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He's back: let's do this moon gang. Let's do this. Let's do this. What has been going on since we left? What did you guys do with the market? While i was gone, i don't know this isn't looking the best all right, moon gang.

The comments are up and running, we are ripping you guys are already rocking with the i love this. Your enthusiasm is great. I just wanted to remind you of what we're doing. That's one on the screen right now, we're ripping we're ripping we're, ripping we're ripping.

Let's get all right, the comments are coming in ripping uh everyone watching. Let's just kick this off on the right now, if you're watching just hit that like real fast, let's blow this up funny funny funny uh story for you about some suits that i just came across in my own life. Um hang on. Let's fix this lighting a bit um in my own life, so the stream we did this morning we were having a bit of fun.

We played elle and john's rocket man, great song, great song. Well, i just was informed. I spent the last hour. I took a break in between uh, wasn't able to rest relax, get food or drink or anything.

I was actually in a fight with youtube and i completely understand, what's going on um, i got copyright struck for the whole thing. So, even though i did a multi-multi-hour song or stream, two minutes that i had the song, they get all the money, that's what suits do to you and i get it uh. I broke copyright rules like i'm, not saying i wasn't at fault, but how is the because you're at fault they get 100 of it? That's what i don't get they took all of it all all of it um. So we got to just make this stream bigger and better.

We can't focus on the past, that's what the suits do. They have scummy little tactics like that and that's just life. I i get that i broke the rule. It is what it is uh.

I guess they get the money legally, i don't know how that's a thing but whatever um. So let's kick this off straight right. Let's uh blow this up, if you guys could drop a like. Let's leave some comments.

Let's get this going. Let's let youtube know that we're coming back swinging, that's what the moon game does look at this. I just started this stream. All the first bars are green, green, green, green something's, going on they know we're back, live we're seeing green while we were gone.

There was a sell-off, it wasn't pretty, but we're coming back, um we're not gon na let dmca and all that crap like keep us down like that's just ridiculous. It's bonkers hit the like button. Let's blow this up, uh we're gon na talk, i'm gon na be here with you till market closed after market closed we're going to sit here, we're going to figure out. What's going on, i will be back here next week we're going to party we're going to the moon uh.

These suits have to pay. I'm like you guys already know. If you've been listening to these streams, i've already been pissed, uh don't lose to the suits hold amc. I'm holding, i haven't sold anything.

I will show you um here's the portfolio uh, i'm crashing, i haven't sold anything. I still have my position. Uh hasn't been pretty this afternoon: lost a lot of money from youtube, lost a lot of money from this um i'm holding. I don't care we're going to the moon, uh diamond hands.

That's why this is called diamond hens. I called the first stream it, but i think this one's even more important, i'm now pissed off more about the suits across the spectrum, just if you're wearing a suit, i'm not liking. You like right now. If you have that suit mentality, i can't buy it.

You you're gon na pay. That's all i can say man we're going we're holding the line. Um, here's from dave portnoy he just tweeted um hold the line, i 100 agree or is it somewhere hold? This is it we have to watch this movie this weekend. I mean at this point the fact that they're gon na copyright strike me for everything i mean i might as well livestream this entire movie to you at this point i mean seriously a four-hour stream.

I paid played two minutes of a song and they just crushed me like that. No way, uh, i'm not going to live on the path you can't focus, buy and hold everything you can kiddos love it. Thank you for the super chat um. This is what it is.

We can't focus on the past. We got to move forward apes, don't look back, we look forward rocket ships. Don't look back rocket ships go forward. This is just how things move it's.

What life is we're moving forward, we're crushing. We started this we're hitting green we're going live whatever. This is. What it is the suits are ridiculous: they will pay suits of all sorts, they're snakes, they're, just little snaky crappy people and they're trying to ruin the fun, but we're not going to.

Let them do that if you could is good, i'm not! I can't play music here. I know there's some copyright free, uh songs, i'm gon na study those over the weekend to figure out what i can and can't do to make this a little bit better. But if you're at home there put on ellen john's rocket man like listen to some great songs, anything about space travel like we're gon na crush it, it's all right i'll, go here and like just listen to myself screaming, but it is what it is. It's fine we're moving forward holy ships already hear they took all your proceeds from livestream.

Keep up the great work holy moon, gig love it moon, gang moon, gang moon, gang we're blowing this up you, oh, i completely forgot you guys in the last stream popped off. So much i hit 25k subscribers you're phenomenal. Thank you so so much we're blowing up. This is the moon game.

This is what it's all about. We have a couple new astronauts. If you want to be an astronaut there's the join button, there there's a patreon, whatever the suits are going to pay drop a like. Let's blow this up, we're going, i we're making this stream better than the last one, because i can't have my best stream.

Be one that, like they completely ripped it away from me, they ripped it away from us no way jose. I will sit here. We're gon na have some laughs we're gon na, like we're. Gon na talk about stocks, we'll be here in the post market.

It'll be bigger, better, better we're just going to keep pushing pushing pushing. I don't care, those guys are clowns, they're little rats. We don't like these paper suits exactly shout out. Hashtag moongig.

I guys love it. Um love it love! It love it. If you want to reach out to me on twitter, uh you'll definitely catch my attention. Here's my portfolio, just hashtag, moongang matt course hashtag, moongang i'll, be looking at them all this weekend.

We're going to have a good time. I just missed another super chat. What was that um man, these shots, the suits yep, don't let the suits dissuade you it's just all their grimy little tactics, they have grimy little tactics throughout like everything. Uh throughout life is just what it is, but we're coming back.

Look at that. We started this already green, green, green, nothing but green, we're starting off we're pushing. We have two hours to fix this and it's alright. We have the weekend our purpose.

Our is going to expand uh through news work networks. More people are putting money into accounts they're going to hit next week. Next week's going to be uh crazy, i'm going to be here for you, that's my promise to you, uh, good, bad or indifferent you're, going to see my account we're going to keep talking about it, we're going to ride this rocket. That's that's the best way.

To put it it's we have diamond hands we're in a rocket ship. We are blowing this up. That's all sorry, good came in a little hot um, i mean my one hour. Break was not an ideal break, obviously very frustrated about it, but i'm happy to be here back with you guys we're doing the right thing, we're on the right side of this um martin romero.

Is it possible to maintain the price within a range through short ladders? If it is, we should expect a huge dip at last hour and hold i mean no matter what goes on up down sideways. I am holding diamond hands uh. You guys need to do what's best for you. I know i'm holding.

I am riding this momentum. I don't care what happens. This has now become a moral stance for me against these, like uh, crazy, crazy suits, i don't care holding holding holding. I would rather lose all this money.

Um give youtube that money, the monetization shark. I don't care they can have the money. This is bigger than that we are holding nooks coming back up needs to get over this five dollar area up here, uh gamestop. We really need that over 360 380 amc all these downward channels.

Remember these perfect downward channels are referred to as bull flags. That's right, i said both flags and that's because they break upward. It's these parallel channels, downward uh break upwards. It's very very common technical analysis won't be perfect, but it will give us a better idea of what to do and that's what is going on right now, um, my apologies in general.

I wish we could play some awesome. Music uh give those people a shout out and stuff, but no that's not how labels do it and that's what's weird is honestly, i think the most artists would be fine with it. They love when people listen to their music, get it out there but um. These are record labels.

We are dealing with more scummy suits and not the actual artists, not the actual creators. It's just people in suits making money off of other people's hard work, their creative nature, their success. It's just you see it in every industry, um, it's it's baloney someone's saying, sell in the chat. No, no! No! No i'm not selling you! You got to do what you got to do, but i'm not selling uh, i'm pushing push and pushing.

Oh. Thank you guys. We're almost at a thousand likes just to blow this up. Let's just keep going we're going to rock higher.

This is for the moon gang. This is for all the people, who've been like screwed over by a suit. That's what this is all about - let's, let's just slam 1k right now, let's blow through it drink a little coffee get a little bit energy back in the system i mean literally today, my system is running on coffee and rocket fuel. That's what we're going on today! We're this i'm taking in my ape stomach is turning this coffee directly into rocket fuel and we are rocking with it.

That's what it is. I don't need anything else. I don't need sustenance. This is the excitement of going to the moon is keeping me going.

That's all i care about amc diamond hand. Should i set a cell limit? That's all up to you, uh. I would recommend having diamond hands, that's what i'm purposely personally going to be doing with it. That's just me, though.

Obviously this all comes up to you. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions uh. Just don't let the soups scare you out they're, going to try to try to do something funny um. I have a sneaky suspicion between now and we have an hour and 50 before the markets close that we'll see a nice little upswing, we'll see these bull flags get broken.

If you're curious, specifically, what a bull flag is. It's that downward channel quickly, google, it if you just want to see a like a better depiction, but it's just a downward channel. They break up. I'm seeing bull flag, bull flag, these break up word: let's go.

We had a failed cup and handle like the medium cup and handles work, but then the larger ones at the high of days, those failed led to these bull flags we're coming back with vengeance um. If it doesn't happen today, uh next week. So much money is being transferred into accounts like hashtag, delete, robinhood. That's why i titled this people are pissed off at robin hood.

They screwed a lot of people out of money. They might as well have taken money out of people's wallets. In my mind, it is no different than straight up theft. It's criminal.

It's treacherous! It's illegal! It's immoral! It's against the free market. It is 100 manipulation. Let's go i just i'm looking for these i mean i could draw a couple of trend lines for you guys. So we know what to watch for this afternoon.

Let's do that now, just so, we know what lines to specifically watch to get a better idea of, like a potential trend reversal, ah, very basic, all right. Basically, this is what i was talking about with the chair. Lo uh, like the parallel lines in this downward channel, we're pushing what is diamond hands. It just means you don't have paper hands, you have tough hands, we're not we don't have weekends, we're not folding diamond hands, uh strongest, strongest thing out there diamond.

We have diamond's hand toughest hands, we're not folding in do you think amc will go to 350. uh, no clue where it's going to go. I would love for her to go to 350.. No one can predict the exact value, especially with a short squeeze uh.

Thank you uh for sending in that super chat. Uh 350 um we'll see how i have to go like obviously i'm in it i'm bullish on it, i'm calling for it to go higher. I don't know how high i just know. I want it higher whatever it hits higher.

My answer is more more more! That's it here. Are these trend lines that we want to roughly break through? I didn't like draw those perfectly uh, but just make sure you're watching these for a either trend. Reversal trend continuation. These channels can build out for quite a while.

So just keep that in mind. What scares me is what happens with these, but her files for bankruptcy and don't buy the shares back um. Well, at that point, um, that's like the the risk that hedge funds are like carrying, so that's more on them hey. Can you explain the candle graph? You are looking at mr fatman.

Thank you very much for sending this in also, thank you very much. Full sweet losers. Thank you very much. Asia, h, um yeah, so the candle chart.

This is a candle chart like on robin hood you're, going to see line. Charts like you can also get candle charts on robin hood. So what you see here is just on the top here. These are three minute charts.

So, just like every three minutes - um uh green means it went up red means it went down like the you have the opening, the closing like the wicks are the highs and the lows so um. This is how it's going every three minutes. It's basically the price movement per three minutes. I can change it.

We could switch over to a minute time frame. Five minutes. 15. 30..

I personally recommend looking at multiple time frames. It helps you get better pieces of information, there's not one time frame. That's the best to look at um if you're more of an investor you're going to care about, like the weekly monthly, if you're a swing, trader, you'll care about like say like the daily and four hour and if you're more of a day, trader you'll care about. Like the four hour and then also like some of the minute charts, but all of them offer important pieces of information um wherever you are in your trading career, i recommend using all different time frames uh to help like improve your trading.

Robinhood will allow purchase of one share of gme um. I i don't know if they updated it like this morning. It was five like your account could have a total of five, so uh and then pruitt. Thank you, uh dax from my uh defunded womanhood.

Not my brokerage love it not. My brokerage yo amc can recover today, um right now. Uh amc is, i mean everything is selling off it's red, but the overall market, which is tracked by the s p. 500.

That's also dropping so the market as a whole is a red, but um. We still have a hour 45, like anything, can happen, especially from 3 to 4 p.m. Lots of volatility, that's referred to as power out it's friday. A lot of options are expiring.

I have a feeling specific to amc. Hedge funds are gunning to push amc below nine dollars. That's where a lot of the puts were like purchased at so they're trying to gun it for their um. Let's see if they can do it, i mean if the moon gang has anything to say about it.

No, but we'll have to see how it plays out um. I'm long. I am not folding diamond hands, i am holding. I don't care.

What's going on, i mean i bought a bunch of gme at like three. I don't know something earlier in the stream, so i'm down a lot on that don't care if they try a short ladder as down at no days at market manipulation. I mean, according this is how they define market manipulation, it's completely fair if it benefits them and if it doesn't benefit them. That's market manipulation like at a certain point.

Anything you do is manipulation, because it's just people making decisions. So then, it's just like the gray are ever like what is and isn't illegal uh in terms of a short ladder. I don't think it's like, according to the sec, their definition of illegal but like who knows um cory did rh share limit get lowered. I got 65 amazon now it's saying 10 is the limit, i'm also holding 50 gma and 100 diamond hands yeah, so they could be loaning it.

They said it was a dynamic situation, so we don't know it states that the total limit is one share, so they okay, a couple of people, are coming thing. It sounds like robin hood: uh lowered their limits today they must not want to be carrying risk over the weekend. Gamestop is now selling off. This is probably why it's selling off is because there's people i'm assuming this is why stuff is selling off right now, because people don't have the ability to push it back up because, like robin hood is intentionally lowering their volume like if people can only sell or Hold well, how will it ever go up like who's buying uh? So you have these other brokerages, which are like far less popular that they're, the only ones you could buy on so this i don't.

This is manipulation to me. Obviously, i'm not a legal sec expert, but to me when you're saying you can only do one action with a stock as in so that screams manipulation. This is just suits, being suits ruining it. Do we have any updated tweets like any confirmations that we can go over from robinhood? Did they say anything um? Let me know if i we can like share this with the chat.

I would love to get it up. Everything i'm seeing is from like a bit ago: okay, so here's the short ladder attack, short ladder, attack incoming hold, hold hold, bye, bye, bye, upvote and share. In the last hour of trading. Some of us are predicting that they will launch a short ladder attack to make it look as if it's selling off to trick you into selling your shares.

The goal is to go under 115 to get out of the expiring contract, so they're trying to get out of those put positions. This will be a major victory for them. Hedge funds sell back and forth with each other at lower and lower bids in rapid succession. Tricking, algorithms into thinking there's a mass sell-off when there actually isn't they do this if they can scare off retail investors to engineer a sell-off once the attack is over, this stock will normally go back up to due to demand so basically they're, like kind of hiding Demand pushing the stock down, then they will rinse and repeat their attack each time hoping to chip way more of retail investors.

Most people here know what this is. So if your retail investors are selling is unlikely that anyone at all so basically they're making it seem as if there's a lot of selling off like i'm, not um. This is the first time i've heard of this specific terminology short ladder attack. I think i've heard it called something else, but basically what they're doing is basically they're saying a lot of institutions are going to keep selling it back and forth low and lower to ping pong it down, and it's more of an artificial, manipulative movement.

I don't know if there, i personally, don't know the telltale signs of if we're in that or a normal sell-off. You probably don't know until after the fact, but read this screenshot it a good piece of information to know uh i it could be what we're experiencing right now. Who knows it is a very systematic sell-off, like look how perfectly it's been staying in this interesting. To note um, no clarification, though weeble ceo says we don't restrict any trading of any names.

Okay, that's very, very good, um good to know from weeble. If you guys want weeble link below delete robinhood, not my brokerage, a bunch of thieves, really, in my opinion, um good to know, did i i'll retweet this as well? If you guys want to see, i just tweeted it from my account. If you want to read that um, what else is going on, i i want to find out about robin hood, like lowering the limits. Does anyone have direct information on the new numbers we had numbers from this morning, but it sounds like they are no longer valid.

Um hold: we got ta guys if you're on twitter right now, uh whatever i just retweeted, if you could retweet like it, it's we're holding. This is a team effort. We are holding come on apes together. Strong remember this is the.

I love this apes together, strong, that is us. We are apes. This is us uh. Apes together are strong, but we're space apes.

Everyone on this call right now. You are a space ape we're going to the moon. This is up uh us. I will.

I feel like i should almost make this the thumbnail, maybe i'll do that for the upcoming one. This is an amazing picture. I love it, make sure you have your banana holstered. The only thing better would be if this right here said moon gang space admin.

I love it. I love it um, so i was looking. This is the old one. This is the old limits.

Let's see, if there's something new, though, if they like, did they announce it on their website? No. This is just my account, which is now in the red on the day uh, because, allegedly because of this short ladder thing, oh wait did they update, they did update okay. This is the updated list. So here we go um new list um.

So right here amc is 10 and 10, which is way lower than before. Uh gme is one in five. It was like five and ten before um, so screenshot this page here, so you guys have it so amc is ten and 10. blackberry is five and ten ctrm is a hundred.

Gme is one in five uh cost is one noke is twenty and ten um. Those appear to so this is the new lowered list and they added to it uh they added silver um. That's ridiculous! Uh bb hit red. Okay, we'll take a look at bb.

They even stopped workhorse seriously. That's ridiculous! Okay! Maybe i should have kept my workhorse this morning. I didn't realize it was like hitting this list. These people are ridiculous.

This is the new list feel free to screenshot it criminals, criminals, criminals, criminals hang on, i feel like i need to change. Um noke is selling off. Let's throw up bb someone was asking about bb uh bb is uh, also vomiting, it's red, it's a sea of red right now, uh robin hood is limiting stuff once again, uh the suits are up to their tactics. Let me sweet.

I need to change uh. Okay, it's just not loading. Okay. I guess i could ask you chat right now.

I have hashtag delete robinhood um. I guess i could change it. I wanted to talk about them doing their like shenanigans, again limits it again like they. This is such very evident manipulation.

This is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy um, with this setup and like people like robin hood, where a lot of retail investors had their money, we might be at the point where we're waiting for the money to transfer to other accounts purposely or personally, i sent money to Be transferred into robin or from robin hood into weeble. I'm waiting for that to happen. I believe it's supposed to happen mid next week. I'm assuming a lot of people are in the same boat as me.

So we'll see how that goes. Um yeah, i so it might just get pushed off to next week, so basically they're not stopping anything they're, just delaying it so like as long as you have diamond hands and you're holding, you should be fine. You could always transfer your equities. You don't have to keep it in it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm getting um a lot of great information from you guys, uh people have been reaching out to me uh. All this amazing support, uh great tips like people, you guys are just phenomenal, i'm getting so many positive messages, positive vibes, only that's what this ape group is all about. We're going to the moon, we're all positive um. Let's get these likes up to 2k uh.

If you guys are watching right now, just hit that, like we're going to get more people in here, uh youtube ripped away all the ad revenue from the last one, because i played a song for two minutes in like a multi-hour thing. That's just more suits at work. That's what suit studio they like! They love to make money off of other people's like hard work, creativity, anything they can like little legal loopholes that are just like bogus they're paying off lobbyists to get like what they can. I get it, i broke a rule.

I just don't agree with the rule. That's the issue. I understand the rule i broke, but whatever? What do you think about sndl? I'm holding 12k shares uh. Let me quickly pull up sndl for you.

Thank you very much for the super chat. Uh sndm is looking nice right now. It just needs to get above 90 cents michael. I love this.

Thank you for the super chat. We will not be stopped exactly that's what this entire live stream is about. Like i'm doing my best to convey this situation in the best way that i see it um, obviously i'm not a financial expert. I am not a political expert, i'm just a person who's like sharing my opinions.

Obviously, some of this is resonating with a couple of you new member. Thank you so much um scott radley hope. I'm saying that right love the picture, love the dog. You are i'm happy to have you aboard on this rocket ship with us.

If you want to become an astronaut, uh feel free to join scott viv amc hold i'm holding amc, i'm in amc, i'm holding hold, hold hold diamond hands, um we're hearing reports, uh dylan dylan. Thank you. So much for becoming an astronaut great support makes me feel um. It makes up for this thing of youtube, ripping away money from me, um with a careless mistake on my part, but anyway um.

Where were we with this? So we've been reading more and more people are joining in we've been talking about what uh is referred to as a short ladder. They were talking about it here. This was posted on wall street bets. I want to just go over it very quickly, a short ladder.

What it's being called, i think i've heard of it actually in one of my econ classes, before a training class, but i heard it a different name which is escaping me at the moment, but what it is is basically institutions buy and sell back and forth. The same shares of like gamestop amc at lower and lower prices, so they're artificially pushing it down to scare other people out which then becomes like an actual sell-off. So uh, that's just um people's theories of what's going on right now i can't confirm it. You probably don't know about it until like it's done, but um.

If you want to know more, the term that's being used is a short ladder so make sure to look into that uh chamath paliapatea. I love that last name. All the money in 2008 was made by suits identifying a market dislocation and exploiting it all. The money in 2021 was made by retail, identifying a market dislocation and exploiting it until the suits intervene.

What is the difference between these two statements? How can you not agree with that that is amazingly, accurate um when they find something that's messed up and literally put our entire financial situation like on thin ice like as in they had to get bailed out by the government to stop our economy from like completely Collapsing with the housing bubble and all those shenanigans, like one person, went to jail a couple, fines and really at the end. People made like a boatload of money, like the punishment, was the fact that they made money like that's it and one low-level guy went to jail and then, when retail rises up against it? No no, it's not fair. We had a woman this morning, comparing it to the capital riots, like that's a joke like that's a horrendous horrendous joke, no, like i feel like they just don't get it like they're, just being paid off by lobbyists. They are paid talking, heads um, you'll, never convince me.

Otherwise this is the suits trying to pull another fast one, i'm in gamestop, i'm not selling. I don't care i'd. Rather, let it go to zero and stand my moral ground with all of you guys as long as we're in the rocket ship having fun together. That's what matters i prefer that we go to the moon with it, but um we'll see how it plays out.

I'm holding i'm holding what do you think about sspx weed maps? So i don't know much about the company great question. I think the industry as a whole is going to grow, especially as more and more states legalize marijuana for whatever use recreational medicinal there's. Some states that are lagging behind, in my opinion, the industry as a whole will do exceedingly well in the coming years, especially with the current uh political administration. It seems to be in favor of it, so that is also good.

Just switch this over. Once again, we are in this very systematic, sell-off, very systematic for both of these uh. It is referred to as a bull flag. It's a technical analysis thing don't get confused by the name.

A downward trend called a bull flag because they commonly break upward, we'll see what happens it. Never it's never ever going to have a 100 batting average, but uh we'll see what happens. Thank you for all these super chats. Thank you for smashing a like um.

Let's keep this train going naked, also being pushed by wall street beds, but today have not heard uh. Do you think it's so worth buying so uh tj wellness uh? Thank you very, very much um. So what i think um they walsh wall street bets to the best of my knowledge, their main push has uh. Thank you sandre for that uh super chat has been gamestop um and then it kind of got a little bit into amc, but you have to understand that like naked and nook and those they don't have the same short interest, there's not as many people betting against It and to get a massive short squeeze.

You have to have a lot of people shorting. It they're, like a lot of the shares, have to be short um, so it's an egregious overstep with gamestop uh south tx craftsman. Thank you so much for that. Super chat.

Um, so basically it's these two on the top here amc is like the second biggest abuser and the first one is uh gamestop. I don't believe naked blackberry and nook have the they do have short interest, but not to the same level as amc and gamestop, with gamestop being number one and amc being number two um. That's why i'm in those two? I'm not i'm not saying that the other ones won't squeeze. I'm just looking at like where the short interest is and like what could lead into like a bigger uh short sell off or a short squeeze.

I'm sorry hold just it all comes back down to diamond hands guys. We are crushing this, like, i said, before, youtube ripped away the ad revenue of the last one. So i'm gon na sit here and push this to be my biggest and best one um. I refuse to let my best one be like stolen from me by, like just some dmca thing: does the limited quantity buys hurt the hedge funds when their options run out? That means they.

They can't buy back large one and bail themselves out matt uh. Thank you. That's a great question, so no um, the answer is: it's only impacting retail investors, because these those people don't use robinhood, they use different brokerages and not all brokerages are limiting the buying and selling. So basically, here when everyone like especially yesterday, was on e-trade weeble weeble and robin hood uh, we were very much limited, but then they had their own brokerages a lot of these times.

It's like in-house brokerages uh. They could do whatever they want. It was only the really the retail investors that were impacted by this. They have free will to do whatever.

Oh, we have a new astronaut, uh crazy kens welcome aboard. Thank you! So much uh, i'm glad you're here with us, we're crushing it moon gang to the moon diamond hands. Uh, i'm seeing right now, i'm seeing a systematic selloff. What's going on with novavax, i'm assuming that has a lot to do with whatever is going on with their vaccine at the moment, i'm not too familiar on, like any fundamental shifts with novavax.

At the moment, gme is seeing this brutal sell-off. It hit 360 hard rejection and it's now down 110 amc very similar, like you could just see the selling's the same, even though they're two completely different companies. Their charts are like essentially the same. It's it's wild diamond hands, guys attendees.

The only way to cook tendees is with diamond hands we're fishing for some attendees we're fishing for some suits those snakes and suits. I just don't so morally reprehensible bb bb is looking rough uh. Just remember: bb does not have that same short interest as like gme and amc, so uh less of a risk to reward situation. I would suppose what happens if amc closes under nine dollars? How will that pressure the price? So basically that's a great question.

So a lot of these suits have options expiring at nine, so they want it below nine, so they expire in the money. So they don't get completely pulled over uh like raked over the coals. I guess is the expression, so um we'll see how that goes. Um they're very much doing that, so they don't like blow things up um.

Obviously we want it all up. Welcome aboard abby coleman! Thank you! So so much uh happy to have you aboard this rocket ship with all of us. Um love all these new astronauts um, like i said in the stream, i'm gon na have to study a lot about space travel this weekend. So i can be a better pilot for all of you.

We have some exciting things coming up. I think next week. Obviously, this week has been bonkers in terms of news market volatility and i think it's just a fraction of what we're going to see next week. In my personal opinion, we'll see how that goes very, very excited.

Let's go: hold hold, hold diamond hands we're seeing red amc is coming a little bit back. It's testing this red line. This red line is the 10 simple moving average, as in the average of the close price of the past 10 bars when people say simple. Moving average exponential, that's what they're, referring to uh note just had a spike all right, let's bring noke back up.

Thank you for that alert. Very much a team effort in here. Uh no didn't have much of a spike. That's for sure all right.

It looks like it's still selling off, but look at green's coming back in um, not i'm not saying it's the excitement of this group, that's leading to these like green upticks, but hey if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It's probably a duck. If you guys uh huge huge help, if you could push it up to 2500 likes, get, let's get more people in here for market close, we have a half hour till power hour and we want as many people in here as we can for all of power Hour, we're going to see more volatility weekend coming up. Lots of people excited to see like what's going on for the weekend.

Let's get them all in here: hey man, thoughts on doge, okay! I will pull that up, while you guys are all destroying that like for me huge favor. I really really appreciate it. Uh all right. Let's bring up ooh it's it's nice! It's! It formed a new low or higher low.

I should say so. Basically, it's really in this nice uptrend higher lows, consistently um i'm liking it um. If it can hold this, i mean, if you buy around here, you either risk this support. You risk this support and you're looking for it to bake break above this top trendline a break above there uh, really nice bullish trend.

Sorry, i just missed the super chat, how any hey man any thoughts on touch? Okay, yeah! Sorry we're going over that right now. My apologies um, basically um we're just waiting. It's consolidating like you, you see this trend of lower highs, higher lows that is classic consolidation and in the world of stocks, stocks love to go from periods of consolidation to expansion back to consolidation, and vice versa. It's a pendulum back and forth.

You also see that down here in the relative strength index, also known as the rsi, a lot of bullish momentum, bearish momentum, bullish momentum - it's just like the stock market - is very much a pendulum back and forth like slowly and surely so right. Here we saw this nice expansion yesterday exploded up now it's consolidating. So the golden question is: what direction is the next expansion going to be and you can lower your risk and optimize your reward by coming in here and risking this point and then you're just looking for a breakout or if you have to be very bearish on It you would like just risk this and pray for a breakdown, but like no matter what side you're on it's just risk to reward optimize, your optimize, your risk to reward by lowering your risk and really heightening your reward, know your trading plan going into it. Just so you guys know, i don't have dogecoin, i'm personally in ethereum um, i'm not saying one is better than the other.

This is just the one i'm in i bought it like two weeks ago. Uh, i'm just in this just so you know to be completely honest: okay amc is breaking out above this trend line. Gme is breaking out. Let's go moon gang mama moon gang yo.

Can i get some hashtag moon game comments going if everyone's like, let's go. This is for the moon game. Guys. Apes together are stronger.

That is us. We are much stronger together. Sorry, i'm dropping some stuff, i'm having some of my own technical difficulties over here, all right. What is going on mars, phillips, i love the name.

Tim pool is speculating that the dojo might be the soups trying to uh cash in on a meme power um. Maybe i i'm familiar with who tim poole? Is i've actually seen like a lot of um? He he dominates he's like he seems to be one of the most uh, very tough working youtubers out there. I respect his content. He does a lot of things um.

I didn't hear anything about his opinions on dogecoin, so i'll have to check that out after and we can definitely talk about it on in whatever stream comes after this one but mars like the name, because that's where we're going on this rocket ship, uh love. It love it love it they're, trying to break out right now. It's getting smacked both of these thus far we're seeing a smack, but let's go in a little bit we're trying to get above it we're trying for a trend reversal right now. You guys are seeing trend reversal, live uh, uh tristan.

What are your thoughts on robin hood? Limiting instant deposits for crypto seems like they are trying to stop conversion um yeah. I think that they're criminals, i think what they're doing is immoral, uh reprehensible. I think it's illegal. Do we use robin hood or weeble? I mean david.

Thank you so much you got to do what you got to do whatever one i'm personally now against robin hood. I view them as nothing better than common thieves. So if you want weeble anyone out there, if you're done with robin hood and you're looking for weeble um, i you can sign up if there's a link below. If you sign up with my affiliate link, i get a free stock.

You get four free stocks. It's a win-win. I do benefit from it just so you guys know, i'm not trying to hide that fact at all uh but yeah. If you're done with robin hood and you want weibo - and just so you know, you can transfer all of your equities from robinhood into weibo.

I think this whole ordeal will be a massive massive benefit for weeble because they did limit some stuff yesterday, but they try to fix it way way earlier than robin hood, and i don't believe that they're limiting people right now as we're talking the way robin hood Is just so you guys know, robin hood did once again limit people's uh abilities to do anything. Here's the new list, please please screenshot this uh, the look. The numbers are way way lower than they were this morning and remember i told you that they were gon na. Do this i said, like i highly highly doubt that they would raise the numbers for us.

They lowered it. The way i predicted i mean please note that these are the aggregate limits for each security, not prio and include shares in option contracts that you already own. So now, they're saying the most. You can own not a single trade of what you are allowed to own because, like they're protecting you from yourself and you don't know what you're doing is uh 10 shares 10 option contracts on amc, um, it is uh.

Bb is five intense. The eternal is a thousand gme is one in five just crazy stuff. They basically think you're too much of a child to protect yourself and they're selling out to the suits they're uh andrew predictions on amc just saw it dropped quite a bit uh. We talked about this short ladder thing i'll, explain that more in a second any thoughts on rolls-royce stock.

What do you think i don't know much about it and right now, um, i i don't. I haven't followed that my apologies. I wish i could uh give you more information um on it, but in terms of what's going on right now, people from wall street bets are suspecting that we're in the middle of what's called a short ladder, and we just looked that up and basically to summarize It for you, it's uh when big institutions sell stocks back and forth to each other at a lower and lower cost, just to drive it down and eventually go solo, that it actually prompts people to get scared and sell their own position, which actually causes a real Drop um, i don't know how to confirm if that's what we're in the middle of but um that's their suspicion. If you want to google it it was a short ladder.

Will you explain what you expect happen now and over the weekend um? Yes, i can explain that uh. I just want to make sure i didn't miss any. I think i missed one super chat in there uh zeus, gaming. What are you using right now for your charts, amc? Okay, i will also go over that ooh and average joe.

Thank you for becoming an astronaut um. I love that dodgeball movie. Your logo is that that is hilarious uh. We will be watching dodgeball on the rocket going to mars.

Okay. So a couple of things to talk about this charting software on the screen. Right now is thinkorswim: it's a free platform. You can get it from um, it's hosted by td america, just google, it it's called thinkorswim, and then this software right here, which is a little bit more like pleasant to the eyes, is called training view.

There's a link in the description if you sign up uh with that description, you get the first month free after that, it's 15 a month. Just so you know it's in below, but once again this is a trading view and then this is thinkorswim and then i believe i'm missing one thing: okay over the weekend, i'm expecting at least in the pre-market on monday for all of these stocks to be higher. Here's my reasoning for that. I think that this whole situation, it's already a pretty big news story, but it's still somewhat confined to like the world of business and finance, and i'm even from my own friends, right now and in the chat and stuff we're starting to get more people to like Notice it think about it, and i think the news is just permeating, and i think by after the weekend as like, more people are just talking to their friends about it, like, oh man, that's crazy! What's going on with gamestop, what's going on with the amc, these live streams taking off like just everyone talking about it, i think more and more people will know about it and the way the story is being told.

These suits well, and it's also fair - are very much being paid in as the bad guys and well that's because they deserve to be the bad guys. So i think you're gon na have like every person. You know in your life talking about this and a lot of a percentage of those people will like be mad this weekend, deposit money and start buying this week. So i think, there's going to be a big hype coming into next week.

Are they not going to get a lawsuit yeah right now there is a lawsuit in the southern district of new york. Again, it's a class action lawsuit against robin hood um, so they are being sued, but i mean you never know that what that's going to become, like i'm sure they get a fine from like the sec or something um when it doesn't matter because right now, people Have lost thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the manipu blatant manipulation that they are pulling uh. So it's one of those things that, like they did it and like yeah, they might get fined but like who knows how long that'll take to actually play out. You just never really know the details of those types of things, and i have a feeling whatever punishment they get into, it's not going to make up for all the losses we suffered like in the meantime, like, i doubt the little guy the in the end, the Way this uh corey.

Thank you so much uh corey o'neil. Thank you. I appreciate the super chat. Um this the world of suits is very much.

The average joe retail guy is holding this like in the end, we're the ones who get like screwed over and that's what it is we're another situation about like it's just another repeat of that um they will cause other people to lose money. They will ruin markets economies, they do like all this like sketchy, sketchy stuff and we're the ones who have to pay for it in the end - and this is just like a symbolic movement against that uh marinos, are you able to explain percent of float, shorted versus Short interest, yes, so i can pull this up. Let me let me go to this website uh. Usually you can find the short interest on stuff by just quickly shorting it or searching it.

I'm sorry, i'm mixing up all my words. We have a new astronaut uh sore loser661 um you're, not a sore loser if you're part of the moon gang. Thank you, um, okay, so right here you have um outstanding shares, so amc has 52 000, total or million shares in total and right now, 44 million of them are like there's 44 million shares out there, betting against, like as then, they sold it. They have to buy it back um, so that is huge and it's picking up the previous short volume.

When we checked it yesterday was 39 million. So that means that five more million shares are betting against amc. That's a huge percentage is roughly 85, so um. That short uh, you can basically it's 44 divided by this 52 and that's how you get the percentage so 85 um is just how much i guess like in percentage terms, is what is betting against the stock um and when you have very, very high numbers like This, like at one point gamestop, was close to 140 percent, that's environments and where you could have a short squeeze and right now everything's turning green, i missed a super chat.

Steven new here enjoying this stream is sofi worth using also is it holding, is holding nokia worth worth it um. So i know so far. We we got some comments. This morning it looks like it's a new ipo or something like that.

Honestly, i have to look a bit more into it. I can't just lie here and, like say, random stuff. I i just personally need to find out more about it in terms of noke um, noke, amc, jme, blackberry, they're, all in the same boat of like either they're all gon na massively go up or go down um. I think that gme and amc have a better chance just because this short interest is way way higher than noke um.

So, just in terms of if you're looking for like what could be a massive short squeeze, uh gme, i would think, has the biggest chance followed by amc and then bb noke. All those ones like are kind of on a second tier, so number one number two and then all the rest are tied at number three um, but also like just understand that, like short, squeezes, are by no means guaranteed we're just looking at an environment that one Could like possibly happen, but nothing is etched in stone. There's very much still risk in this situation. I just look at it as like, i'm personally willing to take that risk thoughts on cash app any others you can see so i saw yesterday.

People were talking that cash app was working and then early today they said that cash app was buying or stopping them from buying um amc. So i need more details on if cash app is working, if anyone can help dylan uh right now and tell them if cash app is or isn't working for them, that would be greatly appreciated. Uh. Thank you for the super chat ox tumor.

How do you know the amount of amc needs to close about? Why is 11? Why is it 11 exactly um it? It doesn't have to close above anything i mean it can do what it wants. A lot of people are talking about the nine dollar level, because a lot of hedge funds had put options that expire today at that nine dollar level, so they're going to basically if it closes below nine they're, not going to lose that much money. But if it closes above above nine, they could lose a lot of money, so the hedge funds are very much gunning for nine dollars today and that's what people are talking about with the put options and that stuff i mean when you talk about options. That's a very complex topic and we could go on for that about like hours itself, but to put it base like it is right now assume that a lot of hedge funds and institutions want amc below nine dollars when the market closes today and that's what people Are talking about for that expiration, put options and all that stuff uh scott radley? Do you think the dips were people selling the clothes in money calls rather than exercising them, and then market makers selling their respective head shows? I mean that's a possibility like nothing's ever guaranteed.

You could always check the flow in the options market and, like kind of add the numbers up and to see how it goes. Um so we'll have to see ooh new astronaut, uh chin, chins vib. I i don't know if i'm saying that right, but welcome aboard. Thank you very much.

Um i started a joke. Gme is 95 owned by institutional holders. Does this discount the brokers, individuals use, or are we really only holding five percent of the stock? Great stream um with that i mean i've personally, found that some of that information i find with a google search, it's a little outdated like um. It's hard to believe at that this point that 95 of gamestop is institutional.

Just because there's been such a insane public push for it, so i wonder if they update weekly or something i i don't see how only five percent would be held by retail. It just seems way way too small. In my mind, apes together strong hold the line. 200 stairs at 30 and i'm not selling love you all corey o'neal, you are crushing it congratulations, brother um.

That is awesome if, if anyone else right now is like still up big like if they caught in on the earlier side of this like movement, let me know like i love these success stories like it brings the biggest smile to my face. You guys are the definition of the moon gang uh. All these other people, uh were that were trying to mimic you riley. Thank you.

So much for the super chat. Um arib uh, welcome. Welcome aboard you just joined uh super super happy to have you uh. We are pushing, though, we're green guys like as as we have these good vibes going and everything that's rocking right now, uh green, green, green across the board.

Things are swinging. I mean amc has gone from 11 50 to like we're now pushing 13 15. um. What gme gme bounce off of 250 we're pushing 300 we're seeing swings.

We still have an hour and 10 minutes to go to the close, like there's still game left like the game is not over. We have 4 p.m today and then it's just a break. We're all going to be talking about this weekend, um and then monday starts, and i think things are going to rip and as the week goes on and more money gets transferred into new accounts. We are going to see some wild things.

I love it. I love it. Why can't i buy dogecoin? I deposited buy power on taylor, so i people have been having issues on robinhood buying dogecoin. It's just like another thing that they apparently limited.

I don't know what brokerage you're on if you're on robinhood, that's, why people have been reporting issues with it. My apologies for that it is the winter and it's um. My lips are chapped, especially from all this talking, but i'll sit here for hours with you guys. I i'm loving the vibes, i'm loving the support you guys are phenomenal.

I'm really sorry that i can't play music that made it so much better when we were listening to rocketman. Oh another, super chat. Thank you very much brother we're going to the moon. We are suiting up, don't forget if you question what we're doing here.

All you really really need to know is this. This is the main thing you need to know. This is what it's all about. This is us.

This is what we aspire to be.

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    To make a long story short No pun intended the whole point of this message is to let everyone in this fight know you are not alone and we will not lose Because even if every dollar goes away it will be an investment into the future this will open up the ๐Ÿšช of opportunity for you to Lead the world forward Into a more self-sufficient Future Just remember where it all started And be Cautious because with great power comes great responsibility
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