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Ep 80 turnaround tuesday crypto bounce?! dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Turnaround Tuesday & Crypto Crash
Dumb Money Ep. 80: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Gang welcome back to the afternoon session of turn around turn around twizzle day. Why even call it turn around tuesday at this point we all know what it is. We all know it's turn around tuesday. I i still think we're coming back folks.

I really really do. I mean - maybe maybe i'm being naively optimistic. Maybe i trust a little bit too much in the numbers, but hey. We have 120 minutes to make some magic happen to see.

What's going on with turn around tuesday, and i don't know, i guess i'm just a perpetual optimist about the situation and uh. Let's see i'm excited i'm looking for, i guess technically, what am i looking for anyway? I guess the success of turn around tuesday is defined on if the s p, 500 closes above or below 436.53. If we're gon na get like really technical with all those numbers, that's exactly where the success would be at so we'll we'll see how this pans out we'll see what does or doesn't happen but uh hey. I i see a bearish trend, a bullish trend, a bearish trend with a higher low in the overall market, and i'm just looking for some follow-through on it.

Pretty much the same thing with iwm iwm didn't sell off as much in the like middle afternoon session, and really i mean we're seeing a very, very similar setup in amc and jimmy. We truly truly are i mean looking sold off. We saw some bullishness a little bit of bearishness, but now we're just knocking on the door. I mean amc from a technical perspective.

This is an easy, easy thing to break down and pay attention to we're. Just looking for this break above the low 39s and we're at 38 92 right now, like 20 cents above this, i mean amc, might be setting up for a push right after that i'd watch 40 once again, uh they're they're trying their best they're trying their darndest To push amc below 40 and they're really just not having that much success with it. Gme is at 190.. We know there's support between 188 and 190, so we're looking for support to be built there held there and we're looking for that.

Follow through maybe up to 192. 195 is more important, really 200. I mean the way they're having a tough time, keeping amc below 40 they're having a tough time, keeping gme below 200.. I'm ready for some fireworks this afternoon.

Do i know, what's gon na happen? No, i try to call up the stock market gods uh their message box is a little bit filled right now they didn't take my calls like hey. How are you gon na end, the session i'd love to fill it with my stream um share it with my stream and they're, just not they're like nope. No, no calls, no texts today, they're ghosting me but uh. I i guess at that point.

Let's just believe a little bit in the numbers and see how it all plays out all right. Let's go over some of some other numbers. It seems gon na like a number heavy stream, so amc they've borrowed 3.55 million shares against it today for a net of 2.94 million short interest. 19.6 point.

16. 0.16. We're back above 19.. That's kind of interesting uh.

It's going up up up: gme they've, a net borrow of 82 000 with the borrowed shares of 496 000 short interest 12.9 that almost back above 13. we're seeing both of these amc jimmy both of our moon sucks the short interest they they're they're shorting it today, Um, it's as simple as that and we're seeing it with the short interest going back up like it's kind of a easy peasy lime squeezy to see what is or isn't happening. It's not like a big secret by any means, uh crypto still taking a hit folks. I mean bitcoin bitcoin might be coming sub 40.

uh we're seeing if it catches itself at 41, 000. ethereum is sub 3, 000. cardano uh still above 2.206, and then we have solana 132-ish opportunity brewing opportunity is 100 brewing uh. Let's just wait.

Let's just wait and see when it starts to bend back around this dip in crypto. I strongly strongly strongly believe will be bought up. We just have to wait. Look for the buyers to basically just step back in um.

Like i said it's turnaround tuesday. I threw out a tweet, i i was in my cocky. Of course, i'm cocky right here just wanted to throw out a tweet about turn around tuesday. So i have something to quote tweet tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is today. This was posted 19 hours ago. I'm excited to see how it plays out and hey here's, the secret of social media and trading. Let me like come here, come here close here's the secret to all this stuff.

If you're calling things out here here is what you got to do. You call out you call out you call out if you're right, you brag, you brag, you brag you brag and if you're wrong, you just pretend it never happened that right there is the secret to social media success, especially in the finance sector. Basically, all of your successes and your predictions, you call out to everyone and their grandmother and if you're wrong, you're, just like ah nah, didn't didn't really mean that that's the secret right there. Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man.

Obviously i mean that facetiously because that's not a good, that's not a good way to be, but it does seem like a lot of finance gurus, especially on tick tock. I just okay. When i say he just found out, i found out like a week or two ago that the proper terminology is to say, like i'm on this tick tock like i'm on jonas brothers, tick, tock or i'm on whatever amc, tick, tock, i'm on bowling tik tok! Well, i learned that's the verbiage and i've found myself to be on like finance guru, finance, furu, tiktok, and it makes my blood boil boil boil boil like my blood pressure should not be at the level. It's like we're talking, four digit blood.

I don't actually know how blood pressure is really measured but, let's just say, four digit blood pressure. That sounds pretty high uh. That's how i feel after watching any tick-tock investor, finance, guru, advice and i've noticed, that's their technique and i'm going to steal it from them. You just make all these wild predictions time and time again and you just hope one of them sticks and if it does, stick you just oh like look it look it.

I called that. So that's what i'm doing. That's going to be my new business model. What else is going on? Oh folks, if you haven't already, if you're just joining in for the afternoon session, i always hate having to redo this.

If everyone uh this morning, i was asking about like gently tapping the the like, if you guys, could just full-on annihilate it like it, create another, an account like it from that account and then spin out another account. If you haven't liked the stream three times, i don't know what what are you doing then? At that point, um, someone said bam. What about bam the stock or the person matt blood pressure means he's dead, need rico. Rico hasn't been here in a hot minute.

I i miss him. I really really miss him he's i kind of view rico. You know how like, at the end of a good western cowboy movie, the cowboys like always riding off into the sunset they just like, really cool, just like slowly riding his horse. After some, like crazy, dramatic like build up and resolution within the movie, that's how i view rico, and i it just it feels like we're at the point in the rico story where he came in.

He did his rico thing and now he's just going off into the sunset. I don't know, maybe there's going to be a sequel. Maybe there's not going to be a sequel. I just don't know he's that's.

What's so interesting about him. He's a cowboy and cowboys are unpredictable. You never know what rico is gon na do not gon na do hey matt. We should be aware of the possible strike in hollywood with the industry workers.

It could affect theater stocks posted by twitter on twitter, 207 cosplay. Once again, that is 207 underscore cosplay um, so that yeah, if there's some big strike, i could see how that hurts production and how that could have a downstream impact. Obviously, a negative impact on amc, but also, i don't think it will be as great as an impact, as maybe people are gon na hear about it. Just because think about it.

It's not like many people got in involved in amc because they're, like oh hey, like i, the movie theater, is like people are undervaluing the industry. It's coming back, people are in amc and jimi as a a counter. Culture movement against wall street do okay and i get this as a fine line because you're like listen, duck kid right now, you're saying don't worry about movies, but other times you're telling us about like shang, chi and black widow, and all these movies doing well make Up your mind, i'm tired of it. It seems like you're, only saying things that fit your narrative, hey.

I get that i get that. I get that and i would say woh. Let me explain here are my thoughts on all of that of sometimes why am i talking about fundamentals other times i'm not and like? How does it interact in here? People got into amc and gme gme, then amc, because it was a so-called psychological wildfire. They're, like screw wall street, screw what they're doing i'm gon na fight against them and that thesis and that mantra is still there that the ethos of the fight is still very.

Very much there, but what's interesting, is the counter to that. That inverse is not the reason. People are shorting it. So the reason i talk about sheng chi, the reason i talk about black widow, the reason i talk about kong, vs, godzilla and and the return of the box office in these theaters well that's important because not to strengthen the apish fight, but it weakens the bearish Thesis if that makes sense, so for us, i'm, i don't know about you, but i'm not in amc because of the success or demise, the performance of an individual move me i'm in it, because i like symbolically what being invested in these two stock actually means.

I'm not in gamestop because of like oh i'm, i'm looking at they're projecting increase in like video game sales, i'm in it because of the the chance, the statistical chance of a short squeeze. Now many fancy pants fancy pants people are going to say those odds of what like it's all over. The map like it's not like, there's an agreed upon percentage, but that's what the value is. That's a premium.

You there's one of the things i've learned about this entire saga. Is you cannot undervalue a huge community and that's exactly what amc and gme have they have a massive community of apes? So to me, that's the interesting aspect of being involved in both of them. Now the people who are betting against them, they have a very fundamental thesis on like hang on they're overvalued because of their whatever their ebitda, their earnings per share, their future guidance yada, yada yada. The list goes on and on and on so the reason i bring up all these movies or whatever is going on with gamestop, for example like expanded their fulfillment cylinders in york, pa talking about nevada, like all those things, it's weakening the bearish thesis.

It's not necessarily like strengthening our thesis because we're in it for a different reason, but the people who are betting against it. It is interesting to note that it would either weaken or strengthen their thesis. So for this, whenever we hear things about like shangxi most recently or a free guy or any of those well people who are saying that the movie theaters are dead and no one's going to it. Well, that inherently is contradictory to their standpoint.

So with this with the 207 underscore cosplay talking about workers, okay at a certain point that might strengthen theirs if movies are shut down, like obviously that, like i, don't think, that's that far of a mental leap to really make, but does it change our thesis at All because the fact that the two cci's - i don't even know what the plural word of these theses, i think it's theses. Wasn't it martin lawrence lawrence we're going off track hang on before i put my foot in my mouth and say something that i clearly don't know about. I should probably just shut up, but anyway, they're not diametrically opposed they're, actually two completely different veins of thought that don't have to go together. They're, not like the inverse of each other, and i know it's a little complex and i'm probably losing some people in this.

Like random bout or rambling um, but i still actually, i think it's accurate. I i really really do that. Okay, this thing - maybe it makes some of the bears - feel a little bit more aggressive, but i don't think it would have a net negative impact on the apes involved in the situation uh. I agree just something to be aware of shout out: geek easy, hey marsupial, i'm the ape, formerly known as dc your mods banned me for some reason.

Thanks for all you do i'm up. 150. Since i started following you: um dixon, cider uh. I don't know what the ban was.

Sometimes we all just get a little band-heavy. I i don't know it did or didn't happen. Um, but uh we'll see. What's going on there kplt getting slammed.

Could you take a minute to look at the technicals on kplt um, and just so you know, i guess it is uh uh i i don't want it to come off as me, ignoring it there's a good chance that some of you have recently learned about um. The not such good situation related to trey and trey's eye um, i'm well aware of it and trey, and i are friends like outside of this world of youtube trey and i are actually close friends. We talk quite a bit um, i'm well aware of it and obviously i wish him the best, but this is not something i can engage in and have more like. I guess just rhetoric about, because it's it's not my thing to talk about and disclose um.

I respect him as a creator. I respect him even more as a friend and a human being um i talk to him. I talk to him a lot. I i'm well aware of what's going on and i like, i can't just sit here and like i guess, like shoot the with you all about it, because it's not my place to talk about it.

Uh just trey he's working on his eye issues. We wish him the best and - and it's just not my place to talk like you, don't talk about other people's issues, especially if they're not there to talk about it. Um, like i said, i've talked with them, we're friends. I wish them like godspeed in a very, very quick like solution and recovery, but i kind of have to leave it there, because i'm not here to like talk about other people's problems um.

I hope i hope that makes sense all right uh what uh? What were kplt sorry uh kplt not holding the support at six dollars. The additional support would be at five and i'm just looking at um right here, the the low low fives, the resistance that we saw at the end of august start of september. I would look for the base there. I still like kplt as a gap fill.

I don't know where it all like. I don't know the time the timing of it. Obviously, gaps can be filled the first day or maybe days weeks months later. I still think eventually.

I know it's a painful function of time, but eventually i do think kplt will gap fill up to 9 30., so i i would still be bullish on it to that degree. But in the meantime the question is like: okay: where do you create a nice position at and from there i would target levels of support. The closest support is currently five dollars. Uh been out all day.

How have we done um bbig bbig, breaking the support at 640 bbig um? I would look for bbig to quickly regain 640 and then there is this support at 550. uh bbig. I was talking with true demon about it. The some of the information about this, like the proxy statement, was not the most ideal and honestly when it comes to things like bbig sprt, i very much uh trust in his dd and thesis and opinions on it um right now.

There is a reason: bbig broke below the support now it can quickly regain it and i hope it does, especially if you're in bbig, but regardless of the level you got into it or even if you care about it all. What's your risk, like you, have to this action today, should only matter if you had a trading plan related to these current levels like if your plan was okay, my risk is 640 well folks, it broke below 640.. You got ta stick to your plan. If your risk was different, if you're like, oh actually, i'm risking 555 well, your risk wasn't hit so you're still in the play.

It's and i i had the spiel about it last friday. What's your plan just tell me the trading plan you shouldn't be in a play, not knowing what you're, risking whenever you get into a plan. You got. Ta know your risk, it's that simple! So with bbig, it's not looking the best right now on a shorter time frame.

I know bbig it can be whippy, it might not look the best now, but who knows by the end of the day, this thing might be ripping uh, it's very, very reactive and that's a function of being a lower float, but whatever it is. This is just you're still your friendly neighborhood reminder of what is your plan? What is your risk target? What is your reward target? All right amc moving moving out of this george w, not really george w it's a high or low wedge, but it's just so fun to say, george w. I'm now calling it out now looking for amc to test 4 d, 40, 40, 40 and 20 cents. What a weird way to say it: uh 40, 20.

uh people are talking about lcid, saying it's ripping it is ripping uh. It's coming up to some resistance at 28 between 28 and 30 is a level of supply, a region of supply uh. I like lucid, i'm in lucid. I look at it as a long-term investment in the luxury eevee market within the u.s.

I want to see the reaction between 20 and 30. toshiba king message retracted. I do like the mystery. What do you think about the gap? Film bysi beyond spring b-y-s-i eventually, but i would want to see some buyer stepping pharmaceuticals, i'm just not the biggest fan of the pharmaceutical sector.

You just never know when something will or won't be announced, because it has two gaps, has a gap to the upside, but also a gap to the bottom side, and when you have two gaps messing around that can get that could get complicated first put option for 24 lcid excellently got for this friday opinion only 30 for the contract. I think the pattern over the last five months - um it's it's hard, in my opinion, to bet against lcid right now. It's just showing strength like it's. All i see is demand in the chart.

Could that change right now tomorrow, of course it could but like living in real time. I just see quite a bit of demand quite a bit of demand in that chart, so you're. Looking at a put for this friday, i mean kayla. That's, i think, you're fighting against the odds, aj says matt.

Will i say aj. If rico was a cowboy, we would be buster scruggs shout out karthik all right. What are we doing right now, um sp? Why i i wanted that to come back? What's it doing there hey? What? What are you doing spy? What is the spy doing hi? I love what you're doing i heard about crypto island. What do you think about it? I need your suggestion.

I haven't heard much about crypto island, i'm arguably more focused on. I guess some of the quote unquote like main stay: cryptos bitcoin, ethereum, cardano solana like some of those like top top 15 top 20 uh market cap, cryptos, is kind of where my like studying and knowledge is at uh. Jimmy waking up pushing 192 interesting interesting interesting. All right, i think we did this all right.

Where are my discord? Questions here? We go. Crypto island sounds like a terrible reality show. Oh, that's funny. Um, i hate watching on youtube, but the constant cutting out on rumble is unwatchable.

Oh wait. What's going on with rumble, did i mess it up myself? I think it's good. It should be solid on rumble if you're watching on rumble right now it looks a-okay. On my end, let me just double check a bandwidth thing.

Let me just get into the interwebs. Oh that's my voice. Uh looks like it's firing on all syllables. It definitely looks like it is firing on all syllables all right, good, good, good, uh view on hlbz hlbz is kind of an interesting story.

So the reason why hlbz is up so much today is because of a pretty awesome partnership with both amazon and fox um. But with that being said, there's that's why it's up 97, but i still don't like the technicals of a gap up going red. It tells me that the opening price is just not being accepted by the market um, so the gap up rent - i don't i just don't like it. I do admit that the news, the fundamental development of why it's up so much makes a lot of sense.

I mean partnering up with amazon, it's a big deal, but you can't fight the fact that it's when you gap up and go red, that's not good and it does give credence to potentially a gap fill. But maybe it's going to base earlier and come off of that that's a possibility, but i mean i wouldn't be arbitrarily buying hlbz at these levels: um just not not exactly my style, not exactly my style. What is going on here, uh close workspace, no sure all right. There we go there, we go, there's the interwebs all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! What's going on in the world of futures, honestly, not much! It's going to look the exact same as what you're seeing in the spy, the exact same.

Unfortunately, this spy dealio this - i guess it - it missed the memo on turn around tuesday, which blows my mind. I don't know i hate i hate when the market gets. The memo misses the memo about what we want it to do. Feels like almost like a little offensive about it like hey.

We want it to all go up. I don't know why it just can't like play play ball with all of us play ball. Let me get back to these questions and then, let's hop into some facts and figures there we go all right. Krypto island sounds like that would be funny.

I think they should make a crypto island reality. Tv show i'm picturing like some weird form of competition, where, like you, have to develop a crypto or trade crypto, and then people get voted off by like the other participants and the viewers. I think there could be a crypto reality show and hey. If there's a producer listening right now and you're about to create this show, i would love to be a contestant.

I don't even know what the show is, but sign me up. I want to be a crypto island contestant. Isn't that a dane cook skit, i think it's a dane cook skit or who is it some comedian? That's like one of his bits where he's like. Oh, there should be a new reality show called like haha now, you're poor and basically a bunch of rich people compete against each other with their own money and all you do is lose money, and so we could do that with all these.

Like crypto millionaires, we just make them like trade and invest and we'll just call it crypto island uh, you have to minecrypt mine, crypto. Only powered by hand crank generator, hello, dep commander. The unusual whales has a very bullish stock. This is called tmc.

Please look it up and tell me what you think um i don't i'm not the biggest fan of tmc. Maybe you are like i'm i don't own it. It doesn't. Maybe the flow is bullish, but the chart doesn't look.

Bullish hang on. Let me look at tmc. What are we missing? Maybe i'm missing the trade of the century uh i mean it's slightly. Bullish 53.5 versus 46.5.

We've seen bigger flow like i i do admit. The flow is in favor of the bulls on tmc, but it's not enough to make me like this chart. I mean we have one two three four five red days in a row as in the close, is always lower than the open for five days. Um, the macd crossover we didn't have much of a chart.

I personally believe that there's better opportunity than tmc - i don't think tmc is a bad opportunity. I just think there's more interesting setups in the market. Please explain the hcmc chart htmc. Isn't this a penny stock on the otc market yeah? This is not good uh.

This is referred to as bar coding and yeah. This is not a good looking chart uh uh yeah. This is the definition of barcoding. This is wild.

It's trading at it's just liquidity is painful, it's not really there, i'm on the minute chart. This is so ugly. Looking look at this you could you could seize looking at this chart. This is nuts, it's just some crappy otc like penny stock.

I wouldn't it's a portion of a penny. It's 0.00006.. I stay away from these uh. That's my own trading plan, hey if you're making a killing on hcmc.

I wish you the best of luck. You're definitely gon na need it uh, but there's a reason why i stay away from these stocks. Thoughts on buying close expiration calls on ccj um. I i'm against doing close expiration on any stock unless you want to day trade it.

If you have, if you know you're going to get out before the market goes ding ding ding. Well, i have seen a lot of successful option. Traders uh, i guess trade in that mannerism, but pl please do with the paper account. First, please make sure you understand truly what you're getting into.

I don't think people fully respect the impact of theta and theta decay to the degree that they should. So if you're trying to get come out of the gate, all hot and heavy and being like a cowboy options trader, please, like i'm, telling you it will save you money. Please start with a paper account use it on thinkorswim or tradestation or interactive brokers, or something like that. Please use fake money first, just so, you better understand the world you're truly stepping like into for amc shares on loan close to 100 million institutions.

Own 20, 100 million. Does that mean if institutions sell at xxx dollars, we could miss the mother of all short squeezes. Let me see if i'm fully understanding, so we know that in 20, if institutions sell it xx dollars, could we miss the mother of all short squeezes um? I don't think it's that straightforward, because at any price level it's the internal battle of supply and demand. So if those 20 of institutions are trying to get out, that would represent quite a bit of supply, but in the moment of uh, the mother of all short squeezes or the appetite of the ape on that day, the apes could quickly absorb all of that.

So it's it's very time dependent like you can't throw out a general blanket statement and say: oh if they sell x, will happen because you're talking about a known amount of supply but based on the day, an unknown amount of demand. It's always that internal battle of supply and demand and right there that's representing, let's just say, roughly 100 million in supply um you. You can't say that that would neces like it depends on how ravenous the demand is. At that level, you don't know the demand, like you, don't know how many buyers are going to be aggressively trying to get into the market um.

So i don't think that it's appropriate to have a like a general blanket statement. Is it better for them to not sell and also hold well, of course, like i'm, not saying that, like it's, somehow there's a good scenario in which all these big players want to sell. No, no i'm saying the demand the the degree to which that selling would hurt us is unknown, it's unknown um and it to the point that it might be like a little like fly bite and you just like, like smack the bug off of you um you Just don't know because you have to know the demand at that moment in time and since we're talking about a a fictitious scenario in the future, we just simply don't know um, but i i just don't. It would represent quite a bit of selling 100 million shares.

That's a lot of selling. That is a lot of supply. So if, if if in one weird scenario, all institutions and hedge funds and banks decided to sell their amc ownership, it's not going to be good for us, but the degree to which it's bad. It's unknown, like i don't know if there's uh, like a mathematical model that would like properly illustrate that uh thoughts on hlbz bought in at 33 33.90 uh.

So we just talked about hlbz uh. I i understand why it's gapping up, but you were like you kind of were chasing 33., so you got in a little bit. I guess below today's open uh, you kind of chase, and this is why i don't like chasing because i don't want to be a bag holder, i'm not saying you're, necessarily a bag holder. It could base here rip the remainder of today.

It could rip tomorrow and you might have a huge profit, but this is why i don't just like arbitrarily buying gap. Ups um hlbz, it's a tough, read right now, the chart's not the best, but the fundamental news is pretty impressive. Uh please check ilus got in at four cents. Ilus uh you're up a lot ride.

The train, that's awesome! I mean i don't think anyone should chase it, but you got in all the way back here. That's that's a crazy good trade seriously! Congratulations! All right! Amc's battling it out at 39, jamie's battling it out at 190., the s p 500. It was looking weak uh in the short time frame, but maybe we have some buyers. Finally, stepping in you'll know around 435.

It has about 75 cents to go for us to get a better reading held lptx for eight days of 33. Shout out be greasy, crushing it thoughts on rumors clay bro is an amish stowaway on a ship in international waters. Mining synthetic amc shares with nickelback p.s wing collab with him um. I don't know those uh, those rumors they're, they're, they're interesting, to say the least, um the and there's no div.

I like there's no like set date or time or anything on a collab with him. Uh finally, just tuned in, but i can't believe you don't have lucid on the screen: l, o l, o m c and l c. I d, no i mean uh lucid, is crushing it today, lucid, not even just today, lucid, is having a crazy good run in general ever since. Well, really, i could argue all of september.

Lcid is up 73 from the start of the month. Um i like it. I think it's a good ev play. I i'm not one to actively trade it.

I think this is just a good eevee bet in the long term. Someone just said: clay bro info confirmed an amish stowaway, oh potentially, the most important, and obviously, whenever i see that it probably means not the most important um, i'm 2-0 in the fantasy football league. Actually, in fact, i am leading the youtube fantasy. Football league yahoo, fantasy football.

I need to brag about this because i never win sports stuff. How do i see the entire league right here right here right here check this out. Your boy is crushing it right there top of the leaderboard top of the leaderboard cores light. I am the only one with a perfect, perfect record.

Two and oh everyone else is one in one or owen, two, everyone's almost one in one like a lot of weird matchups. But not me not your boy! Your boy has a perfect, perfect record yeah. I don't have that many points, i'm not the top of the leaderboard of the points, but that's because i'm a chess player i just do enough to get by and win when i need to get by um just crushed avi, and i think i think i'm going Against jeffrey's quality team next, he is predicted to win by .04 points. It's gon na be a close one.

It's gon na be a close one. It's gon na be a very, very close one. How do i compare my team? What are we doing here? Wait? I? Don't like that, comparing but just know i'm just crushing it, i'm sports, i'm football, i'm i'm i'm at sports as you need to know folks, i'm just sports sports sports football, basketball, baseball basket hoops any anything that sports, i'm your guy. As i say, i don't know crap about sports, if we're being honest, we're crushing it.

I did in my other league, though now i'm one in one one in one but hey. Let me just live on this high uh. What do you think about the poll adam erin tweeted, for amc to accept doge? That's i didn't know he did that it had to be somewhat recent. I feel like people would have blown me up about that, or did it happen on lunch, adam aaron uh? What do we have here? I sincerely want this was two hours ago on adam and account.

I sincerely want to hear your opinion via this twitter poll by year, in 2021, amc will take bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash for online payments. I hear from many of you on twitter feed. We should accept dogecoin too. What do you think amc should explore? Do you think amc should explore accepting doge yeah? Why not explore it? I just voted yes.

What do we have all right? Where are we at amc? 39 gme 190, currently kind of quiet, maybe we'll get some uptick in interest in uh. Excuse me. This is why kelly ripa is never gon na invite me on i sneeze too much she just. I guess i'm just not as professional as i need to be.

Anyway. Hey matt, would you bet on a boxing match uh? Would i wha yeah? I have it's. It's not hard to talk me into like betting and gambling, especially when you get into the world of like odds and statistics. Folks, that's my bread and butter.

That's why i like the market, i love it's a fun math game and math puzzle. For me, this is since i was a youth. This is what i was like born to do. Folks like this.

Is it hey matt all right? We did that chinese mid-autumn festival and tomorrow in the stock market reopens what is your take on tomorrow and the rest of the week on the overall market. So um great question: yes, asian markets on are still on holiday and like basically when we're sleeping the asian market's gon na open uh, with the entire evergrand situation and the debt crunch, and just like kind of the insanity that they're currently dealing with is not a Good situation, if i had to bet for tomorrow, i mean today the market of at least thus far. We do have uh what 80 minutes to go it. It seems to be bucking the trend of turn around tuesday, which is not good for the remainder of the week.

There's a lot of uncertainties uh. So as of now as of tuesday september 21st, i am gon na be bearish for the remainder of the week. Um not to an extreme degree, i'm not calling for doomsday or anything like that, but things i'm just looking at the chart, i'm looking at the buying pressure, the selling pressure things they're, not looking the best but caveat, there's always caveats when it comes to the stock Market caveat alert, caveat alert, caveat, alert, two caveats in fact, for you caveat one if our government, if the current political gridlock, if they figure their things out and they stop this whole debt ceiling issue. Well, that's going to be good that if, if that announcement happens today tomorrow, the next day that will benefit the market, if they take care of this debt ceiling, another thing that could benefit the market or hurt the market depending on which way it goes, is the Fomc minutes being released tomorrow, so the federal chairman, jerome powell he'll, be talking and we're all going to be listening in to know what will or won't be done with the tapering as in their asset purchases.

How aggressively are they going to continue to backstop the economy? We're going to know more about that tomorrow, wednesday september 22nd. So those are the two big caveats you need to know about. Um, the seasonality is not going to change. The second half of september is typically weak.

That's where we're at right now, you're not going to change seasonality is it. It is what it is. Uh the evergrand situation. It's not good and i don't see how it could be turned into a good situation.

It's just more of like okay. How bad is the evergrand like to me it's a gradient of how bad it's gon na get out of hand uh. Not necessarily could they turn it into a good one, but the things that could go good are the debt ceiling and the fed meeting, but also those also both have the risk of going bad if they don't fix the debt ceiling. If the fed comes in then they're, like you know what folks we are just going to taper 100 right now, we're done purchasing the market will not react well and specific to the fed tapering um, i'm not going to be a part of it, but today 30 Minutes after the market closes, so if you're still at work - and you still want something to listen to - and you want to learn a little bit more about what the fed is or isn't doing, um ttg there's a link in the description of the video mike ttg Will be discussing it, so you could get another person's opinion uh.

Just to reiterate, i'm not going to be part of that particular talk, but if you just want to learn a little bit more from someone who isn't like, i guess obsessed with fast and furious and ducks and tigers. Maybe someone who has like i don't know more of a level head on his shoulders. Some would say you could check that out. It's in the description of the video.

What's your opinion on chargepoint chpt in the 20s, i have some 20 calls for january 22. When would theta start making a significant effect uh once again, it's another gradient argument, the closer you get the more of an impact. It's not like one day it's going to suck, it picks up in an exponential manner, but let's check out the chart chpt it's at support right now, so the risk reward is pretty ideal. Support support, support, support, support, support, support, actively training at support, you're looking for it to hold above 20, with the potential reward of it like ripping higher and higher right now.

The risk reward set up on chpt chargepoint is a nice one, because if you're wrong you're only going to lose a little bit of money and if you're right well, you can more than double up potentially love the risk and reward set up on chpt right now. Bet on valentino winning ufc 266 you're welcome valentino winning ufc 266 hot pick from karthik, hey good buddy. Can you give us how you feel about ride contender, uh, so lordstown motors um, right here very, very interconnected and related with workhorse? In fact, the guy who made workhorse the original founder left workforce to create lordstown motors uh so and they have some like actual structural, like contractual legal deals with each other about what is and isn't sold workhorse specializes in ev vehicles for last mile delivery. Think those big ugly like vans that deliver packages to your house and then for lordstown you're talking about just um like trucks like cool kind of pretty cool, i, the not avenger endeavor, i think, is the name it starts with an e endurance.

I think it's called the endurance um eevee trucks like just normal run in the middle trucks, but they're ev ones. So that's pretty cool, that's lordstown's, bread and butter. I'm i'm bullish! I i am bullish on the eevee sector, especially with the not recent but obvious political tensions between the u.s and china. I think it's going to strengthen eve.

Like us, ev plays lordstown motors workhorse, lucid tesla. I think all those will be strengthened as, like people get more and more concerned with the political dealings between the u.s and china and like you're, starting to see more issues with like their stock market versus our stock market and depository receipts. It's becoming a mess and the bigger the mess. It is the more people who are going to be unwill, unwilling to deal with said mess um.

So right now, on lordstown motors i mean i think, it's strong. I think it's a good long-term play same with hylion like there's there's a group of well-known eevee plays that i think, if you just give them some time to like work out the play themselves, i think it's going to be solid, been working a lot today. Miss a lot: what calls are we looking at atr, any daily put plays for amc, attendees, uh, matthew, foulet, our guy um, so if you're gon na engage in amc, uh daily put plays for amc attendees i mean i don't know i as of now i was On the wrong side of spy, like i thought, maybe some vicks put plays, but if anything like the vix isn't really moving that much to like add to your attendee uh. What's ater ater, i love it above the low 13s, it's right now at 1272.

So i want to see a bit more strength, but it's still gearing up. We have three green days in a row like atr. It's flexin, maybe not as much as we want it to be flexing, but it's definitely flexing um, so i do see strength there for anyone, that's in it. How is any doing a and why um getting hit most likely remember any, is involved in mining and right now, crypto itself is getting hit, so that's going to be dragging mara riot and y and all those other miners down with it.

So a y, i think, being negatively impacted on what's going on in the overall crypto world, at least in the meantime, in the short timeframe, we're looking for that crypto bounce um in terms of put place, how's nvidia doing i'm just trying to think of some. Ah, that's even kind of coming back apple msfp today is very much like an indecisive, weird day. Uh, it seems like the big winner of the day was llc id lucid uh lcid is the ticker for lucid motors um, i'm trying to think of any other big obvious ones. If in the world that bb ig breaks below 550, if it breaks and holds below 550, i would look for it to continue down to four.

So if you want to set like that would be in when i'm pitching the. If then statement thing, if bbig breaks below 550 closes below 550, especially on volume, i think the odds of it coming back down. Continuing its trip to four are pretty high, but that's still a big. If we might not get there we're trading at 6 24., it could easily catch itself here and start ripping um there's no.

Today's that kind of like weird in-between day where this morning there was a chance of things going pretty green, and then the market got hit and i'm assuming it's getting hit because of evergrand because of the debt ceiling because of the fomc meaning. There are a handful of things that are making people be risk adverse right now and that risk adverse mindset. You can see that in many many indices and even more stocks right now, there's not just there's just really, not that many crazy things. I know people were previously talking about irnt, that's an indecisive, weird day.

There's no obvious moves to be made on that g-r-e-e um. This looks bad, but now it's chasing. So, even if, if you wanted to bet against gree you already, you miss your opportunity uh the way i say not to chase like huge runners. Well, if you're trying to be bearish on a stock, you don't want to chase something.

That's already sold off so much so g-r-e-e like if you're, if you were already betting against it, congratulations but like to me: that's not like the best risk-reward setup, how's palantir, looking also like everything's, like an awkward in between day right now, people are asking about mmat. Another awkward in between day, not really moving sdc and another one. That's just sdc. I think it's coming down to fill this gap at 605.

Still um, there's just no obvious solid trends. Oh the spy is waking up. We have one trend right: there, how's the spy. Looking, what is it uh esz21, i believe, is the futures contract spy waking up may, who knows? Maybe this turn around tuesday is going to come to light, and we just had to wait for power hour uh for tuna for turn around tuesday to be right to be a proper call um, it's already a proper call in terms of the futures market, but in Terms of the spy because remember they do have two different time frames: you're looking for it to get above 436.50.

What do we have here? Uh or text data, kplt c white, much appreciated vortex on kplt and cydy uh kplt has a short interest of 32 percent shares on loan of 12.3 million utilization of 99.99. So the numbers are there, but the price action isn't really there. As of today at least cyd, why uh is this the otc market yeah? This is on the otc market, so i wouldn't mess with it. I think trading on the otc market is very, very dangerous.

Can you please check the ortex data on atr? Yes, ater ater has a short interest of 63.27 percent. Shares on loan is 16.5 million and utilization of 99.76 percent all right. What else we have shout out big shop? What happened to disney's chart d? I s what's going on with disney well that got hit uh, but it's actually right at that support of 170 right now, if you're disney didn't ever gap, it technically didn't gap phil. You know i view it's been kind of just chopping if you could get disney at the right price.

I think disney is one of those ones that it's, i don't think people appreciate how big disney is and how many different media brands disney owns. I mean disney is a 300 billion dollar company billion b billion disney is huge, huge huge, and i just think it's going to continue to grow uh, it's been kind of sideways choppy for a bit the closer the closer disney gets to 150. The more i would argue that, okay, it's at a price that you could pick it up, put it in your long-term portfolio and forget about it um right now, it's 172.. I think it's trading at it at a bit of a premium for a long-term hold like there might be some cool fun active trades here, but i think at some point in the future you will be able to pick up disney at 150 and i like it And if it gets there i'll pick up even more than i have, because with disney i kind of view it the same as microsoft and apple on weakness, i like to buy it and with disney.

I think that eventually they will reinstitute their dividend and i'm kind of i'm kind of interested in that. What do you think about bb? Could it bounce if amc and jamie squeezes um? What's its? I don't know if it'll be a sympathy, play relative to amc and jimmy or really any of these other. Like short squeezed stocks, i would say: blackberry is a weaker one. Uh, it just has less eyes on.

It has less short interest. Its short interest is seven percent, its shares on loan is 35 million, and its utilization is 16.5. Bb is, in my opinion - and i would like argue this - it's not a short squeeze candidate it just it isn't the numbers. Aren't there your thoughts on amp, please uh, the crypto or i i assume you mean the crypto, probably not the stock.

Maybe you mean the stock. The financial stock uh a gap down looked a little bit weak. Eventually, i think it'll gap fill, but it might end up wanting to test 250 or 235. First, if you mean amp the crypto looking weak right now like the rest of crypto, but maybe you could get a sweet deal at three and a half cents.

I would hold out i i do in the short term. It looks like crypto has more additional downside um. I will let you know all when i'm dip buying crypto myself like i'll i'll, announce it, i'm not gon na hide it from you um. I just think right now: it's not quite it.

I i don't see the buyer stepping in yet yet yet yet i feel like this is a conversation we had a few months ago. I think i fell into some sort of weird time warp. You probably did steve uh, i don't know what part of like i mean. I just end up rambling for hours and hours.

So i'm sure i end up repeating myself um, but maybe he just fell into a time warp microsoft, what a steal microsoft's another one, long-term portfolio, easy just put it in there forget about it same with nvidia. Don't worry about nvidia! I mean it did gap down. Recently, breaking below 218, but folks we have nancy pelosi. We have nancy pelosi, putting her own money into it.

Do you think the speaker of the house is gon na? I think that's her position. I don't know her position. I think she's, speaker of the house, do you think the speaker of the house is gon na. Let their investments go belly up.

I think not. Is she the speaker of the house, i'm i'm like 90 sure yeah now, i'm 100 sure um yeah. I don't think someone who's outperformed. The market 3x for years in a row is gon na.

Let one of their investments go south. Let's uh, you know it's it's interesting, but it seems to be a pretty good trading methodology to invest in what our politicians are invested. In because it seems like somehow magically all those companies get the good deals and get the good laws and good tax breaks um, not not the worst idea to kind of draft off of your favorite politicians and where they're throwing their money. Uh fairies shout out any thoughts on.

I l ilus s yeah, so we, i think, we're just talking about ilus a little bit yeah i mean if you're in it, that's awesome, but like no way should you chase, i mean it's an otc stock. It was it's still a penny stock. It was uh almost a sub penny stock at one point: crazy, crazy gains, but don't just chase something because it's running like people, i think, have a poor mindset that, because they see something running, they think it has to keep running. But in fact the more something runs, the closer it is to being done running and that's a question: it's like okay! Well, how much do you think's left in the tank and every stock's a little bit different, but the more it runs that that tells me every single day.

I see something going more and more green. It tells me that what a red day is closer by um. So i don't i don't know i wouldn't do that uh. Can you check crvs, crvs pharmaceuticals yeah, just another crazy runner, like i'm sure they had some sort of announcement? I'm not gon na hop in on that, though uh folks, you don't want to be late to the party.

I get it in real late, you're, the cool guy. If you show up late to the party, it's the opposite in the stock market, all those cool guys that show up at those like new york awesome like social, social, whatever social light parties uh those cool guys they're that cool, because they show up early to the Stock market parties, if you want to be the cool social party person, where you're showing up late, you want to be the cool stock market party guy and show up early, very in fact, they're completely opposite. But that's the yin and yang in the situation. Cool social light shows up late means that they show up early to the stock market parties so something like crvs you're late to the party uh, that's the opposite of a cool guy.

You don't want to be late to a stock market party uh. What do we have here? Do you like sheep? Not really i'm not specifically against it. I just don't know enough about it and um. I know it's a little bit different from doge, but i think it's trying to steal, like the doge hype train of like people in on the and like i get that they're trying to be more technologically advanced relative to doge but like doge, is just such a Sizeable community already, i think, they're gon na - have issues converting people thoughts on spir.

I think i feel like we're getting a lot of repeats today. I'm gon na say the same thing. This thing started moving and it could keep going, but i'm not willing the risk. Point is ten dollars, i'm not going to risk 30 um.

So with it. I think a lot of people they get starry-eyed and they pull up a chart and the first thing that they ask themselves is like okay. If this goes right, how well could it go? That is not a good mindset to have what your mindset should be is if this goes wrong, how badly could it go? That should be your first question about any single stock. When i look up a stock, my your you got to train yourself.

Look: where is the support like if you're wrong on it? How bad is bad? You shouldn't be like oh, like look: how how much a run? What, if it does that again, that's not a good question to ask: that's, not a good mindset to have your first question, always undoubtedly in any scenario, especially when you're talking about the markets and your money is. If you are wrong, how wrong is wrong. That should be your first question all the time all right, amc, picking up i'm watching 40. 20..

I think it's gon na tap it gme trying to get its own little breakout. Ffi risk is pretty close. It may do nothing, but i love it. Shout out wall street viking.

Can you check out funko funko funko funko? Why is it not coming up fnko recreational products, consumer durables, uh? I don't know what sector this is in, but it's looking a bit weak look for it to catch itself soon in the low 17s. If not, this thing is going to drop to potentially this gap fill from march 10th around 15. 30.. I don't know much about this stock, though.

What do you think about tza? What is this? The direction small cap bear 3x. So this is a leveraged etf. What is it tracking, though erickson small cap bear so it sounds like this is going to go up when the russell 2000 falls. So if you're going long on this, this is an inverse bet to the russell 2000.

Do you know why aehr been going up over for the past three months over 350? No, i don't uh. The meatloaf guy check out rgen in upside is insane upside uh. It's had insane upside, but the downside is dramatic. The closest support is 288.

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