind behind it, alaska, a pier shout out to the ice apes 99615. We have people all the way in alaska, hey mitch, just transferred from cash app to public took about five days. What's the entry point for nvidia, i sold right before the split follow big money.

Let's throw nvidia franklin come here um, so if you're getting in now like it is technically breaking out, but just know that you'd be risking, probably 188 or 179, i would risk but you're looking for the breakout. What's up dude um. So that's what you would be watching um and it is looking strong. I mean nvidia - has its own kind of dutch tool going on a little bit more jagged, but just make sure you're, okay with 187 178.

That's what i would watch i've been in nvidia for a while, so i don't know if i would necessarily um like be adding to my position right now, just because i'm not going to chase it like at i plan on being nvidia for many many years at Some point in the years there's going to be a big dip and i'll just save extra capital for those dips. But right now i'm writing out my shares in my retirement account, or i mean nvidia for those of you who don't know about it. They make the like gpus um, they, the processing chips and a lot of people within the technical industry consider them their product to be the gold standard, the gold standard um. So that's why i'm in it, but i'm also an amd and i'm also in intel.

I'm just very bullish on the semiconductor industry. If you want to know an etf that tracks it, there are various ones, but i think the most common one is smh and that'll track things like intel amd nvidia. If you don't want to pick an individual company. Oh, how can i hold you with one hand dude? What else do we have going on? What other questions do we have where's rico? I wonder i'm in north pole, alaska.

That is awesome. Thank you so much for always telling it how it is and giving your honest opinion wish more creators were like you, please glad, you're doing good shout out. Captain catbeard, i hope you're gearing up for an awesome friday and awesome weekend. Hope everyone is it's friday, folks.

How do you feel about ethereum classic i like aetherium, exponentially more they're, i don't know. I have a little bit of concerns about ethereum classic, like previously it was running um. I know that there was like some hack concerns of like previously getting hacked with it. Like.

I don't know if it's fair to worry about all those right now um, but i do just like other plays uh, i'm relative to ethereum classic i, like bitcoin more i like ethereum more, i like cardano, more um, i like matic, more oh. I finally bought some folks i finally bought somatic we've been talking about it for a while, and i got some like funds finally transferred from my bank account to it. So i bought a little bit of matic um. I like that more like it might be fine and like as crypto goes, i could see it going up, but there's many other cryptos.

I would rather get in before that. One should have a super chat. Matt 354 shirt here huge shout out to the team mod squad merchant. Everyone here, happy birthday, happy birthday to everyone.

I like it. How many people in here are from alaska lots of alaska people? How do you feel about french houses very, very bullish on french houses? Great question: if you have the opportunity, you should always invest in a french house, because why not? I heard i heard there's a strong demand for french houses coming from philadelphia businessmen who caught me out in the wild last weekend. Uh amc is currently trading at 34.38 and gme. Looking also strong looks like we're trying to get out.

Oh hang on. Let me do auto here. Let me go back to spy spy and let's go to the 15 minute on this one franklin you're, making a lot more difficult, buddy standing up here, franklin he's still he's still having flashback whoa. What do you don't fall? Dude he's having flashback.

What are you do? No, no! No! No! No! How about you sit on the chair! Uh he's still mad about the whole pizza debacle, he's giving me the cold shoulder for quite a quite a portion of the day, because i didn't let him eat that random pizza. That anything, are you crying it's okay, i'm right here. Picking that just take a nap man just take a nap all right come on. We want to see the follow through on amc.

This is why we have on the rally. Hat franklin does what he wants. He very much does yeah he's a funny dog he's, so is baxter baxter, i think, is actually napping, though he's crying for pizza. He probably is give him a slice of pizza.

All right come on come on, come on um, let's see if we could take out ooh. I actually wonder what is the options chain looking like for the 35s today, if those go in the money ooh every dollar, we go up that actually gets interesting. 35. 36.

37, 38, 39 and 40 all have some serious open interest for today's expiration um interesting every dollar we go up it. I think it might get a little bit more juiced because i don't know at this time in the day they might not have hedged for those. Yet, or maybe they even unheads are like you know what there's only an hour: 15 left every dollar we go up today from here until 4 p.m. So about what 75 minutes see you franklin um that might it might even speed up a bit more and more, as market makers could potentially have to buy uh, it would be interesting.

Oh, i also shout out to benzinga i liked this binzinga was pointing out that we're seeing some abnormal options actually quite a few abnormal options coming in well. This one i'll show you the one that they wrote up about um, so someone sentiment, bullish sweep puts at the 35, which i thought was interesting and like we have actually a lot of unusual options going through on amc. So we have september 3rd 38th. That just came through is this hang on what time that was a little bit ago, let me reload this lots of lots of abnormally large options being bent on amc today, some for today, some for a different expiration date.

Uh. What do we have? They have a sweep. We have some 34 calls. 32 puts 33 puts a call sweep for where is this expiration? There's a lot of money, a lot, a lot of money in really both directions.

But i believe, if i think that was today that uh when i was looking at some of the tweets from wrench capital and unusual whales who shout out to both of them, they always have great metrics to look over uh for the options market. It was definitely favoring the call side, ronald stoneberg, becoming an astronaut hey. I appreciate you. I appreciate you joining up ronald shout out shout out.

Why can't i see this minifeed? Not working all right come on amc, so i think our next stop of the day right about here 35 next target, and i think why that's an interesting target is just because that's where things might get a little bit more froggy in terms of the options expiring. Today we are on the august monthlies and i don't think some of these are going to be hedged, for maybe they hedge for the 35s, just because we're close, but above it if they didn't. I think we could see a quick push to 36 and then, if those get hedge for when i'm saying hedge - for that really just relates to more buying uh, it could get interesting. It could definitely get interesting.

So let's hear here's to hoping that we have a pretty exciting explosive power hour, but loving the technical setup things. Don't really i mean this is such a beautiful cup and handle you could see it so nice gme right at that 160 level, right below it. Trying to battle that out, i dimed you on twitter with a couple samples in regard to your graphic design. Requests for channel thumbnails would appreciate your thoughts and input, yes uh.

So what i'm looking to do desert whale? I, like your picture, um all the dms and emails and discord and that type of stuff i'm going to be trying my best to catch up this weekend. It's been a bit of a hectic week, but honestly, every week's a bit of a hectic week, but i know there's been some people that are having issues connecting the like. Your patreon sign up to discord. Uh i'm trying to like i'm talking to patreon service like their customer service, to try to figure out what's going on there.

So just so you know i'm seeing those messages, i'm trying to get it fixed, and i know i owe many people dm responses and email responses. So it's going to be a lot of me getting to that over the weekend lied to a campsite host about a job, so i could get the wi-fi password to listen to you, camping in the middle of nowhere man. I, like it you're thinking outside of the box, thinking outside of the box all right. What else did i miss ronald once again, thank you for joining up so move it up.

A couple of dollars. Got it hold my beer, i'm on it ape town ape town, hey cat tuned in late, what was the skinny with citadel advisors, selling 408 billion in assets? Also, cats have a 100 plus vocalizations dogs only have 10. well, the more you know, 408 billion in assets that might just be from what the 13f filing is that, where you're getting that metric from, maybe if they're going a little bit risk off, maybe they know Something about the economy in the world: we don't regarding the best places to live, commute to new york to philly hope you get your thoughts, i'm the ugly guy with a hot wipe cap. Okay, just so you know, i do check my twitter dms far more frequently than i check my igdms all right.

What else? What else? What else do we have going on? The wife find out found out how much i have an amc. Remember she didn't know wondering when franklin has room for a roommate in his doghouse, oh brother, ah matt's diamond balls, all you have to let her know just be like hey, hey, babe, babe, baby roni tell her to calm down easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Think about it. This way, if you're in the doghouse, it's not like, you could go into more of a dog house like at this point you're just if you're there like you, might as well just come out swinging and see if it works another cup and handle on the one Minute i get the bdr cloning ratio concept, but a bank usually holds the real shares they represent.

If so, who holds them? If not, how is it possible? Bdr's action could affect amc price in our market. It doesn't, if not, how is it possible? Bdr's price action? Could affect the amc price in our market? Uh it doesn't it's a clone. It's an independent clone, so they're gon na be very since they're tracking the same thing as in amc's market cap, they're, gon na be highly highly highly similar, but technically they don't they're. It's kind of like a like a paradoxing.

They both impact each other simultaneously, but they also don't because they are clones but they're going to attract the same thing. So they're always going to be moving in the exact same direction, because if they don't, someone would just arbitrage that there are many, many algorithms out there who look for the same thing being tracked on different markets and as soon as there's a little bit of a Discrepancy they play it the opposite way until this discrepancy is taken care of - and that's referred to as arbitrage trading. But this bdr thing no, like i said it is a clone um, it's a whole different set of shares and those shares are referred to as bdrs people. I saw some creators out there.

That was saying, like our us amc shares, are the ones training on the brazilian market, and that is not true whatsoever. They are like an entirely different set of 3.08 billion bdrs and to them like might as well just call them shares, but that has nothing to do with our 513 million shares completely different set of shares. In fact, one isn't even shares shout out timothy good question, though, beats by jay uh. When hedging for call options can they do that in a dark pool? Also september 10 nvidia calls up significantly thoughts on next week.

Um yeah, you can hedge wherever you want, but i think you're asking this because you're, how do you, hedge for a call option you buy shares you can buy shares wherever you want, you could buy them on a lid exchange. You can buy them from an internalizer aka, a market maker and you could buy them from a dark pool. I feel like you're asking this because it comes down to you might have heard from some of these other creators that buying on a dark pool does not impact price. It does impact price uh.

I don't know who i do know who started this um, but it is wrong. Buying on a dark pool, selling on a dark pool has a material impact on price. It's just how it is. No, no one that has stock market expertise would disagree with that statement.

The people who disagree with it are more so people in this community that are looking for confirmation bias, but that's exactly why we brought experts onto this channel such as dave lauer, to discuss it and, yes, it does have an impact. There are other issues with dark pools, but in my own opinion, payment for order flow is much more damaging to the stock market and our cause than dark pools. If i could fix one of those two right now to me, payment for order flow is way more important to take care of than dark pools, dark pools for those of you who don't know the best way. To sum it up, is it's exactly like this right here we see the level two for the new york stock exchange, that's one of the lit exchanges and we see that it's trading at 34, 21.

34. 19, whatever it is. This is exactly what they see on the dark pool: 34 18 they're, seeing the price they we just don't see how deep the bid is. We don't see how deep the ask is.

We don't see any of these numbers where you see size right here. That's what you don't see on a dark pool? That's why it's carlo dark pool, because you don't see the sitting buy orders and you don't see the sitting sell orders, that's what it means to be a lin exchange. You see the sitting buy orders. You see this sitting sell orders, they engage in a dark pool because sometimes people they want that competitive advantage of not trying to show their their cards to the other competitors.

That are other players in the game of like wait. Who's buying there who's selling there they're trying to like be a little bit more covert when trying to not show off that they're trying to create or get out of a position, but whenever the trade goes through, if it gets hit, it's still 100 has a material Impact on the price trade execution always has a material impact on the price, and what was your other one? Um 10 nvidia calls up significantly thoughts on next week. I don't know your expiration date or your strike price, but i am bullish on nvidia right now. In the short term, medium term and long term um, i was looking at some charts during break and i'm definitely definitely definitely when is it executed, though, whenever someone decides to hit it if you're a natural buyer, if you're trying to buy x amount of shares at Whatever price, if someone ends up selling, you x amount of shares at your agreed upon price, then that's the execution and it's executed most of the time borderline instantaneously, but it can take up to 10 seconds.

What do you think about 54? Cops on pfe, expiring, 9. 24, that would be september 24.. I like it. I like it.

I was looking at pfe chart 2.. I i like that play jack jack, the ripa thoughts on spy. Do you think we will reclaim 445 relatively soon? Yes, i do i do i do i do using robin hood to buy, puts on robin hood and using that to make by amc, got ta love. It go apes.

I like the pettiness justin i'm here for that. What are your thoughts on pay? Safe took a huge hit seems like a good time to get in psfe. Let me look up pay safe. I kind of forget what this chart looks like yeah, i mean, but if you do it right now, your risk would be 806..

I mean i don't know what else you would possibly risk uh if you think it's gon na bend back around, that might be an awesome entry, you're only risking 23 cents, but it also might be just catching a falling knife. I don't know if it has more downside or not but uh it. The price is very, very low to where it was trading. I mean at one point: it was up to 1957.

uh yeah. So if you just like fundamentally well yeah you're buying it on a huge discount, if you have the the patience to weather the storm, i don't know much about its fundamentals. Uh, you ever see what dk bluth made for you i'll dm it kinky kong. I have not, i would love if you could dm that.

Thank you uh. What else do we have going on what else? What else? What else i'm just trying to read through some of this chat, uh only blsp black death message retracted. I, like the mystery matt. Could you look up amc on pyth network, go to the market and click amc and look at the last month? Is there any validity to those prices uh? So i saw that dd on reddit.

I thought the dd well even python says that it was like experimental um, so i don't think there's much validity to the pything. I think it's a i don't know. I think that they're trying to get it figured out or like it sounds like it's a project and the work works, but the memex part of it that's a dark pool. Dark pools can be not public.

Dark pools are allowed to have like be members only and only certain people can engage in dark pool so the stuff about memex, i thought was good but pyth network. I think it's a project still like being developed, and maybe it's not fully done, but no the highest amc has ever traded in intraday trading is 72 and in outside of normal market hours it's been up to 77. It's never ever traded higher than that all right. What else what else do we have? What other questions someone, someone just said they were born in alaska? That's awesome.

I mean i've never been, but i want to go so bad, so so, incredibly bad all right. What else uh i told my girlfriend to calm down uh? What do you think all right we did over? We talked about pfizer right now. We saw a little bit of a hiccup somewhat recently: hey man. Can you stop kenneth c griffin? Uh, you guys are absolutely hilarious, uh costco the dark pose of groceries.

That's an oddly good analogy, an oddly good analogy, all right! Thank you, kinky kong um. What else do we have i'm just trying to read some of these chats if you're, looking at pfe check out the october 15 55 calls that's for matt, that is from matt shouting out the other pfizer pizzer investor options player? What about citadel connect? Does that have an impact on the price, so citadel connect is uh, i'm trying to think of the acronym for it. It's basically a single dealer, but it's a way that citadel the market maker, not citadel the hedge fund citadel the market maker. They use citadel connect to take care of some of their trades and yeah.

It will um it's, they say it's not a dark pool, it kind of is a dark pool and they just use it to fill orders that are coming to them. So, for example, if you are on robinhood and you're trading, there's a chance that it gets filled by citadel, specifically filled um on citadel connect like the mechanisms of citadel connect. If you right now bought a million dollars, five million dollars like a huge amount through robin hood and it gets routed to citadel, because we know they do payment for order flow. Yes, the price would spike and it would spike noticeably that's many many shares you would wipe out quite a bit of the ask and they would readjust the market makers would readdress it based on the new supply and demand, and you buying a million dollars worth represents A lot of demand with not much of a change in supply so because of that price would go up.

Shout out timothy, the president's spiking franklin, that's a big yawn man. What else do we have going all right? I think i'm kenny g boop standing up. Oh, that is hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious.

So with hey matt, can you explain the level two graph thing doesn't make sense to me? Oh okay, yeah! So when we were talking about the depth of the bid and the depth of the ask, remember bid is sitting buy orders someone's trying to buy amc at what 34 13, but right now it's trading at 34.22, so it hasn't been filled. It's a sitting buy order and the exact opposite is for ask: that's people trying to sell above the current price, but we're not there yet no one's willing to buy it at this moment in time at this price, the graphical thing on the top. It's a running total so like as you go back every single cent, you go back, it's just adding up all the different sizes, so every cent it's the running total and then on the right side, this red side, that's the running total of people who are trying To sell at the various prices, so, for example, by the time you go up to 34 or 49 on the new york stock exchange, there's about like here 34.54 in total to get all the way up to there there's about 11 000 shares. But this is just for the new york stock exchange.

This isn't for all lit exchanges and obviously not everything else like dark pools and internalizers uh. Do you think that the entities that mark down their short positions as long as a mistake should pay the amount in interest plus more small fees, aren't doing it? I do, and i think it every time they break one of these rules. It should actually go higher.

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