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Amc gamestop: holding strong dumb money ep 4 – Matt Kohrs

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AMC & GameStop: Holding Strong 🚀🚀🚀
Dumb Money Ep. 4
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Gang what's going on welcome back, i guess this is dumb money episode, four! If we're now just uh keeping count now um hey, we come back on we're seeing a little bit of green in amc. I like that iwm trying to push uh welcome back welcome back. I hope everyone had a great lunch honestly. The midday midday session boring snooze fest uh, just kind of slowly drifting sideways, slowly, drifting down, really not much going on amc, currently at 42, 14.

jimin, currently at 186.25. If we do a quick or text check or text or text amc, uh they've borrowed 4.38 million returned 7 million for a net borrow return of 2.75 million shares a short interest of 14.21, with gamestop pretty much net neutral, a short interest of 14.34. So that's kind of how we are uh gamestop, not much going on uh another sizeable return on amc, which does that actually make much sense. Let's check really quick uh it could.

It was kind of the volume we were seeing here that one possible uh questionable, like obviously we had a green day two days ago. Some of these spikes - 11 million 14 million it could fit in there. Maybe some of the weaker shorts, the newer shorts that like are now underwater quickly covering that is a possible explanation of what's going on. I don't think it's like the most far out thing um, but overall, thus far for today like if we're looking at those numbers, i guess kind of possible but really quiet day, and i just want to bring it your attention to what i'm saying here, not that Much different than what we saw on some of this similar price action back here, late may early june, some like run up, but some like a red day, uh kind of a hammer day right here on june, 1st kind of what we're seeing um, not exactly the Same obviously, you're never going to have exactly the same in the stock market, but um overall, like we tried to run up, we didn't hold the run-up, but also they're not pushing it down either.

So it depends on how you're looking at it. Obviously in our camp. We're going to be focusing on a lot of positives and then the bear camp's going to be like whoa like we stopped the run-up so kind of more of a neutral day. Not bullish, not bearish, but i would say the edge goes to the bulls or the apes just because we're consolidating above 42., we have support from 40 to 42, we're consolidating a lot of the volume training above it.

So that makes me happy, at least in my personal position, gme kind of similar holding out above 185. We have support from 180 to 185, so similarities between the two, obviously at different prices, but a similar movement. I would say a similar charting outlook of how we would look at all of that, but right now a couple things to talk about. First of all, just so you know similar to this morning.

Obviously it's just this stream today is sponsored by butcherbox. They are the attendees sponsor of ape nation uh. It's pinned to the top of chat. It's in the description of the video.

If you sign up it's free lobster, tails and rib eyes myself, i had some rib eyes uh last night they were absolutely phenomenal. So it's a food delivery, service quality meat recommend, checking it out i'll. Do that full pitch in a bit, but just so you know that's what's going on with butcher box and shout out to butcher box for sponsoring today's streams. What are your thoughts on the exchange called pocket options? I have never heard of that.

So really no uh built out thoughts on it. Now that you've forced me to live without you, i realize how much more i appreciate you mart and how much more work. I actually accomplish at what's going on cynthia, hey matt neurometrics a pump and dump ask because i'm trying to learn the market um, so it wasn't really a short play, but i think they had news. They had some sort of fundamental announcement.

I believe that pumped it up um, so it depends on how good it is like if the company is fundamentally changed, it might stay at the new value, but it's not like a short thing: um, i'm not playing neuro in any way. I know it's been a hot runner of the day. Why do people call me mark um? I don't know, i guess they like it. It's fun side question.

Why are you not streaming the whole market open anymore, um, the whole market open? Well, i streamed the market open, i stream nine to eleven. It's been nine to eleven. Thirty though, and then i'm doing two to four um, a couple reasons: it's just the midday. It not much has been happening in midday, so it helps me like recharge.

I hang out with the people in the discord. I can finally get some lunch and it allows me to prepare for the afternoon session just so. I cannot only have more energy but come up with a game plan of like researching anything. That's going on in the day, so i could present like real time information to you instead of me saying.

Oh, hang on like i'll look into that tonight and we'll talk about it tomorrow. So it just gives me a chance to kind of, like first of all, take a breather, get some lunch but really kind of come up with a game plan of. If i can answer any of the major questions of the day or come up with a more of like an educational bit like for example today yesterday, if you watched that video we went all about credit spreads, we went into them, so people feel a little bit More comfortable today we're going to go about what a short naked put is explaining it to people and like how it can or can't be used. So it allows it to be um instead of me all day, just running out of energy and not being able to like dive into things that midday session.

I don't know it's just something: i'm giving it a test drive for a week just to see if it allows for just me to not only help you guys out, but just for better overall content creation. It's a test drive i'm going for a week, just seeing how much uh you like it seeing how much i like it uh. That's it because really there's not! I don't to my knowledge, there's no one else out there. That's actually streaming all day.

So it's just like i'm trying to figure out the best way to play this, this entire game uh there's not really much of a blueprint all right! Uh. Up to date, there mark kohler shout out shout out all right, uh iwm, trying to make a move at the as we head into we're about 50 minutes away from power hour. Trying to make some moves. There honestly have been on matt coor's livestream withdrawal, not gon na lie.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry i like i know a lot of us got used to it. It's just um, it's very tough to sustain that monday to friday a seven hour stream, followed by an update, video and then followed by doing all the other business stuff. In the background talking to lawyers talking to accountants, doing my own research, my own charting um, it's just that it is one of those points that, like it just was physically and mentally draining and i'm not saying i'm not going to return to it. But right now it's just like.

I realized that i was hitting a physical and mental wall so instead of getting completely burnt out. I just wanted to add a little bit of longevity to like. What's going on and i like it, i like being able to eat lunch, i like having like these higher energy levels and because most of the moves are in the morning and at night. So it's just like that.

Midday session is usually quiet, so it works out. Well, i would take a break because i could feel your exhaustion now i'll take a long position on maddie boy. What's going on, i appreciate that shout out shout out, i'm craving a baconator, a baconator shout out to sir. This is a wendy's uh.

How do we want to do this here? Let's get, let's get some liquid in us, some bubbly water that hurts my throat overly painful all right, so amc right now at 41.60, uh! Very much, let's see if we could get this double bottom bounce off 41.50 hit that earlier today actually hit 41 right when we opened up but love for it to recapture 42, just watching that region of resistance and or support, depending on where we are between 40 And 42. fire water. No, this is just whatever i don't know: sparkling water. I don't know who came up with parking lot like hey.

We should take this water thing and make it more painful for our consumers. The marketing department was like it's so crazy. It might just work all right. What is iwm doing it was moving and then getting hit same with s p.

500. It's trying to make a move. Where are we 2 210? Let's see how it gears up for power hour. We white have one of these things.

Where, like as we get later to the day, things gear up, they start knocking and then we we get potentially a power hour run uh patients, patients, patients, patients time will tell gme hanging out at 185. All right hang on. Let's stand up for the teaching session of this all right. We need a good mat rant.

We need a good matt rant. Well, if it naturally comes about, maybe we'll get one we'll get one all right, all right, all right, all right already already already. Actually, we don't even need this. We do not need that amc.

What are you doing man? What are you doing? Man all right, let's get into that all right. So let's do a quick uh, this one a little bit easier, uh, not as much to go over. If please, if there's any questions on credit, spreads what we talked about yesterday, let me know if this is your first time hearing about these credit spreads short credit spreads, as in you're selling, a spread also referred to as a credit spread. It's what i covered at like the start of yesterday's afternoon stream.

So if you look at dumb money episode, two go to the start of that. If you want to learn more about credit spreads, if you watched it or if you've re-watched it - and you have some questions, let me know more than happy to answer, but to start this off, let's talk about short naked puts. Remember when you hear short, you shouldn't necessarily hear like shorting a stock like the way we're talking about. Like oh people, shorting amc, when you hear short, you should think of selling.

It means short means you're, creating a position by selling long means you're, creating a position by buying. So when you're shorting a stock you're, creating it by selling a stock in options like a short credit spread means you're, creating a position by selling a spread or a short naked book means that you're creating a position by selling a naked put. So a naked put a little bit dangerous, um different. This has nothing to do with like uh naked shorting um.

I know it right there. It says short and naked, but remember this is about options in general, i mean, obviously i know naked as just a word has uh in our normal language. We all know what naked means, but in the options world in the stock world really in the financial world, it means it's naked, as in you don't have the underlying thing. So a naked call like if you're selling a naked call.

That means that you don't have the underlying stock. That's a naked call, because a covered call, naked covered covered means. You have the underlying stock. A naked put would mean that you're selling a put - and you don't necessarily have the underlying capital and a selling a covered.

Put means that you do have the underlying capital, so it's just short, is the exact opposite of long selling and buying to create a position naked and covered just means naked? You don't have the underlying thing, whether it's the capital or the stock and covered means you have that capital or you have the stock. So in this case selling a shorting a naked put means that you're, just selling puts it means you're selling. A put. This is actually a bullish bet, as in you're hoping for it to stay above the strike price buying, a call is bullish and selling a put is bullish.

Buying a put is bearish and selling a call is bearish, so it kind of is inverse there so anyway, buying a call selling a put both bullish bets buying a call you want it to go up selling a put you want it to stay above the strike Price so, for example, right here, this is live on tibliotib lio, it's in the description of the video uh 30 day, money back guarantee and you get a discount if you use the link in the description. But anyway, this is our options. Picker service. So here amc is on the list.

What is this actually saying so we're in the short naked put as in you're selling a put selling a put? Is a bullish bet, and here it's telling you the strike price or sorry. Excuse me the expiration date. Expiration date is when the contract ends, so it is saying that there's some sort of statistical advantage for selling an amc put at 35 as in there's some sort of statistical advantage to amc staying above 35, all the way up to and including july 30th remember. This is actually a bullish bet.

Hence why we're saying? Oh, we think it's going to stay above 35. um this. I guess signal came out when it was trading at 42.37. Your percent of profitability, your chance of making money on the plane, not necessarily your max return, but just making money on it.

80. Your estimated credit. This is what you would get for, selling to put fifty uh. Hence why your max return is 150.

Whenever you see this, you just multiply it by a hundred, and your max loss in this case, because it is a naked put, would be three thousand three hundred and fifty one dollars. So it tells you your max return, it tells you your max loss and you could size that up. Do you like it? It's all up to you. Do you like the potential risk? Do you like the potential reward, but this is how you interpret a naked put selling naked puts when you short a naked put that is bullish when you go long on a well, you really can't go long on a naked put, because you'd have to be able To buy, but going long on a put in general is a bearish bet because you're hoping it comes down so this overall, it's bullish, it involves you selling a put and you just the way you get your maximum amount of money.

The way you win on this trade is, if you get all the way until the expiration date on the day of expiration, you're above that strike price, so for amc on july 30th, you would want to be above 35. uh on august 6th for blackberry. Here you would want to be above 950 for uh chargepoint you'd want to be above 23 for july 30th. So you could do it.

I mean you could get really close ones for july 30th. You can get far out ones right now, showing some for late august, but overall, when you're selling a put to create the position, you want to be above the strike price and, if you're above it, when it expires, you get the full premium that you sold it For so right now, that's what this estimated credit is. That's the premium you receive for selling it um, let's look at the highest ones. So, oh actually, this is interesting.

Here's the highest one right now that tiblio is suggesting is selling an amc put for august 27th to stay above 35 dollars and if you hit that you'll get 546 dollars for each one that you sold. So, basically, if you think that amc is going to be above 35 on august 27th, if you like that bet - and you are willing to put up some money for it - you can potentially get 546 dollars, but this is all about selling a put. So that's a quick run down there like not as much to go into as we did with the credit spreads yesterday, but i'm just trying to clarify like what this is. What this isn't.

But overall, that is shorting aka selling a naked put all right and as we did, that iwm took a bit of a hit bit of a hit on iwm. What are you doing there? What are you doing there? Obviously, let me know if there's any questions on that would love to clarify all right. We gon na get this bounce. Are we gon na get this bounce into close? The golden question: when bounce my wife always tells me i'm short when i'm naked matt when you went to once you left the mic out, and we heard you yo mom.

What's for lunch better, not be grilled cheese again, what's going on rags, you miss a good opportunity to rant about people demanding you go on a rant tried, making my own bull flags without you and had a stroke, makes perfect sense. Brother, i'm up 500 because of you i enjoy watching you every day, keep up the good work brother and god bless shout out. Mr sanchez, shout out shout out shout out shout out shout out shout out all right: what are you doing? Iwm: let's go to the three minute, the three minute and the three minutes all right. There we go.

I very much want amc to recapture 42. That's a region, we've identified between 40 and 42, so closing above it is just additional strength. We saw it close above it yesterday, it'd be nice to do it two days back to back nice to do it two days back to back back to back champs uh. Can i sell a call option at any time without having the problem to buy a hundred shares before the expiration date uh? That would be a naked call and it depends on if your brokerage allows that, but probably not um, you would probably have to have the underlying shares to be able to sell a call.

Did you have gas stations susie or a butcher box lunch? No commercial uh for lunch today i actually had some other meal thing, not butcher box, not gas station sushi, not feeling that adventurous today, ma what for lunch on. Let's turn this around: oh whoa, whoa whoa. What are you doing iwm? What are you doing? Iwm amc trying to pull a u-turn right now. 4139.

What else do we have all right? Let's see, ortex, really quick, vortex amc net return of 2.75 million shares short interest of 14.21 percent gamestop net neutral short interest of 14.39. Here's how we are on the daily rejected right at this resistance, exactly where it found support on june 4th and then let's go over to gamestop kind of rejected where it was in this mess in july, 8th to july, 9th july, 12th july, 8th 9th and 12th. In this region kind of rejected right here all right. What else do we have any news to go over democrats seek tougher hedge fund regulation after robinhood archigos debacles, um amc, entertainment option alert july 30th.

57 calls sweep above ask 270. interesting. So someone coming in aggressively getting the july 30th 57s. Why amc, ceo, adam aaron, earned the loyalty of the apes announced wednesday morning appointing blah blah blah? We know that aaron andrew sarkin come on agree that he thinks aaron has done a terrific job given the hand that he's been dealt.

However, he posed a question on whether or not the success of amc stock should be attributed to aaron. I mean i think he did well just so. You guys know um adam aaron. It was announced this morning that he is the ceo, the president and the chairman of amc.

He wears all three of those crowns now, philip later as lead director all right. So it's a quiet day across the board like nothing, nothing too insane or nuts going on honestly oops. I wanted that signals there. We go filters all right.

Let's get the information for amc and jimmy all right amc were there any other unusual options plays. Let's look at the big size, size, size, size, total trade, 5.5 million, a call for what says september. 17. 55 000..

Someone threw down big money, 5.5 million um for 58. That was for hang on, let's see the other 58s, the other 58s. You know this was a lone trade. Someone went, it looks like someone bought this uh, i don't it wasn't like they were undoing a position because for the 58 uh days till expiration, there's no other 50., so it's not like they got in and got out and day traded it um.

They just loaded up on this 5.5 million 5 000 of these 50s for september 17th. That was at 9 56 this morning, pretty interesting, pretty interesting. What else do we have five mil more of this weird action for december we've been seeing a continuation of this weird stuff in december january, uh, some august ones, what else we have? Okay, yeah, i mean the main one to talk about is right here. The 50 strike for september 17th, 5.5 mil and it was not.

It may not have been undoing a previous trade, but it definitely was not today someone loaded up on this big this morning and i don't think they would have been intentionally unloading it because at 9, 56 9 56. Where were we in the day right before 10.? I mean we were still running from there. I think people got excited and just saw this pumping interesting. Let's see how that one plays out.

Let's keep that in mind, amc currently at 41., we're in that region of support between 40 and 42. Let's see how this all really comes together, iwm trying to spin it back around spy, trying to spin it back around the overall market's having a bit of a weird day a strange day. Is it possible that every spike we've been seeing is hedgie's covering bit by bit, so it won't be a huge margin. Call i mean it's theoretically possible, but incredibly unlikely, because there's still a lot of people buying to create a position will amc release a new share account at the shareholder meeting on the 29th.

No, the shareholder meeting for that happened in early june. That's the one that relates to the one for the 29th. Have you met ben and abe since uh your andrei jik collab? Why is there a max loss if you sell a put, i thought losses could be infinite with a put if you sell a put. No because you're agreeing to, i guess, buy that stock from them at that price.

That's why it's capped in lieu of eight fest we should meet at our local amc's, renting theaters out for the suicide squad across the u.s selling them out would be huge scott. That's a good idea, carol becoming an astronaut shout out carol. What is the logistical difference between buying a call and selling a put like, which is better for what scenario if that makes sense? So if you sell a put you get the max profit if it just stays above the strike price, if you buy a call, you want it to run more and more and more um, so you're selling a put is less risky and because of that also your Profit is capped while buying a call is more risky, but your profits are uncapped because the stock can just keep running running, running good questions. Uh check out neuro got in at nine dollars.

Yeah i saw about. I saw people talking about neuro uh. Let me bring it up over here uh. I believe there was an announcement like this is not a short play or anything like that um they had a big announcement and went from what three to thirty eight my recommendation with that is, do not get greedy.

So why is it skyrocketing? The company announced that its quail device has received breakthrough designation from the fda for treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia in adults. So it's a biopharma play it's it's running because of a fundamental announcement. A fundamental driver fda approval for apparently some device that helps with fibromyalgia um. So that's, what's going on, i'm telling you do not get greedy have a trading plan.

What is your profit target? Make sure you have a defined profit target, make sure like what is your plan like? Are you using a trailing stop? Do you have a hard stop? Do you have a profit target? Are you like? You have to have a plan? You can't just be like you can't be there with your fingers crossed be like. Oh, i hope it keeps running uh. You have to have some sort of instituted plan - amc, 40, 77, 79 dollar. At a time, let's see if it can recapture 41.

spy trying to bounce the s p 500 iwm trying to bounce as well off of 221 25 getting. I would very much like for it to recapture 222. very much like all right, all right, all right. All right all right, so we went under the neuro thing um, if you're not already in neuro.

Please understand that the news is already like the public knows about the news, like you shouldn't, see neuro's action today and be like. Oh, this is a good chance for me to get in no cuz. Like you don't know, if there's another driver, what spiked it now was because of the announcement um it's like if they come out with another announcement that might help you out, but it's the news has already been, i guess, consumed by the public. So i don't know if i would personally be like.

Oh, i think this could continue even more. I think they would be need a new piece of news. That's my assumption. Hence why i'm not just going to buy neuro, hey matt, weird, with different streams, i'm glad you're doing what you do for the community appreciate your hope.

Your day is amazing, hey. I appreciate that shout out. Thank you for that support very, very kind. All right.

Let's see if we get some sort of like someone set a pivot in the power hour. Let's do this thing: spy, hard, bounce off of support, look at literally to the cent 62 literally to the cent uh really a cup and handle s p 500. Setting up with a cup and handle, let's see how it reacts to 434 cup, handle higher low, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful hope that this run helps with iwm hope, iwm run, helps with amc and just the overall excitement in all three of them. I hope helps with gme um.

The way amc is now in its region of support between 40 and 42, so is gamestop. Gamestops is between 180 and 185. Let me mark these out for everyone. 185..

1. 80 right there, so both are in their region of support. Looking for some buyers to step in hey, what's going on tom nash, hope everything's going well all right. How is the rsi on these guys? They have to be oversold right.

Oh definitely, oversold definitely, definitely yeah. Both amc and jimmy are oversold, interesting, interesting, interesting, uh spy. Coming back with some vengeance about to break, i wonder if it's going to rip from here. Hopefully it causes some um enthusiasm in iwm matt.

What do you think about elon wearing an ape during his bitcoin doge interview? Uh? I didn't see that if he did it but uh interesting interesting, i mean he's into it, though, like he likes playing that troll character. I want to see this. The bitcoin elon is this: making twitter news are people paying attention to this? Oh, he had uh like the the evolution thing of going on, but it was for doge, i believe so it was just more showing the evolution of currency at large. I think that's what his shirt was about.

I don't know if that was necessarily a nod to amc gme. I guess one of his quotes from that elon musk said i might pump, but i don't dump he says laughing, so that was in reference to bitcoin. I don't know if our financial regulators are gon na, be too happy with that one i might pump, but i don't dump interesting, oh elon. What will he do next? All right, so the the handle part of our cup and handle on the s p 500.

Just got smacked for the fir third time at 434, let's see if it can like regain some momentum and break from there jimi amc both severely oversold on the three-minute chart. We are looking for the bounce, the bounce, the bounce, the bounce - let's see if some buyers will end up stepping in ah notice, there's less fun with the two hour break. Uh could be true, but i just mentally and physically needed it. So i like it and like i said it's gon na happen for the rest of the week and then i'll reevaluate over the weekend, but it's kind of nice because it lets me set up and actually research.

I mean thus far for the past six months. All my research has taken place like outside of normal market hours, like i stream all day, do an update, video and then i research for the next day, so sometimes i'm 12 to 24 hours behind. While this way whatever happens in the morning, i could research it in the like in midday and then i could present it uh. So it's just a little bit of a different structure.

Instead of just like a rambling stream of seven hours, i get to ramble study and then ramble in a bit more of a cohesive manner. Uh what are going to do when gme finally does have an announcement rut. Ro can't wait. What's going on angie uh matt, please add some rockets and magnets, oh definitely can do.

Is that what we've been missing out on today? Just not enough, not enough rocket action, not enough magnet action. We got ta spin. This thing around all right: let's get the old rocket. Let's get the rocket on gme oops there we go rockets obviously have to go upwards as we learn from both richard branson and bezos lately.

This is the way rockets go all right and then for amc. Let's give it the old, the old whirl, with a giant magnet the old giant magnet attempt see if they can beat that type of that type of superior charting, not enough tesla losses. What's going on, will one of these days uh we'll get back to it? Spencer. G, you just said: etfs are the issue.

What do you mean? Would uh i'm curious? What you mean with that? Etfs are the issue the issue to what thoughts on chem bio. I heard we will keep raising tomorrow, but what i've learned? Don't chase kem kem, bio, bio uh, what's its ticker, because i'm not saying anything about a company, chem, bio kembo, i'm not seeing anything about ken bio man, the s p, 500! Coming back so strong! I really think it has a whole other dollar in it pretty easily 435 bullish on it turn around tuesday seasonality, uh people, apparently don't care about inflation. People, apparently don't care about the potential of a delta variant. We're just euphoria, people are buying, buying, buying buying, looks like s, p, 500 might be gearing up for some sort of a push in power hour, we're about 20 minutes out from a power hour.

We do have a cup and handle in the overall stock market, and this is important. The reason why i'm even talking about the spy is because the spy it can have an impact on iwm and we know iwm - can definitely have an impact on amc and then three of them together. If there's a lot of buying, you do see something similar in a gme, so this is why you have to watch them all in unison. They don't live in a vacuum.

There are external headwinds and tailwinds, it doesn't mean it has to but um c m e. I c what is it cm? Cmei, the emi chem bio diagnostics. Oh i mean i would, i mean obviously do what you want, but this is a horrific looking chart and it's it feels super chasey i mean all the stock was doing was down trending and they must have had some sort of announcement, but i'm not going to Chase i mean you're, you don't want to be the person who's late to the party, it's at resistance right now there has additional. I would look at it this way of like yeah.

It could keep going, but the risk to reward setup. The way i trade, it's just not worth it if you're in it. I wish you the best of luck, but to me when i'm trading i like to take the layup trades - and this seems like a very dif - it's such an ugly chart such an ugly chart. Good example of a gap fill though here's a giant gap.

Actually it didn't even complete the gap film. It has two gaps that are still this gap right here from june of last year and then right after that, so we have an up gap and a down gap, uh interesting, two gaps that still need to be filled, but i have no idea about it. I'm assuming this is some sort of yeah health technology uh, some sort of biopharma play it. Gapped up must have had a successful test.

Fda approval, something along those lines, but the market is already digesting it. It's. The news like people have already made the trades before the news. They benefited off the news it could keep going, but i've seen too many times where we have things like this and then absolutely craters, so i'm just personally not willing to take that risk.

All right. The spy is looking hungry, beautiful bounce off of 40 uh 4011 and amc coming back up to this region right here at 42. Trying to get back uh two closes above 42 is strong like every time we're closing above 42. We know 40 to 42 is resistance.

Above it, it acts as support, so we want to continue to close above 42, because that means the more we do it. The more volume we trade above it the market at large, is accepting amc being above that that is good for us all right. Let's get right above 42 iwm would love to see it above 222., but spy. I mean spy's looking hungry, it's just will the demand outweigh the supply, but it looks like the spy is attempting to push and we see gme bending back around 180 250.

All the way up to 184 gme, like i said 4011, now pushing 4160 making a run to 42, specifically 42, 25 42 30 somewhere in that region. If we're trying to get a little bit more specific, but overall kind of a kind of a quiet day like we had a huge run every day and the fact that it's neutral and just not getting smacked, i actually give the edge to the bulls to the Apes and my reasoning for that is just the fact that the market is accepting these prices um the fact we're not getting smackdown like they're, not giving back to gains we're just kind of holding right now and after a 25 game yesterday on amc, a 10 gain On gme, that's pretty good uh there we go the breakout on the spy. I mean it's just following through on this cup and handle cup, handle the old duck and bill pattern. The old dutch tulip following through.

I think it could actually push straight up to 435. Another: what 85 cents on that ooh there we go! Look at this gme getting above 185, its region of resistance and amc not far behind trying to push above 42.. There we go come on. We want to see a green across the board, a green, green, green power hour matt.

How can apes stop hedgies borrowing shares? What can we do um? It would take a lot of money, but theoretically, if everyone else borrows shares - and just doesn't short, that's one thing, but it's big big money, um at general, like in general, do retail is sizeable, but retail in general of like just day to day buying. This isn't specific to amc and gme. It's still big money, big banks, big institutions that are moving the overall market um, that's retail, can account for sizable amounts of money. It is sizable, but it's just there's so much money in these big banks and that type of stuff so like if retail came up with the money, to borrow all of the shares from the brokers.

Yeah, that's one thing, but i mean i think, one of the best things we can do as a community to battle. This is to continually point out things that look a little bit questionable a little bit nefarious a little bit potentially illegal and trying to get a governing body to look into it. Like it's one of those things that it, we can't just sit here as a community and scream manipulation. You can't do that because, like if a governing body decides to listen to us, they're gon na be like okay they're, just saying manipulation.

What do they mean? We need to call out very very specific things like you have to be detailed and we have to be organized and right now i think that's one thing that this particular community is kind of missing is at large. A lot of people are screaming for manipulation. You know what's better than that: okay, a little bit more detail to say naked shorting. Do you know what's even better than that, though, is calling to their attention the amount of ftds in late june and early july? That's a very specific thing that we can call attention to.

We have the data and it's something that they can actually look into so manipulation at its highest. It's just too generic naked shorting a little bit better, but okay like naked shorting of what stock. How do you think they're pulling it off? It's still like middle middle level? What's very, very concise is take a look at the failure to delivers in late june early july amc. Why are they so consistent and why are there so many remember with this? If you want change, you have to be very specific about the change.

You actually want. That's my own opinion. Obviously i can't speak for you, but that's how i would envision getting something to actually change for the better. Is us being highly organized and highly specific of what we want to see and why we want to see it? That's my opinion.

Obviously i don't speak for you. This is my thoughts on like how i think the community could benefit, but i'm obviously all ears like if you have a better way to articulate it, or maybe you have more experience with this type of stuff like hey, i think we could do it this way. This way and this way, but i think the community being a little bit too general and high level it i don't know who would really listen to us at that point - uh 526 to 528 candles look very similar to 719 721. Let's take a look at that.

So you're saying on amc, i assume 526 to 528 526 right here to 528. So these three look very yeah. I would agree with that. Like this run, we have right here kind of looks like in here.

No obviously not perfect, it's not exactly it's not like a doppelganger or anything, but the general sentiment of it of it seems like a push upward where the momentum is not necessarily being squashed. I could get behind that. I could definitely get behind that um, you or trey need to set up a gofundme for wes um. I don't know about that.

That doesn't seem like something i would personally like. It was too divisive to the community and i don't my goal is not to divide the community. My goal is to to the best of my ability explain to the community. What's going on, i'm not here to push a confirmation bias, and i'm not here to like accept fud, i'm here to try to keep everyone on the same page of realism.

I know sometimes that pisses people off some people like they're, like hey. I want to be positive. I want to be fed this confirmation bias um and i'm not going to do that. I know everyone in the community.

Obviously we want to disprove fud, that's easy um. I don't think i need to specially, especially like hark on that um, but for me i'm trying to teach a little bit about what i think trading is trading is a page of realism. I'm not here to hawk hope, i'm here to tell you what has helped make me a successful trader, i'm here to explain terminology short interest utilization shares on loan. Some of the specifics of what a threshold list is.

What's going on like across the board, it's this world is new to a lot of people, and i'm just trying to help people feel more welcome and better feel more confident in what's actually going on uh, rather than just like hear like slamming my fist being like. Hey it's manipulation. It should be high like that, doesn't really get anywhere. That's not something that you can like actively use to improve your own financial situation.

What else can we do if we can see the ftds? You know the sec can why aren't they forcing them to settle the ftds um? Well, they are that's what the whole threshold list thing is um at uh to my understanding on the 13th consecutive day, there's no more leeway at that point. It's you have to settle. Some of them and it dropped off the threshold list on the 12th day, but just in general, the market should not be functioning in a manner in which there's so many uh like a meaningful size of consecutive ftds day over day. Why was there a chunk? Just not being fixed or solved for like what's going on and remember all naked shorts are an ftd, but not all ftds are naked short.

Ftds are more of a j like a general umbrella term, and naked shorting is a very specific type of ftd. There are various types of ftds, so we can't sit here unless you are working at the dtcc or the nscc or the sec or finra. We can't sit here and be like hey all. These are naked shorts uh, we can say hey.

We think, because of various things, we're seeing in price action that we think a high amount of them are but like to be definitively 100 sure you would have to work at one of those governing bodies or a clearinghouse or something like that. But uh. In my personal opinion, i would say, a meaningful, proportionate size of those ftds are naked shorts and my personal reasoning, for that is just some of the wonky price action we've seen, but that's also a theory that is when i throw on my tinfoil hat and try To make sure that, like i'm, making it explicitly clear to all of you that i don't have the data in front of me to back that up most of the things i'm saying i like to have the data source and be like this is what it says And this is what it means at least the way i interpret it, and that's very different from the times that i'm going on to my own theories, where it's more of like we might have second hand, evidence or a strong gut feeling or intuition, based on things That we're seeing in the chart, but not necessarily backed by like a hardcore report or something along those lines. Why amc on the left um? Basically just because i'm a madman, you know it's just.

I am just crazy, like that. I mean some people they they do. Whatever they quit their job, they leave the country they go on binges. You know me my crazy thing.

The thing that really gives me an outlet when i need to blow off steam um is putting gamestop on the right and amc on the left, like it's just sometimes you're gon na meet people in your life that are just unhinged crazy, and this is one of Those people like i i at a whim this this morning, decided to switch up the charts. So just that crazy here you go. Matt have a nice coffee on me. I don't like them, then got a hot one on me all right, i'm a fan of both.

I appreciate that is amc forming a cup and handle not really uh, maybe like kind of a baby one i mean it would meet my definition, not the most picture-perfect cup and handle, but i see you're pushing kind of this cup and then a handle to 42. It's close enough. I'd give you those points. Hey matt.

Did you ever check out charlie's vids on youtube, dd on amc and jimmy? You said you would about a week and a half ago you probably forgot. I saw some um to be honest. He's had some things right he's had some things wrong: um, he i'll give it to him. He can do very good dd um.

So i'm not here to say like at large uh that he's all right or all wrong, like any of us, he's right on some things wrong on some other things um. But overall i think i like like he does do good research and evidence, but i'm not going to sit here and be like everything he does is amazing, but i would say that about myself, i'm not going to say everything i put out is perfectly right. There's been a lot of times where i've had to retract me, like hey, i stated something in my update video wrong and, like i'm, correcting myself in these streams um, but overall, like i think, he's a good. I guess quote unquote.

Defec detective like looking into some good stuff, but overall, for me i mean, when you get into this side of youtube, you end up consuming a lot less youtube uh. So in terms of amc um, honestly, i don't really can i mean not even amc or gme. Just like youtube at large, my consumption of youtube over the past six months is, has severely severely fallen. It's just there's not enough time.

In the day, um maybe have wes to explain, pros and cons of a lawsuit concurrent to waiting for the squeeze apes. Just scared, in my opinion, i mean for it's just too tense of a subject for me to touch i mean i don't know if, if anyone's been living under rocky or the the drama last week within the community, the amc gme community exploded, and it was just Absolutely filled there was like a lot of gasoline and, in my opinion, the reddit just absolutely throwed him like was throwing matches onto it and then it blew up across like all social media. So for me i don't want the community to be divided. I don't want to be pushing anything that could be divisive if someone else out there like wants to take the reins on that, and they think that's like what we finally need for the community have at it, and i hope it plays out in the way you Want, but it's just not gon na be uh.

I guess an effort that i'm being the lead on how bad would another shutdown be for us and amc um, i'm assuming you're talking about like a rona related thing. That would be kind of interesting, because right now that like that, would be a fundamental thing if people are just not seeing in movies. But we also know all of us that amc is training outside of fundamentals and if we already know it's training out of fundamentals like would it really have an impact? I don't know like i'm just throwing out my own theories and that stuff, but fundamentally that would hurt amc, but we all know that we're in amc for a short squeeze play not a fundamental long-term investment. So i don't know if it would really have an impact.

It depends on how hard it's hit by news sources and mainstream media. It depends how like overtly negative, they are like how much they want to like attack it, but with any of that, it's fear-mongering like people in media, like it's fear and greed. That's a big driver of like okay, like they try to scare they try to fear monger, so the market at large. I would be worried about because, like of how much they're gon na try to prompt that fear, uh someone just said shorts can't cover.

If we don't sell um, i mean, but remember like i mean right now, i'm not saying ape nation is selling, but someone sold 142 million shares today and someone bought 142 million, obviously not an individual, but at large there was a lot of buying and a lot Of selling today, this concept, i strongly believe apes and retail at large, is not selling. I strongly passionately believe that, but obviously some big players out there on wall street are actively buying and selling throughout the day. That's where the 142 million comes from. 142 million buys 142 million sells remember with any buy, there's, always a counterparty if you're buying someone is selling.

If someone is selling, that means someone is buying and that's true on lit exchanges. That's true on alternative trading systems. That's true on non-atss remember an ats is a dark pool so basically for lit exchanges, dark pools and non-atss the three main types of venues and all the venues within those subcategories. Whenever there's a buyer, there's a seller whenever there's a seller, there's a buyer like it.

Buyer equals there has to be a seller and seller equals. There has to be a buyer, you can't buy from nothing and you can't sell from nothing. So what i think's going on is slowly but surely the ape community is consuming more and more of the float, and i mean i can't say a hundred percent of quote-unquote apes aren't selling. Like i'm sure someone out there is like paper-handed or whatever that's like up to them, i'm not here to tell people what to do with their money, but i think we're consuming more and more of the float.

But remember retail quote: like quote: unquote: apes we're just one part of the equation: they're, still big banks, they're still all sizes of hedge funds and they're still high frequency trading and they're still market makers. So there are other players in the game. Besides, just retail love from israel can a squeeze happen after hours. It can start, but remember, for the squeeze.

I mean we're looking at 94 million shares on loan and that's not even the full picture, so it would be really really tough for them, like we don't trade that type of volume in extended hours, training at all uh. So it could start or it can end in extended hours trading, but there's no way after it like a non-market session, like a non-main market session, there's no way that would be the entirety of a squeeze. In my opinion, a squeeze would last multiple full trading days. Hedge funds are selling shares back and forth to each other.

Uh hft perfectly timed to bring the price down could be that that's definitely one theory. That's possible uh, hi matt. If we buy amc right now, are we getting real or synthetic shares? Uh, there's no way to know because it's not like something is designated as a real share or a synthetic share um. So you could be getting both, but don't worry about that.

It's not like, if you find out like if somehow you're, not going to get an email one day from the sec and be like. Oh, you have a synthetic share. You have to give it back. Sorry, like here's, your initial money, that's not how it worked.

If you have a real share or a synthetic share, you still have the share and you have the right to the profit and also you're still at risk for a potential loss like you're gon na get the gain and or loss, whether real or synthetic. So it doesn't really matter if you have either or it's not like it's going to be clawed back from you. We need a oh brother about to head into power hour folks power hour just started one hour left in the day. Let's see what type of action we can get, i want an explosion across the board and everything on the screen up up and away hey matt.

We love you, but amc flies when it's on the right. Can you try that out? Superstitions are like shamrocks and magnets. Very real power - i mean amc - was rocking this morning in ames. He was on the left, so i don't know if we have enough like data on the superstitions of where it should be, because we've also had amc on the right where it's getting gotten hit.

We're just trying some new things out to really send the hedge funds for a whirl. We know we're trying to get them to chase their own tail if gme squeezed before amc. Would that help the amc squeeze. In my opinion, i mean obviously that would be telling the for, like the future, i think one squeezing, regardless of which, which is first, would help the other, in my own opinion, amc on all four.

I like that suggestion. I like that. Just amc, amc, amc, amc just different time frames like the one minute to three minute: the 15 and the 30, just like all hedge fund tuning in amc, is on the left. What the hell do we do now like this kid's gone unhinged i mean.

Let me know and chat how many of you actually like felt uncomfortable this morning, like it's, probably settling in now that amc is on the left, but at first let me know if it was actually like jarring to you that we switched it up. I'm just trying to keep people on their toes matt, settle that if your average amc price is 50 and you sell 10 000 worth of amc at 45, losing money, then 30 minutes later buying amc at 40 overall average dips to 48. um steve see. We can figure this out good, math, jarring, all right where's, my pen, so uh matt.

If you have fifty thousand and you sell ten thousand dollars worth - is uh your average price is fifty and you sell ten dolla steve see to know the math on it. You would i'd have to know like the size of your initial position and 30 minutes later you buy 10 000 at 40, the average overall drips to 48.. I mean it depends that 10 000 that you uh like in this hypothetical scenario you sold is that half of the position is that all the position? Is it a third of the position? You have to know how to like weight it properly. So you need the size of the initial position, switch all charts with face cam, hey matt.

I love that you now take time for yourself each day. Trey agrees. You can't help others, if you don't take care of yourself. First, shout out to my reasons for holding my sons, mason and dylan, shout out to ryan spaceape, the father of two space apes in training, mason and dylan.

My brain is just trained to look at the right side. Well, that's what i'm saying this is a me. A symbolic movement of we can't always just do what we're trained to do. We got to stay on our toes.

How can i get a pic and the info on all the ftds uh? You could screenshot my screen. If you want here, are the ftds up until the end of june? Actually do we have early july, yet i think we get it at the end of the month, but right failure to deliver uh right here. You could screenshot this and i'll show you like. I guess one of these spikes, so that's about 4 million, where my cursor is, but this is from june 18th, all the way up till june 30th.

The reason there's not here is just because they haven't been reported. Yet it'll the first half of july comes out at the end of july, but anyway um. You could just screenshot this four million on june 21st and it gives you a rough estimation of these other ones, but the market is not working properly. When you have this many ftds, especially consecutively, something is going wrong in this period for this to possibly happen all right, amc, 4122, looking for it to overtake 42 jimmy 184 25, looking forward to overtaking 185 iwm back up to 4 22..


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