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Ape Nation: Didn't Hear No Bell ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ
Dumb Money Ep. 48: AMC, GameStop & Cardano
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Mum, hello, hello, hello: what is going on apes, hello, ape family, hello, moon gang? What is going on feels like we're gon na have an old brother type of a day. Very very excited folks, very, very excited, oh my my rocket chair, the armrest not really set up where i want them to be, but a-okay, okay. We can't let something like that. Distract us for the day audio check one two, three one, two three, we are doing it live folks.

We are doing it live no more pre-recording, an entire seven-hour session. You know, i think about it and i'm like. Ah, let's just do these things live uh. I can't even imagine what it would do to pre-record a seven hour session.

That'd be tough, that'd, be tough one, but anywho, let's get right into it. Well, i guess before we get into it folks, i hope you had a phenomenal weekend. I don't know if it's your morning your afternoon your evening, your night, i don't know where you are, but i hope, you're having a great one. I myself had a great weekend: relaxing not really there's always like a bunch of things to do, but it's at least nice to say uh, conceptually, it's very nice to say, but anyway, what's even better than that is the fact that it's monday morning we're here hanging Out with the apes and amc and jimmy in the green crypto and the green, we do have a couple things to go over.

So let's just hop right into it. Amc currently trading at 35 29, which is a gap up of about 88 cents or a gain of 2.5 percent in pre-market gme's up at 161, which is a gap of a dollar 80 around 1 percent. So both of these looking strong in the pre-market and honestly, a lot of the market is right now the well russell 2000 iwm is flat and then i guess spy. It was green, but now just turned flat: no, no, no yeah, all right they're about flat.

Right now, but anyway uh we have iwm in the bottom left, that's the russell 2000. We have the s, p 500 spy in the bottom right. So right here and i made the update video yesterday last week - was a bit weird because obviously we had developments. Two major developments - one was the whole debacle going on in afghanistan could, like specifically kabul, and then on top of that we had more commentary from the federal reserve talking about tapering.

Their asset percentages at the end of this week, related to the fed thursday to saturday is their jackson hole symposium. I don't know why it's still called that when it's going to be completely virtual but depending on what they do or don't say right now, the fed is very dovish, maybe slightly less dovish than they were before. If you hear this term, the two terms are dovish and hawkish, and the best way it could sum that up is dovish is they're going to keep interest rates really low and then hawkish is when you're going to kind of increase the interest rates, but you're fighting Against inflation, but anyway, dovish just think as soon as you hear, dovish think interest rates, low, hawkish means raising them and it's all kind of a giant balancing act for them between. What's the market doing unemployment inflation, all that good stuff giant balancing act, but right now the federal reserve has been the most like, maybe not the most obvious they've ever been, but they've been extremely dovish for about a year and a half and they're still at that Level but they're, saying okay, we're seeing some indicators.

The economy is quote-unquote, coming back in closer, so they're, starting to discuss more of their asset. Uh tapering purchase tapering recently they've been buying about 120 billion dollars worth of treasury bonds and corporate bonds per month and they're kind of talking about okay. How do we get out of this? Because it's increasing the money, velocity they're just putting too much money in the system and that can lead to inflationary situations. So that's why they want to get out of it and that's why they're not going to do it endlessly, because it would just seriously devalue our fiat currency, the u.s dollar, so anyway, they want to get out of that and they will the big question.

I think a lot of people are asking is: how are you gon na? Do it uh at that number of 120 billion with a b? The question is: okay, are you going to cut it in half in one month or are you going to go 10 million? Less a month like there's very strategies to get at it out of all this buying that they're doing and the question is just okay: what's the methodology that they're actually going to deploy to get out of it with, like, i guess the least amount of what damage Carnage or just the least volatile reaction, they can possibly get from these type of announcements so anyway, that is, from thursday to saturday of this week's the jackson hole symposium, all digital and digital because of concerns of the delta variant, but that's kind of the overall market. Speaking of the overall market, we are seeing some strength in it. We are seeing a gap up it closed at 443.36, we're currently trading at 444.86, so up by a dollar. Fifty we had this beautiful bounce off of 436 down here on august 19th.

If i zoom in this will make more sense, uh we have resistance, support, support and once again for test number three support: beautiful balance uh, depending on how quickly things play out this week. I do believe if it can happen before thursday, i think there's a decent shot of us testing. 447.. When it comes to them.

People might be a little bit more strange with what they're how they're going to trade because of this fundamental change. But i i really do i mean i guess we'll watch 445. You could watch 445 flat, which is where we're at, but above that i don't see why we wouldn't test the all-time high. Remember i'm not a financial advisor, i'm more of a commentator.

I just share my own opinions. Whatever i say or don't say that doesn't mean you should trade on, it obviously do your own dd. Sometimes i get calls right. Sometimes i get calls wrong.

I am definitely not a perfect trader. Obviously, no one in the world is, which is why exactly you have to do your own due diligence and research at all times, don't simply make a trade because of something i'm doing or saying or my tone for the day or anything like that. I beg of you not a lawyer, i'm not a fortune teller, i'm none of that stuff. I just sit here.

I hang out with you guys, and i explain things to the best of my ability and once in a while, i have a pretty solid dad joke to just like put in there to really spice things up, but anyway s p 500. Looking very strong iwm. It is also gapping up we're about gapping up by two dollars: wow, okay, so once we get above 1785, we have all the support, support, support, support support. I have it on this line now, acting as resistance, because we are on the south side of it.

So if we get that breakout, then watch 221, which kind of brings in this overall wedge structure we're seeing where, if we get this test of the top trend line, that could be an official technical breakout from a wedge that started all the way back. At the end of june uh so seeing some strength, obviously the russell 2000, not as strong as the s p 500. Why is that? Well, our government cares a lot more about big business than they do. Smaller.

Business quote: unquote, smaller a lot of the ones in the russell 2000 you and i would still think of big business. It's not like the russell 2000 is tracking. Like your small mom-and-pop shops, it's tracking companies such as amc versus mega companies, such as, like apple or microsoft, things like that. That's the disparity there, all right, so overall s, p, 500, looking good russell 2000.

Looking good! Specifically, we watched the russell 2000, which is tracked by the etf exchange traded fund iwm, because amc is a member of one of those 2 000 companies in it. Speaking of amc, the technicals in a bit have really not changed. We still have this wedge structure lower highs, we're now seeing a new pattern of higher lows. I want to see the follow through today.

In fact, let's get a little bit more microscopic here. I want to see we'll call it. I don't know 36 and some change, which is the equivalent to the breakout that we were watching before um. This was like what the third, the fourth rejection, we're looking for test number five.

This time, though, we are coming off of a third higher low from august 5th to august 11th to august 20th, we're seeing some higher lows. I want to see a breakout above this upon this breakout. If we can hold, i think it'll be pretty easy sailing up to 38 the spot of the previous rejection. This has now been resistance on multiple occasions right at 38.

So look for the breakout around 36. If it can hold the trend line, then i'm watching 38 and then after 38. That's where more of uh the battle is going to start, because we know there's a lot of resistance between 40 and 42 42 break above 42 in amc is a noteworthy technical breakout that sets up 46 and for me personally, i think the break of 46 is Pretty akin to the breakout of 1450 that we saw in mid-may, so those are the levels i'm specifically watching, and these are the levels i'm watching on. I guess the shorter time frame, basically when the market opens today, so that's what i'll be watching there in terms of gme, also in its own wedge uh.

The big target for this one today is 164. we're seeing a lot of rejections at 164.. It started out at support at the end of july, and then we see resistance resistance, resistance, a lot for whatever reason people are reacting to 164, and now it roughly aligns with its own trend line so watch this today, 164 and then after that i'll be watching The region of 174 to 176, but overall we're seeing strength in the s p, 500, the russell 2000 amc and jimi in terms of the stocks uh that i'm paying attention to just so you know i did just get an alert that sprt is gapping up um, That is interesting, but i'm far more interested if it can break above 10, 70 uh 10, the high tens - let's just call it 10.75 - for now right below 11., so sbrt i have a position but uh, not the craziest position or anything. We are getting a bit of a cup and handle, but on this one, i'm still paying attention to that 1075 level in terms of other things that are looking very, very strong.

The crypto sector as a whole is looking very strong bitcoin for the first time. I believe in three to four months, back above 50, 000. ethereum trading above 3300, looking very strong trying to break out dogecoin, also showing a bit of strength, clear uptrend. We are now in a new wedge structure.

We see some higher lows: lower highs, look for the trend line, breakout in doge and then yesterday cardano hit a new all-time high. Let me mark this out properly for you price label right here. It hit almost two dollars and 88 cents. I did post a video, so for me i feel, like i'm being very, very transparent about this.

I know a little bit about crypto. Um definitely know far more about stocks and options and for me, over the weekend when the market is closed. As in when the stock market is closed, i've been trying to gear up and learn a little bit more about crypto just so we can have more fruitful discussions about it. So for the past couple weeks i've been studying cardano and i posted an update video on cardano of why it's doing so abnormally well, so feel free to check it out.

I posted it on this channel uh last yesterday night last evening and um cardano. The excitement is all what's being referred to as the alonso hard fork. So basically in crypto there's two consensus models. You have proof of work and proof of stake.

Proof of stake is exponentially better, it's more secure, it's more scalable, it's more environmentally friendly proof of work is your first generation stuff, such as bitcoin and then even generation. Two is also proof of work, but now in generation three you have various things that are proof of stake, cardano happens to be one of them, and the alonzo hard fork is trying to take a proof of state consensus model and then start including they want the Functionality of live they want to make live smart contracts, smart contracts, good chance, you've heard of this before, because that's really what makes ethereum so special. That's what opens it up to the world of basically various d5 projects, including things such as um. I guess nfts is one example off the top of my head, but right here it's just the it increases its total applications and it's just technical prowess exponentially and then it'll be the first one that has that on a proof of stake, consensus model.

So right here, a lot of people are extremely excited about this alonzo hard fork right now. The penciled in date is september 12th. So in a couple weeks, what's that about three weeks um there are some naysayers saying it's not gon na happen be like hang on. There's too many technical hurdles, they have to get over it's too soon.

But if you listen to charles hoskinson, who is the creator of cardano he's also the co-creator of ethereum? That's why they're both kind of similar, but anyway uh he doesn't like to talk about ethereum anymore. I think his comment on that is uh. That is a chapter in his life that is now closed, like he really doesn't, and i think there was um a fight with him and burek the other guy, the younger kid you probably know about ethereum and something about venture capitalism. I don't know that's probably drama worthwhile to look into when you're super bored, but anyway that's what's going on with cardano right now, uh, it's just if i had to sum it up.

It's a big technical improvement that a lot of people thought wasn't going to be possible for quite a while, so if they could pull it off, that's the excitement uh. I don't see crypto really any different than stock in the center. I don't like when people chase, just because you see it ripping just because you see a huge gain. I mean it's gained 34 percent in a week, 116 percent in a month, 1500 percent a year.

Just because you see it absolutely ripping, don't be the bag holder. Don't be the person chasing if you're fortunate enough to already have a cardano position? Congratulations sit back smile enjoy the gains, but you definitely want to buy at support. You want to buy on weakness just because you can buy more and it optimizes your risk to reward ratio. I truly don't think that's any different between crypto and socks.

You buy it on weakness. If you like, where it's going and whatever your thesis, is you don't buy it when it's ripping? Maybe you could be a bit more aggressive and buy it on some sort of technical breakout if you're more of an aggressive trader investor - obviously that's possible, but um. I'm not i'm not saying this here of like oh okay, it's doing great, so buy it at the top and try to go higher, because that sets up a greater likelihood of maybe you being a bag holder, which is what you don't want to do, and also Specific to this, i do want to advise a bit of caution of with it. I have money in cardano and i plan on being in cardano for years.

So take this with what it is a little grain of salt, i suppose of i don't think this will be any different than what we've previously seen in some. I don't know i the first thing that always comes to my mind is elon musk and his dogecoin thing. The excitement leading up to the snl announcement was massive: doge ran up to 70 75 cents and then right after it, it came down. This very much might end up being one of those things where you buy the rumor and you sell the news.

The excitement up to september 12th could really run it up and then maybe you just don't have the follow through and it could be it could. People could be taking their profits right the day before the day after, like right in that time, zone of september 12th. So for me, if i just had to throw out an opinion and remember we all have opinions, i'm not saying i'm going to be right. I do think that cardano will continue on this excitement, wave all the way to kind of mid-september early mid-september and then after it i don't know, if, obviously, if the alonzo hard fork doesn't come to fruition on that date, you're gon na see a decline in price.

Even if it does it depends, you have to ask yourself: is the excitement going to match up with the actual event, and with that, that's just an opinion out there i don't know um in the long term. I think cardano's gon na be a winner. I'm talking like very very specifically about like the next three weeks related to it. So if you want to know a little bit more check out that cardano video, i made a video on the blockchain and then ada as well ooh.

The other thing i wanted to talk about amc. I saw this making its rounds and shout out to my the people on my discord, who brought it to my attention. People started talking about amazon to buy amc negotiations reopened stock value. This was written by lucas and it was published today august 22nd, 2021.

So i do want to address these rumors and i think they're, just that and honestly. I think this is from my understanding. This looks like a pretty poor piece of journalism, um. So, first of all, i've never heard of today's five and that just because i've never heard of it doesn't mean it's illegitimate, uh, just a couple things.

If you look at it, the structure of it is really really weird. I mean it looks like a website from what the 90s or something like that author doesn't have a picture never heard of this author before especially in the world of amc, which i feel like i've been reading a lot about lately, but whatever, sometimes just because something Aesthetically looks bad and because someone doesn't have their picture up there, that doesn't inherently mean that it's wrong, but i do want to address it in the fact that this one, this single publication or whatever it's going to be referred to digital publication, is the only one That is of recent news. Uh, the author lucas did put various sources in here and then i had to find other ones, but if you look at it, there's nothing new. This is not new news.

In fact, a lot of the information he's using is from 2018.. There was no, we, this has been discussed months ago, literally had some of it over a year ago, but if you go into it, you're gon na find kind of the thread of the sources that cited other sources, and i found the core one and it all Comes like at first, you have this fortune, one which is gon na lead you to the small screen one and then they said the rumor comes from daily mail who claimed that amazon is now looking to purchase amc theaters this rumor from daily mail. If you follow the url, it was written in may of 2020 folks we're not even we're talking what almost a year and a half ago. This is in no way new news um.

I don't know why it's making well. I know why it's making its rounds, because this person lucas wrote the article and obviously this came out yesterday on sunday august 22nd, but the sources for the information. I don't know how to make this more clear is may 9th and may 10th of 2020.. The discussion of amazon, i guess, buying out acquiring amc it might be going on.

I'm not saying it's not, but i'm saying there's no new news on it. Like we're talking about everything. These articles were written in 2020 in 2018. I'm sure there was some in 2019.

There was nothing written in 2021 about amazon acquiring amc um. I i don't know why it's making its news like it's round. It could be. Maybe maybe this guy knows something we don't and maybe behind closed doors.

There's something going on. I'm just trying to say of like in terms of verified sources of who's, talking about this and what's going on, and where is the news um there's literally nothing in this calendar year that is discussing the acquisition of amc by amazon. Just so everyone knows um. I don't like, i think people are trying to just set up expectations like so ungodly high, and i just wish people would do a little bit more like diving into these well, the guy.

This is, i guess, what i found specifically frustrating is he had all the sources um and even with all those sources like he knows they weren't even in this calendar year. So i find that to be particularly irksome that you would go out there and write something in 2021 when your most recent source is may of 2020 and a lot of your sources are from 2018. to me. That's that's in no way breaking news.

I mean that's like something sorry, charlie would write about um yeah. I mean there was one source right here: motley fool from 2018 five things amazon could do with a movie theater chain, so it has been discussed and i'm not saying it wasn't discussed. I'm just saying in no way was it discussed recently is probably the best way. I could articulate all of that all right.

Any thoughts on the amc. Okay, we just discussed that um. The mail is very suspect, uk publication at best, and it might be i'm just saying all the sources are old sources. I'm saying there's no new sources, that's my whether you particularly trust in that source or not that's a whole different discussion, but we're not even at the point of debating the validity of an individual source when all the sources none of them are recent.

Literally, none of these sources are recent fake news actually amc buying amazon. I like that uh. Did you check your oil this past weekend? I did not. I did not all right hang on, so we do have a couple minutes and i just want to give a hang on.

Let me see if i can get this going. Let me uh martian xtg, a musician who has been creating uh, some pretty awesome songs for this just came out with a new song for the amc community. This one is specifically called dumb money so before the market opens, i thought we could all listen to. It.

Hang on, let me just get it set up. Let me get it all set up, make sure you guys have some volume, it's a term used by financial media to describe the average retail investor because of their perceived lack of understanding about the market. Dumb money is also a term used to describe a large sum of cash. This is not financial advice and the first banger on our list is the one, the only amc, entertainment, ticker, symbol, afc, let's get straight to the point, cause it's about to get hot in the kitchen.

It's up. Let's go. You call us dumb money. We all like the way you talk.

You sound like pub buddy, we've done all the deeds coming. They put it all on tv that the pumps dumping cause. They don't wan na see that strike fear, but you would think you know by now that the apes will stay here cause we all know about the darkfield. So we brought our swim gear.

We want brand new lambos and to regulate how you manipulate the new york stock exchange with insider trades, hiding ftds inside of options we're just a bunch of dumb gorillas that got diamonds for nazis. Think our investments done wait till the returns come in. You think our movement is dumb, but this a revolution. You try spreading food on every new station, but you fail to mention it's just your opinion.

Buddy. I don't think it's a good idea. It's the number one percentage gainer of 2021. I think our business all right.

So just so, everyone knows uh, that is from an artist in the group in the ape nation, martian xtg. The name of that song is dumb money, amc, jamie apes message to mainstream media bitcoin possesses just so you know uh that can be. This is on youtube. The account is martian xtg.

Once again, the name is dumb money. If you want to check this out, give this a little bit of love here. Uh has written, i think now, three or four songs and coming out with, like a whole eight nation ep. I believe in fall of this year, uh, but hey it's just another awesome person in this community showing support in their very cool, unique artistic manner and uh.

I think it's awesome. So if you want to show that a bit of love uh, i love it. I think it was hilarious, good, stuff, good stuff, all right and we do have the market opening in about three minutes. Three minutes: amc.

35.. I wonder if it'll be better to watch it this way today, um gotten getting a lot a lot of messages about how we need better, more superior charting. So that's why i might be doing a bit more of a focus on trading view here today. Just so we have easy access.

You know what i haven't done this in a minute folks. We have not done this in a minute off the bat off the bat, let's just hit them. I want. I don't know if i put in a rocket if i have placed so gingerly placed a rocket on the chart before the market's open.

Let's give it a whirl, let's see what happens today, haven't done it here and then what we could also do. Well, let's give uh, let's give gme a little bit of a cat thing going on, let's throw them up on the charts before we even before we even get going today. Let's see how it does. Let's see how it does.

I know i know it's crazy. I know this is early for monday. A lot of us haven't even gotten our uh. We have not even gotten our coffee in our system and then there's the duck kid already putting emojis on his chart.

I get it it's jarring, but sometimes you got ta switch. It up, sometimes you got ta hit the hedge funds with the kansas city, shuffle i don't make up the rules, i'm just doing my best to play by the game and we're gon na win this game progressive, aggressive jw. This is this is aggressive, oh dumb money. So shout out to martian xcg.

They said he was a madman. They said he was a madman. Once again we are drinking the sugar-free, no certified synthetic colors they're all uncertified synthetic colors in my drink today makes my organs feel some sort of way. But hey that's.

How you do it? That's how you do it as coach kors. That is how you do it all right, let's go to the one minute, so i do think i finally figured out how to get tick to tick data on all this stuff. Oh all, right there. We go there, we go where's the cat, all right, we're back at it back at it all right, auto.

Let's do this thing. We are ready. We are ripping and raring. How much time do we have left? We have about 20 seconds the one thing nice about this is we actually have the uh information on the exact time down here on the bottom of the screen, so you could also see what the delay is that we're dealing with.

Remember for me saying something and then you hearing it and then i guess responding to that in any manner. There is a bit of a delay, but you could check it with your own clock down here: ding ding ding. That was not my best ding-ding casino's open folks casino is open all right. Let's do on the push this up to the three minute and switch this up to the three minute.

All right, you're ready to go folks ready to go ready to go all right. The casino is open team for monday august 23rd and we're crushing it. We will be crushing it uh last, i believe, full trading week of august. I believe, if that's, if we're really still going to use the gregorian calendar, i don't need this right now.

All right, amc so remember, based on the larger time frame, technicals one bigger time frame, breakout at least on the two four hour chart would be right here in the low 36s, so that's kind of a first target for the day. The low 36s gamestop at 161 amc at 35 and then we're seeing some strength in the s. P 500 also seeing strength in iwm uh cardano at 283, bitcoin just above 50, 000 doge at 32 ethereum at 3, 300 and those are probably the main ones that people care about matt. Has the unboxing been discontinued? Love your love, your program, the unboxing is entertainment.

No uh, it's just been more of like a scheduling thing recently, with some travel and stuff. It's been hard to uh. I guess sneak that in sometime on the weekend, uh, but no! No, it's still going. So all you really.

I guess it'll just mean that the next one's even bigger but yeah, the po box is still there. We'll still do the unboxings. In all reality, i'm trying to still somewhat wait for the computer to show up the new pc and just get that all ready to go and it'll be fun. To do some.

I guess extra extra stuff, maybe not directly related to the market, but still some fun stuff to pay attention to, and i don't know messing around uh. They start chopping out of the gate. Oh i don't think i ever did the ortex update just so everyone knows. Amc they borrowed already almost a million eleven thousand.

The short interest is eighteen point, two four percent in terms of gme: they borrowed twenty eight point. Five thousand and the short interest is eleven percent. We have this up here, just in case uh, when the unusual options start coming in. We could check that out a little bit better but iwm and the russell 2000 showing some strength.

So hopefully that leads to some strength, specifically in amc and gme, but the spy is pushing right now it is pushing it is pushing some people are asking about. Sprt i'll. Add that to the watch list on the side over here. Just so, you could see it.

Uh looks like it's at 9 40., like i said that one gets a bit more interesting if it can actually break out of the what a dollar 30 higher around 10 75-ish. So that's where sprt could become a really interesting watch, we're seeing some strength right now. There we go there, we go one minute, look at the strength in the russell 2000 and the s p. 500.

Things are looking, i guess a bit bullish as we go into the jackson, hole symposium symposium, like what a fancy thing to call it. It's a symposium. No they're having a zoom meeting with each other, a zoom meeting. Amc go, go, go.

What else do we have? Let's get this bread all right. Did i miss any of your questions, starting off with the rocket man? That's aggressive, matt's, the unboxing. All right. We did that happy monday.

Cat cats have a unique vocab with their owner. In fact, meowing is behavior cats develop exclusively to communicate with people. Thank you, cat facts. Keeping us all informed.

Look at that gap up on hood one minute, hood all right. We could add that as well trading uh just so everyone knows. I no longer have a hood position. I, like i, i was very public about when i locked that in no longer have a hood position, but it's currently trading at 44 over here, but amc is showing some strength.

35. 40. we're seeing some boom goes. The dynamite candles remember the low 36s is a pretty important technical region.

If we get on the north side of that and we're holding. If the market accepts it, man uh that could set us up for an interesting test as early today of 38, maybe even more uh march, the amc is speculated to be released again in the media. Cover-Up run up the sock this week to avoid the mother of all short squeezes um, the amc, the amazon amc news is speculated to be released again, as the media cover up for up in the stock. Wait.

Who is speculating that, though, like we have no information? That's saying oh they're gon na release this news um, i don't know where that's coming from all buggy. The only thing i saw about it was some guy that was citing his most recent source was like legitimately almost a year and a half ago, i'm not seeing any new news about it. If the amazon deal were true, adam aaron knew about it. He would have to disclose it at the shareholder meeting could be shout out.

Hudson uh amc cannot sell without shareholder approval, so we good ignore yeah, that's actually a really good point. We know that we own a majority of the company they it would have to go to a vote most likely at that point. Um, maybe there's some sort of legality stuff in there and i'm in no way a lawyer, so maybe there's a way they could bypass it. But when we own over 50 percent of the company, no single entity has the enough power to control.

The vote like previously like wanda, had well, in fact now: that's actually retail um. So i i'm just this amazon news seems like another piece of fun like i honestly wouldn't pay any attention to it. Can you explain institutional holding average price? Why do they all average 56 is per stock, stocks, institutional yeah, easy merc, they're, all estimating it look at it. Look at that info um.

Obviously they don't all own it at 56. That's their estimation, um of when they got in like it even says that on fintel on market b, it's all they're, all estimating it can. We see the weeble chart yeah the weeble charts here, but with the weeble chart we don't have the emojis, but we can have that on amc and jimmy. I can auto auto all right.

We have the three minute there yeah. We have it up when we need it, it's just more fun with the emojis i wish i could you guys, can see this right here. Okay, yeah, you could see the price and then we also have the volume. It's nice, nice amc whips on around.

Today. It's gone from uh 3460 up to 35 44 down to 34.40. Now, trading, just below 35 is at 34.85. So a lot of whips on in the morning.

Maybe that push the push we saw to the mid-35s they're, already shorting, more 1.04 million, with a net of 436 thousand we're pushing we're pushing. Did you miss or tex? I just showed you there. How do you get tick by tick data? Also, i need to know psnicer. Thank you um, it's somewhere in the settings like it is a paid thing on trading view uh to get the tick by tick, but it's somewhere in settings morning, coach morning, apes, matt, you look so in that video.

Everyone have the best week. Let's make some of that monkey money. Shout out. Kinky kong shout out shout out, oh, if you haven't done it already, just a very quick reminder.

I would appreciate it if you could hit that like button hit that subscribe button, if you haven't that type of engagement does help out algorithmically um, so on youtube, that's it if you're on rumble uh, if you don't forget to hit that royal rumble button subscribe. If you haven't and uh, if you're on twitch, if twitch is your thing, don't forget to just hit that follow button, all that stuff, it's free and it just tells whoever the big tech owner is that this is valuable content and it ends up serving it to More people, so i do appreciate the support i do. I do. I do all right.

Let's get going amc, i want to see it cruising. Let's get the rocket ship closer hang on. Maybe the issue is the angle of the rocket ship. Let's see it get above 35 30 rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, let's see that test.

I do admit the one thing i like seeing about at least we have here with the new york stock exchange is we could see the level two that sometimes can be pretty advantageous to check out? I wonder if, if anyone knows a bit more about trading view than i knew, let me know if there's a way to get the level 2 data also on the screen. Nvidia keeps climbing. Well, don't forget, brambles. According to unusual wales, who has some good information on politicians, uh nancy pelosi last week took a 1.5 million dollar call option bet on nvidia for the september monthlies uh, so nvidia right now, and i like it - i mean it's a good company, but i wouldn't be Surprised if our politicians know a little bit more about what's going on in the semiconductor industry than i do, but for me in all reality i mean, i hope, pelosi's right on the bet, because i have an nvidia position and uh.

I obviously want it to go up. Matt draft tyler, lockett, end of story love, you are you taking care of yourself, running, etc, jason, good question. I ended up running five miles. Yesterday i went full-on coach coors, i went out and i was running and i was listening to my girl t swift and i was just jamming out.

I was like and my entire intent. The entire time was matt you're gon na run at 5k. So about 3.1 miles and just something about my girl, t, swift and the way her music was hit me. I was like no matt.

You got ta up this up to five miles: 5k. No! No! No! No! You got ta, do a five miler and um. When you do that, i think that's more mentally messed up for you. When you're, like increasing the distance as you're running, i think it's very similar mentally to like when you're washing dishes, and then someone else puts more dishes in the sink like you're mentally prepared for something, and then they increase the workload that sucks but bottom line.

Is. I ended up running the five miler yesterday and it sucked, but i was very uh happy that i was able to pull it off. Listen to some day day, my secret to running five miles, just listening to um 22 on repeat: it's just one song and one song only for what, like a 45 minute run or something um. What do we have here? I am starting to think that the shorts really never have to cover.

Well, of course, they have to cover that's how you get out of the covering means buying. That's how you close your position um, so you of course you have to cover or you're just going to be in the position, whether at a gain or a loss till the day that you die. Do you have to cover that's almost saying like if you're long on a position well, yeah? Eventually, you have to sell if you ever want to lock in the position um so yeah they have to cover and for them it's even worse, because they are paying money to borrow the shares that are on loan. So when you hold a position for years and years and years well, yeah, eventually you have to sell to lock in the gains, but it costs you nothing to hold for that long.

A short is actually different in the fact that no, you actually do end up paying that fee and it does change its dynamic but to hold a short position for a long period of time that actually costs them more money for the right to borrow those shares. Anyone have an average days on loan, it's around 42 average days on loan. Where was that average right here uh the average days on loan 47.5 days for amc uh, so these shares on loan, the average one not all of them. Some are more, some are less.

Have been out there for pushing what uh a month and two thirds almost we're slowly but surely getting up on paying on them, paying the cost to borrow fee for two months and obviously that's just like the quote: unquote: average person but yeah about 47 days. And i i think i made this video uh roughly maybe mid last week in my update, video. All of the trends are up up up the shares on loan, the estimated short interest, the number of loans given per day, the average length of loans, the size of loans, all of it in terms of amc, it's very much since early june mid-june. To this moment, all roughly been trending upwards, and what that tells us is the overall short bet.

The people, betting against amc, are becoming more sizable and more bearish, which is kind of unique in the situation of yeah. We want some shorts to be in there because you need shorts to have a short squeeze. You need people who are going to get squeezed out of their position, but it's very much a balancing act. You want the maximum amount of shorts possible without being so detrimental to the price action.

So we want to capture as many as we can and contain and can handle with the amount of demand that we can possibly supply to over to overwhelm their literal supply of stock by selling it. So it's very much a balancing act. We want the max amount of shorts possible that we can handle for the maximum squeeze, because the maximum squeeze relates to how many shorts are actually going to get squeezed out uh. So it is it's kind of a weird thing to wrap your head up around, but we don't want.

We definitely don't want the shorts to just disappear tomorrow, because if they all just disappeared and like it, that would be bad well. I don't think they actually could. Like mechanically, that would involve a lot of buying. So if they did do this giant disappear act, we would see a huge spike up, so they couldn't just like it's not like the short interest tomorrow is just going to go to zero without that being seen in the price action so like i, i don't even Know if that hypothetical is worthwhile to discuss, because it's literally not possible, hey matt, i got married on september 10th.

If i will, if we could get this to squeeze before, then that would be great okay. What's going on ape town and happy early wedding man speaking of crypto, what are your thoughts on the one day chart on helium hnt, not financial advice, love the channel dude mikey i'll check that out i'll write that down but um. I don't really know anything too. Special about helium um.

My recent research has been about cardano and polygon, uh, helium, h and t, but more so with cardano. Just because a lot of people are trying to talk about the alonzo fork and what that will mean not only for cardano as a blockchain. But uh what it just means for crypto because excuse me what's one unique thing that really sets cardano apart, especially where people are saying why it's potentially even a bit better than ethereum, is that it's specifically focusing in on what they refer to as interoperability, which is Like quite a word to say, but basically how nicely it plays with other cryptos uh, which is unique because right now, almost every crypto is siloed in its own crypto world. But cardano is trying to do what's referred to as side chains and that would actually be able.

So it can play nice and like link up with other cryptos, which i mean if they pull that off, and i'm not saying that they're like oh we're, going to be also announcing that like today. But it's just more of it's giving the fact of their engineering team over at cardano blockchain a little bit of credence of like okay. If they're pulling off this alonzo hard fork with all which a lot of people are saying that they wouldn't be able to do - and it's not gon na happen well, it gives them a little bit of like hang on like. Maybe these guys really do know what they're talking about.

Maybe they can pull off all the things that they're sending out to do and if they do pull all those things off, i mean the sky's the limit for it. But it's just that's. That's the hedge in this situation of okay, it sounds really cool and i like the direction that they want to go. But the big question is it's one thing to talk to talk, but can you walk the walk thus far yeah there have been some hiccups for cardano and the team, but overall they really have been executing.

So i do have my fingers crossed for them because i think they're, a very charitable team. I think they're pretty altruistic and i want them to pull it off, but let's see if they can, but in the meantime just so you know, cardano is over here trading at 285, which is very, very close to its all-time high. But in the meantime, amc is looking some sort of way look for it to get above 35 30.. We saw some resistance and it's once again tapping, and just if you also happen to have training view, i would appreciate it if you could also throw some rockets onto your chart just to help it out.

I only have so much starting space here, there's only so many rockets. I could possibly fit onto my own charts since citadel has different institutions. What, if they're borrowing from their own shares and doing that back and forth, they don't lose money um, they would lose money because you would be paying the prime broker the prime broker's, the person that you pay and if you do it, you're just increasing your own Short bet, then, so, if you like, if you're like, i see what you're saying, if you're continually cycling it, but that's still inherently pumping up the overall short interest up 10k on spy calls i'll. Let you know how i do this week wanting to say.

I love you forever once again, matt ape gang to the moon jet li shout out man and congrats on your awesome trade, so happy for you. Gov might be squeezing slight chance g. Alright, we could check that out in a little bit g o e v, hey what else do we have? What else um all right, ape town, good, good, good jimmy was 140 short now they're 10 there's no way 130 cover at the price movement, never justified, uh justified it. What do you think happened well remember there was that gme at the end of january is a different story of a normal situation of shorts, covering because most brokerages, not all but most brokerages stop people from purchasing it.

So we didn't see the fair amount of demand by any means. Some major, like what we saw in january, was considerably driven by the retail public when a lot of the retail public was on trading brokerages such as robinhood, and that one stopped buying they only in selling well you're going to be missing a lot of the retail Demand so with it nick, it's almost hard to say, because we were no longer playing by like a normal set rules, because we had brokerages where a lot of the demand was coming from completely cover all demand, so that one, it's really really tough to say. But don't forget, we did see gme still move from 15 20, all the way up to 500. That's a considerable move, and obviously some short like we know that some shorts got squeezed like melvin capital, publicly said that they got squeezed out of that play and it cost them billions of billions of dollars.

We saw that white square. A london hedge fund also, like recently had a close up shop because of losses that they sustained earlier in the year um. So i'm not sitting here saying that all shorts covered, but we know that some did and then it's up to the argument of okay. Was it a majority? Was it not a majority like what's going on there and the conversation gets a bit more deep but um it the big issue there? Is it wasn't a normal short squeeze, because usually you still see a bunch of buying some fomo, some gamma squeezing and retail was driving that and robin hood and other brokerages, i'm trying to be fair here stopped a lot of people from buying.

So the demand was artificially lowered, hey matt, please watch the new zeitgeist documentary. It's about the social and psycho aspect of our economic and monetary systems. Mind blown watch with the new zeitgeist documentary vegan ape. I appreciate that i'll definitely check that out made a video on an interesting trend on short interest data.

The difference in short interest and shares on loan has not changed for weeks. Your thoughts, i find it curious the difference between short interest and shares on loan. So i i don't know what data source you're using, but the short interest um on ortex is estimated and that's exactly why it says estimated current short interest. So i don't know how you broke down the data, but you should be doing it with the shares on loan difference and then the exchange reported short interest uh to see.

If that is the same proportionate difference, i don't know what data source you were using there, though all right right now, amc did make a run to a current intraday high of 35.80, currently trading at 35.50, so 35.80 down to 35.50. We are looking for that breakout in the low 36s s p 500. Looking strong russell 2000, taking a bit of a breather gamestop ran from 150 950 all the way up to 160 340, currently training at 162, a big breakout for gamestop. A an important breakout would be at 164..

It was rejected there for an entire week and a half matt. Can you describe the effect on the overall market or correction we'll have on amc stock price? Why don't apes paper handling? In this event? I don't think it depends on the size of an overall market correction, but i think that amc is ah. I don't really think it has much correlation to the s. P.

500. Um. In fact i was running some correlation algorithms and there's there isn't much correlation. My concern, if the market crashes - and this is a big - if a big hypothetical there is a lot of big money in amc right now from wall street, both directions.

We have blackrock who's long on it, various other hedge funds and money managers, vanguard blah blah blah, and then we either have other wall street institutions that are short on it. So here's how i think of it in terms of a market crash. If a market is going down, you could have one of two things happen and the question is is like they actually could both happen. It's what happens.

First. Are you gon na have people who are long on amc who are losing money on their other positions and they're, like you know what we made enough money off of amc, let's lock in our gains and they sell? Is that going to happen first, or is it going to be the shorts who are underwater and they're? Like hang on, we got to get out of this position before it gets worse and then they want to cover their short part buying. So in terms of the market crashing and putting pressure on wall street entities, the question is: are the longs going to get out and take in their gains or are the shorts going to get scared and cover so depending on which one happens? First is going to be kind of a huge driver on which direction amc goes um, so with it. I can't sit here and be say that a market crash is good or bad for amc.

Um, because you don't know, we don't know which one's going to feel like the heat of the fire first and like kind of fold their hand before the other. Obviously, we want the shorts to fold their hand first, but that doesn't necessarily have to be true um, but that's it could break either way all right. We did that we did that david. Thank you.

Thank you shout out to david. What else do we have? Did i what are there all right? Let's get our rocket rocket currently acting as support. We are trying to get this breakout a 35 80 a little bit. Amc took a little bit of a hit.

Jimmy take a little bit of the hit honestly. The rsi was just getting hot, so i'm happy that it took a breather uh. Then amc is about what 40 60 cents away from a major test just above 36 and then jimmy is about a dollar 65. uh.

We want to see this around 164 and see how it reacts to that on these ones. I am going to drop this to the three minute on the s. P, 500 and also the russell 2 000. sprt is up five percent on the day it's at 9.25.

I want to see that up 1.50 uh, robin hood, is at just below 44.. I no longer have a position on it. Uh cardano still showing some strength. Whoa cardano is about to make um an all-time high, whoa cardano's, showing some strength.

Remember my own prediction - and i might be wildly off on this - i think we're going to see strength all the way up to september 12th and then at september 12th. Who knows what's going to happen after that, but i think there's a lot of excitement. Um there's a lot of public excitement. Whoa amc boom goes the dynamite.

Let's go in indoor golf claps, golf claps for amc, golf claps, golf claps, golf claps, all right, franklin and then yeah. Here we have it here. We have it hang on. Maybe i should go to the five minute on this.

One we are about it looks like cardano is setting up for a new all-time high interesting. The high is, let's just call it 288. Once we see 288, we know we hit a new high, so congrats if you're in cardano come on 36. This is exactly what i was saying.

The low 36's comes back to this breakout level uh. I guess this: where is it right now? 36, 30 and then, if we get over to the next two hour segment uh, it will get a little bit lowered so for right now - and this is technical analysis - is not going to ever be perfect to ascend - that's not really how technical analysis works. Um. It gives you the rough region that you're working with all right - let's go over to the 15 minute on this all right, perfect, perfect! All right, let's see if amc can get test number one, a rejection, someone expected.

We all obviously know that with the rsi when it gets just so overheated it. Sometimes, your technicals need a bit of a break but iwm trying to hold on at just below 219 iwm russell 2000's, showing some strength if it keeps going up. I i mean, i think, there's a realistic chance that it could get to 221. Okay amc looks like it's trying to fight back to get right above 36..

Thus far, the intraday high is 36 11 uh, like, as the number we just called out, is 36.30 give or take a bit give or take a bit pfe ripping on news of fda approval interesting. So if you took that tiblio pic of pfizer, the other day i mean pfizer was looking strong. I didn't hop onto it because i thought it was a bit chasey, but we saw a lot of money going right into a lot of money going into pfizer in the options market almost as if someone knew something uh. What's your thoughts on the fda, approving pfizer's vaccine probably makes a lot of sense.

Why it's running, because that's just, why is it not coming up hang on oh cause, i put a weird thing in it.

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