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Let's get back at it, i am feeling god in this chili's pitter patter, let's get at her. It is the afternoon session february 23rd. The name of this special is how much more money can matt lose in one session. Who knows the limit doesn't exist? Perhaps i don't know, let's call it lindsay, lohan figure it out.

Let's go, let's go uh. Let's go, i see everyone's pouring back in love. It love, it amc, still still strong love to see it. I don't love to see the strength in tesla and spy uh, ruining my portfolio but hey, but hey, but hey, hey, it's just money.

I have all of you guys who cares the man the myth, the horrible trader matt is back, live live from my basement uh. I love the internet, absolutely love it. Apparently i was streaming my chair for about 20 minutes 5 000 views on just my chair. The internet will never cease to amaze me.

The moon gang will never cease to amaze me. Let me quickly know i mean. Obviously, i've been having technical issues with youtube, trying to figure out. What's going on at a minimum, can someone in chat be so kind to? Let me know if um they got the notification on this one uh.

If that like came through or not, i have no idea what's going on, it's not just my chair anymore. Let me know maybe sometimes i'll just have my chair sub in for me, like maybe we'll do i'll do the morning sessions. My chair can do the afternoon sessions. If you guys were big fans of the chair um we can lit the chair.

Do the afternoon sessions uh, i didn't know at first. I thought it was just lumbar support. Little did. I know that my chair would be taking over my job.

Okay, so you guys did get it awesome. Great great, great, that's good! We won't be yelling about youtube, then, today what we will be yelling about is how tesla is ruining my life's dreams of having a portfolio in the green. Let's go, let's go cciv kind of going sideways. Man, amc still gearing up not like all day ever since this low at 9, 42 just higher lows all day, just grinding higher.

I think we will see a pop. I mean it's 2 p.m. Now i think we have about a one more hour of like quiet training and then i think we'll get some nice volatility in power hour. I think that actually could be said for, like all of it, ggc playtime welcome back.

Would like your view on ge. You know just for you being so kind. I will give you my view on ge, looking very, very strong. I like this technical breakout.

I like the fact that it's remaining strong on such a weak day in the market - that's good, but overall just be a little careful uh. We went from 11 50 to 12 20 to now at 12.50. The rsi has not followed suit. This is bearish divergence.

Ge stock has gone up. The bullish momentum has died off. This is a sign that it needs to take like a small breather, so be careful overall. I do like that.

It's showing strength, but just be careful over the next like week or two it might have to take a small. I don't know break just to let the rsi cool off uh, definitely some divergence going on in the rsi. I have not sold anything. I still have all my uh.

I have my one tesla put that i had and then i still have those 10 spy puts uh. So i still have everything i haven't sold anything. I know you guys, i i don't even want to put it on my twitter. A poll of, if i should do it or my chair, because i know all you apes are gon na pick, my chair and i'm gon na be out of my streaming job so uh, just to save a little bit of my massive massive ego, i'm not gon Na put that as a poll option, but on the flip side i did tweet this i'm ready to party with amc.

Amazing movie, i think, what's it called bridesmaids or something like that hilarious movie uh, but amc is getting ready to party. It is a very apt and timely gif on my part, because it looks like it wants to move, get ready for amc. We're gon na have an amc party ourselves here on stream um. It would be nice if the s p 500 took a bit of a breather, tesla trading sideways, still, not exactly what i would like to see in it cciv trading sideways.

So basically, these three are all trading sideways. What's pound here at 26., neo's at 47., riot's at 49., um tesla or not tesla, apple's back at 124., so apple's actually turning back up, i saw that iphone. 13 was trending on twitter. I guess there's some like excitement going on with that um, but i think all eyes are pretty much on amc like.

Why would they not be we're getting ready to move there? We go. Let's go amc, my name's dave and i like to party uh every time we stream. I think we get farther and farther away from the stock market of like this overall purpose. I think maybe just on the weekend.

Maybe i should i've never done twitch before, but maybe i should do a twitch and it won't be stock market at all i'll. Just give like completely unwarranted life advice uh, you guys could come in with your problem. So, like think of a super unprofessional, uneducated doctor phil, something like that, like just everyone, comes to me with their problems and just my gut instinct, just that's what i'll just spew that stuff so it'll always just be that um. What's it just called just chatting or something completely useless information? Oh spy? What are you doing to me? Why is the market going up? Don't do this, i'm sure you guys are happy hi.

My name is rod and i like to party, explain the stocks. What am i explaining right now we're waiting for amc to break up tesla's costing me money? The s p 500 is costing me money. Churchill capital is costing me money, there's not much to explain guys. My account is in it's burning, it's on fire.

What do you want me to explain? Give chair advice, life advice? Will the twitch be free? I honestly don't even really know how twitch works. I've never done it. I mean i think you can watch twitch for free right. Maybe i just like always do interviews with um people who trade as horribly as i do that'd be kind of funny, just spitting some ideas, growing the brand bro growing, the moon, gang bran uh.

This chair is awesome, though, if you guys were back back here three weeks ago, when i had that scoliosis chair that now sits in the corner. I don't even look at it. I don't even acknowledge its existence. Now i have this beauty.

This beaut perfect lumbar support everything you could want in bone support in this chair. Do it by drunk just like horrible advice, all right. What does everyone want to look at? I mean i think things are going to pick up around three, so we're gon na have about 45 minutes to kill, maybe half hour to kill. Twitch is completely free, so we could do it on there can't see the chair.

That's in the way of the chair, uh, no, the absolute best part of live streaming. Is you just never know what you're gon na get that day? Just like these random technical issues, i'm having with youtube leading into this whole thing? Oh wait! Let me circle back to uh. Someone was saying to give therapy, but do it drunk? Oh here's, my account. You guys want to see how bad it is round two.

Where are we at down 3.8k we're getting destroyed, i'm still up on tesla somehow, but i don't know these spy ones are working against me, um down already 43 on that. So that cost me a thousand dollars, hey guys. It is what it is. This is all about stock market education.

Never ever said it was good stock market education, um been here september. Sunday gets it been here since the scoliosis days. All right, let me go back to this channel, ah daryl moving against me. I need to call nasa and ask them if they want to sponsor me for more short shirts, i'm running out of nasa shirts, hey matt.

What do you think about npsx? Should i buy? What's your best guess: krav maga uh npsx npsx, oops npsx. Is this the right ticker krav, maga nps, maybe npx? I need to know which one you're talking about npsx um matt get out of the way i want to see the chair, um shopping for new chair on amazon saddle, leather driving style, chair or modern high back executive chair. I mean the modern high back executive chair that that sounds like some pretty astronaut moon gang stuff to me, um krav, you don't have to resend a super chat. If you could just like post it and hopefully i'll see it or you could send it to chris and chris can say to me or jason, if he's still in chat, i feel bad.

I don't want you have to resend a super chat wolfcraft. You should definitely do a live with drunk trades, but only have so much you can spend and only do logs uh. Thanks can't wait to see my account with 11k in and growing more any tips helps uh phenomenal, phenomenal team effort. Without you guys, there was no way i would have been able to blow thousands of dollars this quickly.

If your wife, husband's significant other asks you what you did today, you should know that you did something. You helped a stranger on the internet blow thousands of dollars. That is that that's something my wife's boyfriend will. Let me see them, do it if tesla goes back to 800, any technical analysis for the stock this weekend.

I'm third well, basically uh tesla, it's gon na now previous support between seven seven, five, seven ten. Basically the 700s like right above it is support. So now it's acting as resistance so for tesla watch that um and on the other side right now, uh 682 is very, very important, and so is 675. uh, hey cheer what you think about uamy250 call 319., all right, uamy uh! Oh, this is that one that was um whatever, like halted suspended for a couple days right, looking a bit weak uh.

I feel like it's fine if it can hold 120 just or even better for hold 135. So i like how it recovered so quickly this morning, but if it comes below this just be careful because there it could do a gap fill down to a dollar. So your specific question 250 call for 319, so you're giving yourself about a month but you're doing it at 350.. Okay, so the chance of this going in the money is like insanely low uh.

But if you're looking for a nice percentage gain, i mean it did this gap fill in a bounce off of that. So you have a couple things trending in your favor. Maybe look for a gap fill up to yesterday's clothes at 166. um.

I don't love it, but i don't hate it. Uh space agent, great comedy and some good technical analysis keep it up space agent. That's what we're here for i appreciate that it's okay, we're all magicians here for my trick. I turned five thousand dollars into 100 magic jazz, hands uh.

I do this just so you guys can take the opposite if you guys want to make some money plays, just literally do the inverse of what i do under the bed. The best place to hide during a fire maddie need your technical analysis on ba all right: boeing, how's, bowen boeing uh. So for a while. I liked it on this breakout.

Now it's kind of coming back having a tough, tough time at 220. Rejection rejection even more resistance above 234, so right now it's consolidating it's trading, sideways um, there's going to be support at 200 kind of uh and then another support at 192.. So it's kind of weird you have support and resistance very close, 207 or sorry yeah. Actually that's right: 205.

200. 190. But then you have resistance very close at 220, 234. 222.

So it's very, very much pancaked in between technical support and resistance, which is telling me that i think there's a good chance of it. Just trading sideways bowling will sell off. If the overall market sells off so be worried, something about that, but if the market's fine, if this was like just a fake out breakdown, a better chance of it trading sideways extra gram, what else are you in today, extra gram? How have your trade has been going? I think i got super chats. I hang on hang on someone sent me some info.

Let's go back to this okay, i got your message chris wait is the mpsx wasn't that the wrong ticker, as in yeah mpsx, isn't coming up as anything uh krav maga? I have palantir 27.5 call expiration this friday at 224 average cost. Should i pull the plug or hope for a comeback before friday, it's currently 67, so you're in at 224, you're down on a considerable percentage? What's palantir, looking like palantir, i mean you're uh 27.5. I mean this is very much the flip of a coin. Uh, basically, is the spy gon na bounce back today, the s p 500, or is it going to crater uh if you're looking at this week drew demick, unfortunately, is really the flip of a coin? If we didn't have the other external forces, i would say that you're good, it looks like it found support at 25, we're bouncing back like solid, but things could get more brutal for individual stocks.

So really a better question on what you should do drew is like how good or not good do you feel about the current overall market setup i'll send another 4.83. If we get more chair airtime, my own chair betrayed me. Uh. All right hang on i'm missing more super chats thoughts on neo got a few 3 12 60 calls on them neo.

I am a long term bull on neo, but it got crushed today. Uh. Now you have to get back to 60. You have resistance at 49.84.

54.55 uh this trend line um, i mean obviously any element. Anything is possible, but you just have a lot of resistance overhead granted. This is pretty overextended. We are getting close to the oversold territory, so i think a bounce will happen, but in terms of you hitting 60 dollars by march 12th, you might not be giving yourself enough time, but hey, i guess anything can happen.

Etoro has been down etoro. This is from nicholas uh. Excuse me, etoro has been down for four hours, cannot log in or anything really frustrating anyone can suggest trading platforms in the uk, as i am done all right. Basically, do we have any other uh solid trading platforms based in the uk lit uh nicholas? No, a space agent just became an astronaut.

I love that name. I love that you became an astronaut welcome aboard. Thank you so much for that support. Uh.

If you want to become an astronaut or a space ape, it is one of the best ways to just directly support this channel. If you want more of a built-up training community check out the discord, you're supporting this channel, the rest of the moon, gang uh, community and you're, also, then in a community where you could talk a lot about like your trades options. Crypto with that community day in and day out, it is very much a popping discord. It's awesome uh if you're interested in that it's the first link in the description channel, where we stream at and do the opposite.

Hey you'd be up quite a bit of money. Today, if you did that, what do you think of xspa, they just signed contracts with 10 major airports and provide rona screening xspa. I think we looked at that a little bit this morning. Let's do that again, xspa um! So, even though they signed it, i'm seeing a lot of weakness so it broke below this two dollar mark.

It is pushing it again, though, to be fair, but it looks like this support at 175 is very important. It caught itself there today two times before pretty close to resistance, so you're close to a region of support. If you like, fundamentally what's going on with this company right now at the high two, it's sending as resistance, so you're playing a tight range between 175 and two dollars above two it'll, probably turn bullish again below 175. It could crash.

So i would say: watch those that 25 cent range and see who wins that fight the bulls of the bears uh it is. It is now sold off one two, three four five six days, uh kind of rare, most likely. That would make me favor the bull case, but pay attention closely to 175, just to make sure that that holds uh keep an eye on amc. It looks like it's about to break out again.

Uh hang on. While i get to these super chats aal. How long would you hold it for a trick question? I would not hold aal, i like the other airlines, better um, but it that doesn't change the fact that aal is looking pretty strong at this moment in time, uh. So, first look.

Why is this not connecting for me um. First look for a breakout of this trend line uh. This will be around like 21 and a half look for a breakout above that and then once it gets above the resistance of 22.75 uh. Let it ride the main thing i would be looking for like, depending on how long you're looking to hold it.

I would be looking for gaps. This gap bill up to 2720, but once again i, like the other big airlines, uh southwest, is my favorite, followed by delton united they're tied and then every other airline company. And then american airlines is on the bottom and that's exclusively because of how much debt they had heading into 2020 before the world blew up. American airlines was a struggling business and that's why i'm not the biggest fan of it at this moment in time.

Extra gram a day play, i made that a day play i made that i may swing is more 30. Con is my 30 contracts on t it did me justice i did some ballsy boeing's plays today is a ballsy day, so much red. That's how i feel i mean um. I was very much pushing my look.

I was actually somehow green this morning on tesla on spy uh. Now i'm kicking myself. Obviously, it's gone very very against me, but at least we're going to amc, hey drew drew just joined up with the moon gang discord that is awesome. Welcome.

Welcome. Welcome, welcome, drew uh, very happy. You could join why the further out the date of the option, the more expensive it is. Is it because it has more time to be in the money exactly salvador, you hit the nail on the head, the more time you have left the more expensive option.

Contracts are: let's go, let's go uh amc, let's get excited for amc, let's not get excited for tesla and spy uh they're all moving in the same direction. In my perfect world, churchill, capital and amc would skyrocket right now and tesla, and this spy would plummet to a level just where i could get out of my positions. Your thoughts on ard after the merger with gore's v would like to cherry pick the stock. All right, thank you, peppered with salt uh your thoughts on ard.

Let's pull that one up a r d: whoa lots of strength, nice breakout today when the market was super weak um, it's sitting right at this resistance, like the exact level it's at is where it was rejected before so, look for it to get above this value. If it does, it looks like it would want to run about another dollar 40, maybe at least a dollar, but it's it's right now sitting at resistance, so just make sure it gets above that and then from there i would say you have at least another dollar Upside but it uh be be hesitant at the current level. If you don't already have a position, i wouldn't recommend getting in it's sitting at resistance. The rsi is already in the overbought territory, so uh.

It may need to take a breather sooner rather than later, but if you're already in it and you've been like writing this up just ride the momentum um, but i wouldn't be hopping in at this level just because your risk, your closest support, level's down at 19. So the risk reward is not really there uh, depending on when you got in salvador, you just joined up uh for the discord that is awesome and the discord is one of the best ways to stay uh outside of these live streams, not only in touch with Me but the moderators of the group, and also the group as a whole. There's people talking non-stop bouncing ideas off of each other uh, whether you're new to trading a little bit more experience. You can find your little subgroup within this discord.

To definitely have some fun with. It really looks like amc is about to rip. I mean we have this nice uh bull, pennant, bowl wedge, it's moving. I've been calling for eight dollars, eight dollars and forty cents on amc.

I'm sticking to that. Lenny just became an astronaut welcome aboard lenny, there's, always more room for astronauts and space apes on this rocket ship. Thank you very much for the support of this channel uh. It's what keeps my spirits high on such horrific days.

Oh sorry, man, uh, kayla uh, you didn't read my super chat. C-H-G-G love them! That's how i got through college chegg, okay. So there is some weakness: the right here: resistance, resistance, support, target, ninety dollars, uh. That would be the first level.

I would try to pick it up, maybe past that eighty-one uh, but the level i would. I wouldn't chase this right now. Uh support resistance resistance. Ninety dollars a great price level um, especially if you assume everyone's going to like keep using it to cheat and get through college, get through high school.

I don't see check going anywhere. I would just try to pick it up on a discount. Uh tesla is gon na rip. My face off trading 212 is not accepting new applications and etoro's still down.

Please help me what is going on with mvi. I mean we were talking about this one, how it looked weak uh, it didn't do a gap. Fill it's coming down even more uh. You have to let this play out, because now you have a gap on the top, so it filled this gap from early feb and now you have a gap on top, so it might push for that.

Up to 1780. i mean mvis. I know they uh publicly announced that they're trying to buy like a lot a lot of bitcoin, so maybe their price is going to be more pegged to how much bitcoin they can get on their own balance sheet. Perhaps uh.

This is kind of a little bit in no man's land. There's a bit of support at 13, a better support at 9.75. The risk reward is kind of out of whack come on amc uh. I just don't know why we can't see the same excitement of tesla and the s p 500, as in churchill capital.

Let's get that back up talents here. It's just like everything is moving specifically the opposite way of what i'm doing. Let's go amc. Make us all proud, give us something to be happy about zeus.

Picking up some amc, eight dollar calls from mid-march zeus. Are you still in your palantir? So is cciv a good buy wilson? I think if you have a long-term outlook on it cc iv is an awesome option. I truly believe that, if you just are lit and some money sit in cciv, which will eventually turn into lucid motors it'll be good. Okay.

Damn thanks! Oh wait. I i need to circle back here. We go amc, we're moving we're moving, we're grooving, but anyway, back to that whole concept of giving therapy advice while drunk to people uh. This was a while ago.

I found a youtube channel that i think was one of the most creative content. Youtubers like i've ever ever, come across what this person does um. I have cause he's going to 100k um this woman. What she does is she eats an edible and then she does makeup tutorials and of course it goes like horrifically awry because she's high, while doing it, but just like the it's such an original concept that, like i just loved it for that, and of course it's Hilarious but um that's on youtube.

You guys can find it. It's so so funny, she's hilarious. All right! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go amc. Make me happy and 7.75 is the high.

We have about a couple cents to go, but i think it's gon na blow past that um tesla looks like it's gearing up to really rip my face off a weird cup and handle pattern thing going on, but uh if it breaks above 692, not good uh. The overall market moving against me all right amc looks like he wants to go. Let's go amc, thoughts on doge i mean i think doge could skyrocket as soon as uh, elon or another celebrity tweets about it again. I called on eight dollars with amc.

How can i see what will pay out for the two contract? I mean if you look up on the contract, um like in your options like you'll, see the percentage or up or down it, should tell you right there, man, zeus, you're, killing it. Okay and you're. Still in pltr um, probably not gon na - do that with buying puts that's probably a better way for me to get in uh a bigger loss than i currently am uh. Yes, i still have all of my spy puts.

I still have that tesla put uh at this point. It's just become the joke about how bad this situation is. Turning for me down. 3.9 000.

Here's the tesla, but i'm still up on it like it's not like, i'm letting it hurt me it's just like. I'm not making as much of a profit as i could have. If i got out super early this morning here we go. Amc is gon na rip amc.

You got ta love that it's pushing. There's! No, i don't see them. I don't see the bear camp, keeping it down uh. Can you check in on boeing and give your opinions on the trend there with the crash i've invested in some puts just want to hear your thoughts, yeah uh sure we'll look at that again, really quick um.

So basically boeing's in a weird pancake situation, there's both resistance and support. Very close, i mean you have resistance overhead at 220, then again at 234, so like pretty close, but on the flip side you have support pretty close um there's some support at 200. Also, a key psychological level, then again at 191. um, you said you have a put.

You might be looking good if it can get below 207 and then again, you're gon na have to watch 200, so just pay attention on the top side to 220 234. On the bottom side to 207 200, followed by 192. um, it's kind of training sideways, like you can't really see a general trend like over the past two weeks. It's kind of like perfectly sideways, so wait for one of those technical levels to break.

Thank you, though, for that super chat damon. I can't read that that's funny, though. Hopefully you can get a massage today on your way back, because this market's been rough, i feel like it's actually been rough now for like two weeks for everyone, you're welcome, michael. Thank you for that super chat wilson.

It's just the markets moving against me. It's all right, we'll make it back not gon na lie to you guys, i'm very much hoping for the rug to be pulled on the s p, 500 and tesla. I know i'm going against general consensus here, but for the love of my own account jay craig. Thank you very much for that super emote.

Coming soon to an amc, theater near you, the riponing starring matt k, as he said, flamed his upstart chair for fear of it becoming the one, the star the ripping. I need to trademark that word, i'm just always coming up with good words like that. The rippening welcome to the riponing, that's what i should have titled today's live streams. Maybe i'll do that tomorrow.

Instead of welcome to the bloodbath, welcome to the riponing all right, what's going on adult newborn, can you explain wins losses i just like to eat crayons and hold things also, amc is buying me a wife. Without a boyfriend, adult newborn is getting away from the wife with the boyfriend um. Can you explain when's losses? I don't even guys, i'm still trying to figure out what an exit strategy is to be completely honest. I just heard about that.

Uh need to do some of my own research. Can we talk about trch, the an mmatf merger and the elon tweet uh tim? Certainly uh? What is uh? We could look up trch right here. What's the elon tweet, like which specific one are you talking about trch bit of weakness? It did nicely bounce off of two dollars key psychological level, previous resistance, which turned into support uh right now. It's battling it out at this support, which is now resistance in the high twos um, so you're playing this range um, i don't know it seems like your resistance is a little bit too close, especially your closest support is two dollars followed by dollar 86.

I don't think the risk reward in trch is currently in your favor for a swing trade. But if you like, the company as a long-term trade like definitely have at it um. But it looks it's weird to me that it shot up so much and then there was no bullish follow through whatsoever. That's a little bit concerning.

Let me see if i can find that elon tweet uh. Let me go back to this elon elon elon elon musk. Mr musk, where did he tweet about these companies doge for doge? Not seeing anything about that energy company fork in the road ctrm thoughts? Um? I know a lot of people are in it. I'm not the biggest fan of like shipping companies uh the chart is looking weak.

I think there's a pretty realistic chance. It still wants to do this gap fill down to 77 cents. So for me i would wait for that and then i would use my risk at 60 cents, but like i just this is pure weakness like there's. Just no bullish follow through maybe you'll get lucky with, like this gap, fill up to 120 but um overall, when you're talking about the marine shipping industry, the shipping stocks they're, i don't know, there's better places for you to waste your money in the market.

Thank you. Chris for getting rid of that greg, i feel like i'm not even asking for that much. I just want tesla to drop like a hundred dollars before market closed. Let me get out and then it could come right back up some say it's selfish.

Some say it's unrealistic. Some say it's not good for the stock market, but like what about me? What about my ten thousand dollar robin hood account uh cciv kind of trading, sideways amc, hopefully gearing up for that power hour. Move what's btc at bitcoin is trading at 446k. Wasn't i just saying that yesterday there's a realistic chance, it could take a breather down to the low 40.

Thousands it's in no way shaking me out. If anything, i'm just gon na buy more, like i just buy more every month, like close to support it to me, it's a good long-term hold, nay the horse, tesla's, not gon na drop another hundred dollars. I'm sorry, i know i'm once again everyone please, whenever i say anything, assume, sarcasm and then maybe think about. Perhaps it's not, but always start with sarcasm tiger woods in major car accident.

Is that true, oh wow? Well, hopefully, he's all right. You never want to hear that. That's bad, it's saying that they use the jaws of life um, but that might have just, i hope, he's all right. I hope he was just like in a tough to get spot.

I hope it doesn't like represent the severity of it. Cciv calls for the morning uh march 19 thoughts. Man, cciv is in a tough spot, just because, like of the valuation coming through on a normal like just stock, i would say: that's a good dip buy opportunity because, like people are overreacting, but it's just um, i don't know it's weird the way. This back merger evaluation is playing out so, like i just feel like.

Maybe i don't know enough about it to like tell you if that's good or bad overall, i do like it as a dip, buy i'm very bullish on the long term of cciv you're, giving yourself about a month till march 19. um. I don't know like. I think there's a good shot.

You can make money, but also like there's considerable risk in that play, so i would recommend caution marcus by the way sexy chair. Should i just make that the new emoji just a picture of my chair, i'm like one bit. This is sarcasm. You speak of oh okay.

Some people are asking the name of this software on the screen. Right now is trading view, uh, there's a link in the description, the video. If you're interested in it, you could get a free 30-day trial, wait we're pulling the rip cord on cciv. No, no! I was just trying to be realistic about the risk.

I still have my call options on it. I guess i should have clarified to that. I'm still, in my call options on cciv, i'm hoping for the best. I just don't think it's like necessarily appropriate for you guys to be taking such like high risk.

Silly trades as i do pltr is trading at 26.50. Of course. Well, i, like amc, going back up pure strength in amc, loving that but like as cciv comes down, tesla and the market are going up and i need the opposite to happen. Needs cciv to go up tesla to come down and spy to come down.

How often do you diamond hand your positions literally? When do i not diamond hand positions it's a way of life at this point, oh meta is what uh, trch and mmatf ticker will be changed after the murder. All right. Thank you. Oh it's with elon's profiling.

Having the meta on it, gotcha, okay, uh! Thank you for that clarification, jj um. What was this other one matt? Can you take out pxsd? They have earnings coming out after hours. I mean super strong, nice, nice, bullish, uptrend earnings coming out, be careful about the bearish divergence in the rsi. The stock's gone up the rsi hasn't, but if we see a nice push upward because of earnings, the rsi could definitely shoot up in terms of resistance.

It's sitting at some resistance right now, there's a little bit more resistance at 147. More resistance, 147, i would say, is main resistance and then some at 160. uh so be mindful of 147 160, but also understand that an earnings announcement, it's the flip of a coin either they will beat expectations or they won't either gap up gap down. So flip of a coin situation: here we go amc going up for round three at this new.

It's moving guys it's moving. It's moving. Unfortunately, so is the s p 500 because of the fed, charlie just became an astronaut. What's going on charlie, shout out to charlie loading up on the rocket ship with all of us happy to have you aboard? Thank you, charlie.

Come on amc. Let's do this thing. Oh whoasin, we're in the same boat together today. Here we go get ready for that! Amc party it's starting power hour a little early here we go we're going to eight and then we're going to 8 40.

get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready. Oh chris woodward missed your super where uh chris, you don't have to send it again. If you could just type it uh hang on. Oh chris amc following s p, almost identically, yes uh well, amc is even having more strength.

Uh! Sorry about that, chris, i don't know why i'm having a tough time uh got it. I appreciate that sorry, man um we're seeing some nice strength in am amc. I'm calling for 8, 8 40., of course i'll make another update video on it today. So we know what price levels to watch tomorrow.

I guess amc just had a tough time getting its rocket boosters lit this morning, but hey better late than never. Why would it follow the s p um? I think it's more so that it's just following the like recovery of what the market's doing today huge sell out the morning people buying back. I think it's more coincidental, it's not like what we were seeing with amc and gme chris. Here we go.

You could just feel it. You could feel that amc is going to rip. I should get the volume up. Let me throw that just so.

We can see it pick up there. We go volumes. Picking up, that's a good sign. We are looking for right here.

Eight dollars, i will mark that just so, we know what to pay attention to intraday. It's moving. I feel pretty confident about it. How's riot doing 46 right getting hit.

Let's get this volume, today's over whoa, sorry uh. Today's overall volume on amc is we're already sitting at 200 million. It is moving. That is a good sign, very, very good, 7.75 um.

I feel i'm feeling good about that. Unfortunately, it looks like the s. P. 500 is also about to break out, which is not good for me, good for the rest of the market.

Uh. Who is this greg? You could tell it's an old bot because it's still going on about riot - and we haven't talked about riot in a bit amc time to make your move. Maybe it's waiting exactly for power hour, it's 2. 50.

Now, so we have about 10 minutes. Let's go! Let's go, why are people buying the market? Well, i know why it's because of the federal reserve saying that they weren't going to raise interest rates, but that's news. We already knew there was no risk of them really doing it because they understand that our economy is on thin ice. Mr richie rich folks got to realize i'm a 300 on amc.

That's awesome all right. Let's do this. Bots are rampant. Today i don't know.

I think it's just a bunch of jealous people. They they feel like they're, being excluded from the fun they're. Just not happy thoughts on where cciv will go before the march 19th call options, expiration date um, i think we're gon na need. So this is day one from the announcement.

I think we just need to let the chart develop a bit more uh, brandon um, just to see what's going on, i mean obviously we're seeing weakness now. I think a lot of people got scared out of their position, because i mean it was trading at like 60 yesterday, so i want just a little bit more development in the chart. I think we'll have a better idea by the end of this week of if people will or won't be stepping into cciv. Why do you think it's trending up considering there isn't many buys right now i mean you guys have to remember that buys equals the amount of sales i mean for someone to buy it.

That means someone has to sell it to you uh for someone to sell it. That means someone has to buy. It buys always equal sales. The question is is like: is someone trying to buy it at a higher and higher price, or is someone trying to sell it at a lower and lower price? Obviously, it's been trending upward because there's just more buying demand, so it's um, the buying demand, is outweighing.

These selling supplies, so it trends upward, but the amount of buyers has to equal the amount of sellers uh. Do you think ryan can and will bounce back, i'm in at 63, getting crushed in the long run, todd's uh if you're not under, like in a rush. I do as long like i think bitcoin will recover. So if you can be patient with your position, i think you're good, i'm listening to you or david pakman.

She says you guys sound too much alike huh. I don't know if i've gotten that one before, but i don't know - hopefully that's a good voice. Let's go amc's gon na rip. It's it's just pushing.

It's knock, knock, knocking on the door. Unfortunately, so is the s p 500, which is destroying me, but tesla's trading sideways all right. Everyone. There is 6 000 of you in here.

Let's drop a like for amc. If you think that amc can hit eight dollars today drop a like we're at 700. Let's get this up to 2000 likes, there's enough people. Obviously it's completely 100 free um.

It does really really help me out with the youtube algorithm. Let's drop some likes, let's help out amc. Do it do it for the amc, entertainment holdings? I need to look up david pakman. I got ta hear myself.

I think i hate my voice. Matt buy some more amc, i mean guys. I don't want to buy more because that'll make it go down. I'm doing this for you the fact that i'm not buying it.

If anything, you guys should want me to short it or sell it. So we keep going up. Knowing my luck, oh you guys just destroyed the like button. You guys are amazing.

Thank you so much. I love this community. You guys are so much freaking fun. Look at that directly tied to amc check my portfolio.

Why do you guys want me to cry like that? You know my portfolio is getting destroyed down three nine horrible horrible day. What's funny, though, is i'm still positive on the year, so i started this account in january at 10k, so it's not like completely destroyed, but it's upsetting because i mean last week it was like closer to 20k, so it's been a wild ride. Your voice is very ungreg-like. I feel like we've just uh completely alienated a very small, like proportion of the male community named greg.

They just like can't be in this group. I mean i'll. Do it for you guys, if you want amc, to go up i'll, throw a short position on? Oh i'm in pain, gabriella trust me lighting, a candle for me. Amc come on just rip, stop playing with our emotions.

Amc just do your thing: let's do it rip rip rip rip rip. Now, three, two one go three, two one go. What do you think about sndl sndl uh? I don't like it that much. I like apha, better um.

I would consider like if you had a trade sndo, there is a support around like 130 there's another support closer to a dollar like i would play off those levels, but if you just like the cannabis industry as a whole, just play a big etf like mj. Get exposure to like all the main cannabis ones, alright, krav maga atomic wallet, all right. Let's pull that up! I know this is your second one um atomic wall. I believe this is what you're looking for right, but it's only basing it on.

I don't know which one you want me to compare it to um. I could do it to this one hundy x, so this is tether. Um, it's been looking very strong. This is the first red day.

If anything, it might want to come. Take a breather at 0.1 cents like down here. I would watch this technical level. I don't know what's special about this, one uh krov like what technically sets it apart.

Um is there another one that i could find mpx? Oh here, this will be better. Oh, i lied. I guess it's not um, it doesn't look like there's much information. So maybe this is just a better fundamental play, like maybe you know, um yeah.

Overall, it looks like it needs to come back down like the rsi is blown out. So it looks like it needs to take a breather, don't feel pressured to hopping on this one, because i think you could get a better price in a little bit. Cameron just became a space ape uh. What's going on cameron, i really really appreciate that.

Uh your support is massively appreciated, uh david by amc uh. Thank you for that super chat david. You heard it from david. David is saying to buy amc, i'm thinking amc has to hit a dollar like.

Why would it just not hit eight dollars today to the moon? Let's get those diamond hands rolling. Should i buy amc? The garnett family well, david just said, to buy amc and seems like dave, is a pretty trustworthy fella. I think it's going to go higher. I mean at this point it got over 740 on pretty sizable volume.

It's holding. I think we see eight, maybe even 840. Today those are the technical levels, i'm paying attention to power hour just started um thoughts on ghsi. Let me do that up here: ghsi uh, low low volume, not much interest in it.

Looking pretty weak looks like it wants to drop still to 60 cents, cciv horrific drop, powwow melvin capital uh. What do you think about the future of pltr start zeus: gaming, you're? Exactly right, i am bullish on it long term, holder on palantir. Oh you guys are funny. Annie september sunday, crack me up i'll have to post my own pains in the pains thing on discord later today.

It was definitively a painful day. For me, it's just more wild, knowing i could have got out pretty much pain-free if i just was smarter this morning, b-o-t-y anyone in it's too silly to fail. I don't know what b-o-t-y is hang on. Did i miss another super chat? I don't think so.

I think i got them all lingerie fighting championships, interesting business concept, hola greetings from hong kong. How do you feel about c r, o cro uh otc penny stock? Already? Not a fan, not uh, also like from a technical level. This is a weird chart, so i can't much give much of a a breakdown um so mac, it's all going to come down to. If you like the fundamentals of like what the business is doing, wow the market's coming back, pretty strong and a new intraday high.

It's actually almost break even on the day compared to where it closed. Yesterday, wow. That is very bad for me, uh you can look at gt. They've recently bought out copper tire terry thanks, uh gt uh.

So we were seeing that uh this morning about, like even when the market was having a rough time this morning, uh they were looking very, very strong, so right now it is sitting at resistance. So i look forward to get above that uh resistance support right in the low 17s if it can get above that i mean it looks like it could pretty easily go an extra dollar, but just be careful because it is like right now at a pretty important Price level um, so that's the only thing i would recommend being mindful about. I mean it seems like it could easily run to 18 once it gets over 17 25-ish, but uh. I really really like how it showed strength all day.

Even this morning, when the market was having a tough time, so it sounds like the market. This people are very excited about it, buying out copper tire. It appears to me at least surprisingly, strong actually does its intraday chart look like pretty song, pretty strong, solid stuff. What's going on amc, don't do this to us we're looking to have a good time business model in the world, new hampshire, lather and lace, barber shop, where you get your hair cut by a nice lady in lingerie i haven't heard of that sounds definitely interesting, though.

Spy almost break even velvet. You sound like the youtube huge ass, oh velvet, that russian uh turned into a long-term investor. I know this is how much i paid into the painful journey per share. Hop the wrong meme keep up the good work mate.

I appreciate that that russian i appreciate that super chat very, very kind. What's going on with workhorse people are saying, that's getting smoked right now, whoa whoa, which is that and it got halted, that's not good. Why did it just dump? Is there workhorse news? What happened? Oh, they didn't get it. Oh, they didn't get the contract.

Osk oshkosh receives the usps contract wow. That was severely unexpected. That is not good news, holy cow, so basically, the united states postal service put out a contract for, like 160 000 um vehicles, hang on workhorse right here. The u.s postal service awards contract to oshkosh defense for modernization of postal wow.

I want to know who um posted this u.s postal service awards contract to launch multi-billion dollar monetization postal delivery service uh and it goes to oshkosh osk. So let's take a look at their stock because i'm assuming it's running, look at that oshkosh very, very up huh. I did not. I was fully fully expecting um workhorse to win a portion of it most of it blah blah blah crazy.

I want to look more into it to like understand why that's a lot of reading i'll do that later. Maybe i'll post that in the updated video uh, would not be surprised if workhorse continues to sell off a lot of its value was on the assumption that it was like get a portion of that or the whole contract. It's definitely bad for workhorse. I want to i'll keep workhorse open just to see what happens uh when the halt stops.

The halt should open back up at um, so it froze at 05, so it'll open at 3, 10 and 9 seconds eastern 3, 10. 310. 310 uh. It's gon na get most likely slaughtered from 28 to 22 wow wow wow, wow evie.

Why can't nana? Just something like that happen to tesla the one i have a short on yeah oshkosh was known to be in it um. I just don't think many people assume they would win it. The the three front runners or like the three leftover people in it were like announced. It was like a well-known thing: um, it's just like a lot of it was assumed to be workhorse tesla.

Moving against me well, my account has to be getting clobbered. This is not good team team team team, not good. Why couldn't i have had puts on workhorse the s. P 500 is actually now positive on the day.

Crazy will bought workhorse an hour ago uh. We are waiting for 310. This should be opening up momentarily right now, right now, right now, what's going on, it should be open. I thought it would just be a five minute halt.

I guess not, though all right, maybe something more serious, is going on. I had mentioned that oshkosh was more likely to get the contract on your chat last week, but no one saw it. I know because i work at the post office man i wish. I mean it sounds like some insider information but um.

I hope you made some money on it. Man tyler just joined the moon gang discord. What's going on tyler uh. Thank you for joining up.

Uh now know this new information. Would it be a good idea to put to get a put on workhorse? I mean it. Would have been good to do it like here at 28, but now, like the way it's almost like, chasing in the opposite direction. It's already down uh coach uh six dollars, i mean that's a huge percentage shop and like a three minute bar like it happened almost instantaneously um.

I don't know like. I don't plan on doing it myself, but also i've been training like horrifically. So maybe if you guys wanted to continue to go down i'll, go long on it uh just so, i could help everyone out. I don't know why it's not opened up.

Maybe it was so dramatic that it they triggered a 10 minute haul, but that's rare. Usually it's a 5 minute haul apple coming back with the market. Unfortunately, at 46k, i'm kind of surprised about all this. It doesn't really add up in my head with like the market strength, but all these individual stocks are still getting rocked, um, weird and something's off something's disconnected.

Are you invested in workhorse? Yes, not with options or anything i just own shares. Actually, at this level around 22. i mean in the end it's still a strong eevee company. They didn't get the usps contract, but um still a strong eevee company based in the us like i i don't think like it.

It hurts it in the short term to not get that contract, but in the long term, it's still a very, very uh, viable eevee last mile delivery company anything going on with tiger woods, just okay injured. Hopefully it gets better very, very quickly, matt, look at oeg. It's starting to lift off all right, oeg, oh wow! It is looking very strong picking up today, um and well. It did this quick little gap fill the five dollars.

Uh previous resistance became support. Gap fill perfect, buying opportunity already shooting up two dollars: two dollars: 20 cents uh. So it's sitting this support, i'm now expecting to act as resistance, so watch that, but if it can get above it, it looks like it could sail the nine dollars without like much of a hiccup. Things are very, very green in to close, except for amc.

What time is it whoa workhorse just open back up here, i'll pull this open selling? Here's your look at what happens when you don't get. The usps contract was that 28 now trading at 18, wow 30 drop just like that. That's crazy, 30 of their market cap just like gone disappeared into the ether. Is it already halted again? Second, halt.

Yep second halt: already: that's not good good level to buy workhorse uh! You don't want to try to catch this falling knife. I mean that it's just getting pummeled right now. This is people just panic selling uh. I would wait.

Don't try to catch the falling knife, wow getting absolutely rocked on workhorse, what a bad day i'm getting destroyed people, it's just a horrific sell-off. What am i even in on this? It's just my uh profits are just disappearing overnight on tesla every minute that goes by every three minute bar it's just look at this is just the fed stepping in just buying buying buying it's just such manipulation, in the other way news on where of course, yes, There is news on workhorse: it did not get the usps contract that went to oshkosh. This is from logan. My leaps on tap tap are finally catching some traction great long-term play with the rock's new energy drink about to release with them.

I remember you logan talking about that um congrats man. Let's pull up tap, really quick. This is just halted. This is the one minute view hey showing some strength today, uh yeah, look for the gap field played at least up to 48 uh.

I like that molson uh 15, so maybe at 321 depends if it's a five or ten minute halt. I was expecting the last one to be a five minute halt uh, but it ended up being a ten minute. I don't know i think workhorse could still get clobbered, how's osk, doing strong, strong trunk, strong. No one was trading, it today, uh and then it's already shooting up.

This is oshkosh going to the moon. I just got home from work. What did i miss? It's all red, hey. It was even more red this morning, uh the market getting hammered, and now it's coming back massive v-shape recovery, uh oshkosh is running because it got the usps contract for everyone, who's just joining, um, crazy, crazy stuff happening amc.

Unfortunately, uh found new resistance in the high 780s selling off looks like it's. Trying to fight at 750., i'm getting destroyed on tesla puts i'm getting destroyed on s p 500 puts i got a little overzealous with the action this morning and now i'm paying for it. Um for me, i wouldn't play oshkosh or workhorse right now. If anything, you should have had a position before the news was like announced uh.

So now we're getting into a chasey territory type thing, whether you're trying to catch the knife on workhorse or, if you're, trying to like just chase the rocket on oshkosh. Oh my god tesla. What are you doing?.

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