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Gang what is going on what is going on? Let's start off today. Let's just start it off right away, no more messing around all right, all right, all right, i hope everyone's having a good good good thursday, the day before the olympics. Well, i guess the olympic opening ceremony, but essentially the day before the olympics, folks, hello, hello, hello, wherever you are, i hope, you're having an amazing morning afternoon evening night, wherever you're at, i hope, you're having a good one uh, hopefully we're getting uh an exciting volatile Day in amc and jimmy as of now amc, 40 71 pretty much flat based on the close from yesterday, jimmy 184 48. uh we'll be going over the ortex numbers we'll be going over uh, the technicals and all that uh.

So i'll give you the quick rundown. A little prep work for the day and then obviously like any questions like that, we could hop into it or we could see if there's any news. Anything like actually there's what ah there's a couple pieces of news that i think are important for us to go over, so let's hop right into it. Amc as of today to start the day off.

14.36 short interest shares on loan, almost 93 million utilization 83.56 percent. If you're here uh, if you're an older battle tested ape, you already know, but if you're a newer ape, you should know no matter what anyone tells you. The shorts have not covered we're. Pushing a hundred million shares on loan.

There's a lot of money. Betting against this stock and at the most inherent level of what's going on it's a game of cat and mouse, will the shorts get squeezed. A prerequisite of that is for there to be a lot of shorts. Are there a lot of shorts yeah even on the most conservative floor level, the most conservative level there's so much money betting against this, as in so many people that could caught upon a technical breakout that prompts a full on legitimate squeeze.

So, no matter what you hear from anywhere social media mainstream media, whatever media from the back of a cereal box, i don't really care the shorts have not covered for gamestop through an interest of 14.27 percent shares on loan with 7.71 million utilization 39. Honestly, i mean at this short interest: um, the magnitude of these numbers are different. Amc and gma have very, very different floats as in a different amount of total shares that, like the public, can trade that you and i can trade. So that's why this is different.

So, that's why you need all three: the utilization shares on loan and short interest and honestly people could say the same thing about gme. At this point, the shorts there's still a lot of money, betting against it, you're just looking for a technical breakout that gets the shorts to actually be scared in terms of the overall market. So obviously, on monday, very very rough tuesday. We were all here talking about turnaround tuesday.

I was telling you that hey, i think, there's going to be a continuation. I was calling out 4 35.. We ended up hitting 434-70 off on that one and hey. We might get the continuation today, i'm just looking at the support levels from both july 12th and july 14th.

We want that continuation above 435 and then that would set up a test of the current all-time high for the overall market. Once again, this is the s p. 500. It's an indice tracking 500 of the biggest companies in the us.

This etf spy etf exchange traded fund is what tr it's one of the ones that tracks the s: p 500 uh aka the overall market, the other one. That's a little bit more important, especially for amc, is iwm. Iwm is an etf that tracks the russell 2000. It's a small capstock 2000 small cap companies.

Amc is a part of it. Gme used to be a part of it, but it is no longer it got removed and went into the russell 1000 in late june. So anyway, we saw a nice push on iwm. I want to see it take out this level and i think this will definitely help out amc around 223.30, so about a up a dollar 30 from where it closed yesterday, and then at that point i would then be looking for almost 227.

would love to see Continuation in iwm, just because it recently we've been seeing a strong correlation between the russell 2000, its intraday movements and also amc. So, that's honestly, why we're talking about it right now, uh in some of the news that i think we should go over uh just so you know, uh don't be surprised if you're hearing more about clove, i'm seeing an article. I guess wall street bets this reddit wall street bets once again talking about some stuff but uh they're, trying to push that clove is somehow the same as amc clove has joined, amc and sofi technologies among the stocks, seeing the highest interest on wall street bets um. So we know um, yes, credit credit is due um, where it's deserved wall street bets, roaring, kitty, aka, deep, f in value.

They deserve all accolades. They truly do. Why are we here right now? It's because of wall street bets it's especially because of roaring kitty. Dfe dfv, those are the two entities that got this going specifically dfe.

So that's not to take away what's gone on historically, but since then many many things have changed with wall street bets and they're, not really the community. That's the main support of amc and gme right now. So if you're, seeing things i mean, amc and gme currently do have more of their own reddits and that's where people post dd specific to those two stocks for the people who are still interested. The driving force is no longer just wall street bets.

Obviously, they're talking about other things as well, so fi clove, i'm just bringing up to you. So you understand a little bit of the players, especially what's going on with this and don't be surprised if you hear more people, i guess talking about clove and wanting you to get in on clove, but hey whatever you want to trade. I wish you the best of luck, have conviction in your trade? Have a trading plan just trying to bring that up to you another thing that i'm seeing a little bit of on twitter a lot of bots lately uh two things: two things that we're seeing a lot of bots lately talking about this concept of selling at 300. I mean even this morning, i believe that they were on tmi stream, a lot of bots the exact same message about selling at 300, and this is specific to amc.

Um. So just know that i mean it's the exact same message: just all these accounts they're using generic photos and that's actually where the entire thing gets a little bit worse, which brings me to like maybe my more important part to my understanding, i believe, they're using the Names and the likeness of people who have passed away and passed away in sometimes some horrific manners um and that's who they're using so these people who are creating the bot accounts are like legitimately using people who are like no longer with us. Um from like horrific events and they're using their names, their likeness and they're, using those accounts to post it, and it's just it's - it's absolutely horrible um. So not only is it bad that they're, just using some sort of random bot account to post this 300 thing, but the fact that then they're taking it to that next level of using these people like it's, it's disgusting, uh to the actual, like true meaning of Like just not like the true definition, it is repulsive it's abhorrent.

It's disgusting uh, so please be on the lookout for that. If you're seeing these report them try to get the accounts taken down, because it's just it's absolutely disgusting, okay, so that's kind of the rundown for the day, we'll hop into some of your questions right here, ccc calm, cool and collected bots on tmi's stream, saying to Sell at 300 - oh okay, exactly there thank you, carlos and on twitter, saying to stay away from the reddit to stay away from reddit sell 300 350 using dead people's account yeah. So, okay, that's exactly what i was talking about uh and on twitter saying to stay away from reddit um. I would i mean, i don't know the context and what they're saying to stay away from reddit, but i mean obviously not this isn't a hit on reddit, but just like.

Sometimes people find certain social media to be like more toxic than others. So, obviously, for your own mental health like stay in the domain that like it, doesn't have some adverse effect on your day-to-day life. Um, hey matt, look at the cup and handle on the 15 minute and bull flag forming on the one day, looks bullish cup and handle on the 15 minute 15 minute. Oh, are you watching this in the post market right here, like, i guess, the post market in today's pre-market uh? If this is the time frame, you're on i like that yeah it looks like we're trying to get above 41.50 uh a little bit in a little bit i'll.

Do a technical breakdown of amc and jimmy. So we can map out the initial levels of the day. Have the shorts covered, oh brother, absolutely not um, surely 300 to 400 is an actual, realistic value. Uh though after a gamma squeeze a million shares seems stupid, uh beginner appear could be wrong.

So for me i know that there's some people putting out price targets for me um, i'm kind of not in that game, my game, if my personal trading plan - and i'm always preaching this to everyone - have your trading plan for me on amc and gme. It's not a price target um. I think there's a couple legitimate reasons: why i'm not having that? First of all, it's too complex of an equation between a short squeeze of gamma squeeze and a fomo buying and those interplaying with each other. How could you possibly account for that fairly like people who are throwing out numbers they're, just kind of throwing that out i've seen no number that like no equation, that's like oh i'm gon na weigh this one this one and this one - and this is how i Came up with this um, it's too dynamic, even if you come up with the number by the time you point it out there.

Something else is different. The options change is changing. The short interest is changing, the eight community is growing, so those three things, the short squeeze the gamma squeeze and the um really just straight up good old-fashioned fomo, buying they're, changing on a day-to-day basis. I'm not here to say what is and isn't possible.

My trading plan is to ride the trend, especially especially as there's such a crazy amount of shorts that still need to be covered. For me, there's no reason to pull the rip cord right now. The stock is up high. There's a lot of people still betting against it.

So to me we have all the ingredients for a recipe that could lead to a huge explosion. Um, that's how i'm trading, amc and gme. I'm not saying that's how i'm trading every stock! That's just like my personal game plan for amc and gme um, i'm a little a little bit hesitant about price targets in general, because i think it can go one of two ways uh way. One is what, if you lock in your profits at whatever value x, and what, if that's, only a portion of the run like what, if it just keeps on running, like whatever you have in your mind.

What, if it's just like what, if that's only a small percentage like for me, the game plan, is to take the meat of the mood i'm not going to be able to bottom ticket, i'm not going to be able to top ticket. I just want to get a high percentage of the move and, depending on what price you might or might not have in your head, if you get out there, what, if that's just, not the meat of the move on the flip side, what if you're in this The entire time and you've been battling this out, especially if you're like in here from january february or maybe even earlier. Imagine what if, in the scenario that you have a price target, what if in the scenario it comes up and it undershoots it by one cent and then that's when amc comes down because remember with this short squeeze, it doesn't stay at that new value. It comes up, it goes high, high high, it might dance around a little bit and then it ends up coming back down so you're.

Putting in all this effort all this dd all this research, all of your just like emotional space, all of your mental space with a price target that becomes even more interesting, then, because, like imagine finding this all out, you have your price target and what, if it Undershoots it by one cent and you end up not getting a fill so because of that, that's what i'm saying is for me: i'm just trying to follow the chart and i'm trying to follow the shorts if the chart is still trending upward, especially when there's still A massive amount of shorts, i'm still in the game. It's that easy all right. We did that, but discovering in out of the money short from five dollars have the same weighted effect as a stock as covering in the money short for 50. Could that be covering older shorts and opening new ones? It would have the same effect because buying is buying.

When you buy a stock, it doesn't matter where you entered it. For them, it might be different in terms of their p, l and their own psychology, but for them to cover the position for them to close the short buying is buying. It doesn't matter how you created the position. Cinemark had a big rise.

Yesterday was the news, or is it distracted to take away from amc, um cinemark? I that's a uk one right, i believe, um. All i know all i can tell you. Maybe this is just a bit too anecdotal, but there's a way: bigger community support for amc. Relative to synmark and that's important remember: you should not be moving forward in your trading career.

Looking for highly shorted stocks, thinking, amc and gme are like representative of all of how all highly shorted stocks play out. This is beyond the black swan event. This is a massive rarity. Do not there's no statistical advantage to simply buying highly shorted stocks.

What's so special about amc and gme? Is they have cultural support? A massive community support that has literally never been seen before uh? How can there be billions of synthetics? It's illegal, i mean even one synthetic is illegal. It's against the rules, one ten, a million, a billion. Whatever number we should not have synthetic counterfeit shares across the board. They're illegal i've been watching since every just want to say you rock, and thanks for all you do shout out jonathan uh.

Can i just clear up some confusion for everyone. This is from stonks batman. Citadel llc is the company citadel security and citadel the like. Just you have citadel security and citadel are two businesses run by citadel llc citadel llc, the umbrella company citadel the hedge funds, under it and city citadel securities, the market makers under that uh? Thank you for that clarification, stonks, batman, uh, my mom passed away two years ago and a bot used her name.

I complained to facebook. They deleted. My mom's account. Sorry for your loss, robert hey matt.

I've got some money from my daughter's resp. I don't want to put it into resp any etfs or stocks. I can look into long hold arc q um derek with that uh money for my daughter's resp uh off the top of my head. I'm sorry, i don't know what an resp is, but with it.

If you're looking for some sort of long-term growth, especially for your daughter's account, that's the point when you like legitimately, want to reach out to a financial advisor and explain the plans. If you want to do it yourself, i would recommend looking into industries that you like that you think, are going to grow over the next 5 years, 10 years 20 years. Obviously, do your research do your dd there's a couple industries. I, like i, do like the ev sector.

I like the gambling sector. I think right now the marijuana sector is getting severely beaten down, but i think 5, 10, 20 years it'll come back swinging. I like the esports sector. Those are some of the sectors off of the top of my head that over the next five 10 20 years, i think we'll all do exceedingly well.

Resp, canadian tax shielded fund, okay, so i assume it's equivalent to maybe like an ira or something like that. Like a roth ira in the u.s, so overall with that, i would definitely recommend speaking with like a certified financial counselor advisor. But if you do want to do it solo, i would recommend tracking industries at large that you are very confident in they're, like more of longer term growth uh, my mama dunn, told me to bring home a rabbit, but i got amc instead good morning, matt no Suspenders, what's going on that's duck! Suspenders! Oh we'll get you we'll get you man nick bowling becoming a space ape matt. I just deposited 4k and weeble and it only gave me 1k buying power.

I've deposited so many times it never happened. Maybe wait till my bank opens i'll boogie. It takes some time so they're giving you uh, basically they're, trusting in you that the money's gon na actually come through. Remember it takes multiple days for the money to actually clear so you're getting 1k on day, one just because they're like hey, okay, like they're taking that risk, but to get the full buying power, at least in my experience, you're going to have to wait for the Like the money to actually clear odion is amc in the uk: don't buy cinemark support amc, my dad's girlfriend's boyfriend, hey matt, going back to the bot stock mount 300.

We should expect the gamma squeeze and how will you analyze it? When should we expect the gano squeeze and how will we analyze it? When should we expect a gamma squeeze? No one could tell you the time or the date i mean gamma squeeze. You need two things to happen. Two very distinct notable things to happen. You need a lot of action going on in the open interest in the out of call out of the money calls, and then you also need the stock to really start moving upwards, like considerable percentage gains um.

So, with those two things i mean, we need to see both of those happening to have more of a realistic prediction for when a gamma squeeze could happen. I don't think anyone right now is actually pitching the concept of like oh on this date. We're going to have a gamma squeeze uh, because if they are, i mean i would be really curious, curious about their theory. I just uh, i'm not buying it.

I don't think honestly. I don't think that that's how it works. My robinhood statements say margin count. Am i not on margin? I'm am i not on margin, remember um! So am i not on margin? You could have a margin account without using margin.

Uh, like you, have a margin, account and cash accounts. So those are the type of accounts that you can have with the brokerage um, but even on a margin account, you might not be using margin um just so you know chris all right, uh, gme, pushing 186 and then right now we have amc at 40. 50.. I'm balls shaking my head good morning.

What's going on mr buule, mr bouley had to search for the stream this morning, uh francis uh. Did anyone else have that issue or did it show up? Uh especially, is so did. Trey is locked in matt's basement uh. Definitely not trey might be a little busy taking care of his awesome new cat titan.

If you haven't seen that he's been posting it on twitter seems like a really cool cat. Would it make sense to buy a call, that's in the money to obtain a lower cost average on socks, possibly use it to sell covered calls um don vito that wouldn't help you get a lower cost average because remember it is your strike price and that's what You're thinking of of it might lower but financially for you, don't forget you're, paying a premium. So, whenever you're thinking about like okay, is this gon na lower my average or not take the strike but also add the premium onto it, because that's what you would actually be paying, i had to search it. I had to search, i had to search um.

Well, that's a bummer. I guess a lot of people had to search it live next to the channel. There wasn't a live next to the channel. Oh okay! Well i mean i don't know if it's youtube sometimes youtube likes someone.

Sometimes they don't like someone um. It is what it is my top posits have cleared. Why would it say margin because you probably have a margin account like you could have a margin account or a cash account um a margin. Account is more of like it's going to allow you to trade without the money settling or you could like use extra leverage from them.

Um, you just might have a margin account but quick reminder, no matter what brokerage you're on it doesn't matter um, especially on a margin account, but you might as well check it with a cash account as well. It is worthwhile, if you don't want your shares lent out, which is how someone shorts like they have to borrow your shares from you. You might want to turn off what you would have to turn off your share lending. I can't tell anyone what to do, but i can tell you that myself, i've turned off my share lending.

I don't want my shares of amc, gme or really any of my shares lent out um. I don't like you, get a really really small interest payment and for me, that's not quite worth it like it's not even close to being worth it um. So double check that doesn't matter your brokerage go into your settings. Not all brokerages allow you to do it.

Uh, but most do you might have to call them or something like that uh. But if you don't want your shares lent out uh take the 10 minutes it takes today to see. If you can turn off your share lending, i heard robin hood: can liquidate margin accounts if you're getting margin called they can, but they wouldn't liquidate everything they would to my understanding just liquidate what they need to to get you under your margin requirement uh morning duck Commander, could you look at gme options? Nine, three, three apes, als three apps all look strange noting there are no real options: 9-3 on gme, i'm not even seeing any ford nine, i mean that's september. It doesn't even look like they're built out yet and i'm on gme right, yeah yeah, all right um, as for now they only have the month the they don't have any of the weeklies in september.

Yet so i'm not seeing anything there. Matt thinking about buying calls on ames in bb for late august early september, crush amc calls in june. What are your thoughts moon gang um? So i have not been tracking bb really uh, but with amc i mean it kind of depends on the exact date. You're doing in the strike price, but overall, if you're thinking that there's a chance for that mega move between now and late august, early september uh i mean for me, i i'm very much hoping i mean it's a long game and i hope we're closer to the End than we are to the start, i can't tell you a date, but, like you would be picking the strike price on basically like how ape-ish are you feeling at the moment, um, and that would like clue you into in what strike price you think is like, Like possible, by that specific time, uh thanks for all you do matt haters, wait, hey, but you're spot on with amc.

I appreciate you brother, a beautiful day to be nape, shout out tim b to z. Trade do share lending. If so, i figured out how to fix it. Anyone know how thanks matt uh, almost all brokerages will do share lending um.

I i actually don't know of ones that don't do share landing off the top of my head. So, like my generic advice on that would be to assume that yours does do it and then just to see if you could turn it off um. But i mean please correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't know of a brokerage that doesn't do share lending. I mean it's a money maker for them: hey matt.

Can you speak a little bit about uh twitter last night, lots of smack talking and starting drama towards you? I mean, i don't think it's worth like i mean um. No, i mean to me. It was like whatever i it's out there. Still you could read my tweets, i feel like um, i don't think either was attacking.

We were talking about factual things, and then people were just saying ape no fight ape folks, it's okay to go! For truth, it's okay! To all get on the same page of reality, that would be my only comments. Um. I think it was more so of people's reactions within the community that like blew it up, because people weren't attacking people, it was discussing like facts like not an opinion-based thing. We were like weeding through details to get to truth um, it wasn't in a it.

Wasn't like a personal emotional thing and um. I don't know. I think a lot of people try to make it that and all of a sudden it became like an ape. Don't fight a thing, it's like no! We want the truth like these were not like personal attacks and remember like no one should be doing personal attacks like at all it, but it's okay to seek the truth like we should all want the truth.

Uh matt play a lot of options, but never exercise. If you exercise a call option, does your premium accrued go to the exercise and you pay the difference exercise you have to have the capital in um your account to be able to exercise at that strike. So your profit isn't going to be from the option your profit is going to be from when you do do the exercise you're going to get filled out the strike, even though the stock's way higher, so you wouldn't be using that gain like you have to have The money in your account to get filled at that strike and once you do the fill you're automatically back in that profit, because you got filled at a price that's way lower than the current trading price, of whatever stock heads up to public users, you're automatically enrolled And the platform takes profits, you have to request to one of publix workers and ask to be taken out of the program shout out m. What's your non-financial opinion on neuro, i have shares at 24.

The swings are crazy. Uh option thought call or put not financial advice. Tony h, i know neuro um had some sort of like fda approval uh, so it went up on a big fundamental announcement, but i'm not a biotech biopharma trader. I just that's not where my expertise are um.

I don't know much about it like i, don't know how good their product was. Like. Obviously i know it's a big deal that the fda approved it like that's a very good thing um, but i don't know if it's gon na have legs sustainable, be a pump or dump like for me, my trading plan with neuro is to just not trade. It um you need to for, if you're in it, just have your plan like what is your risk? What is your reward? No matter what you're doing just please, please have a plan um, so that would be my opinion on your for you for neuro.

You said you're uh in 24, okay, my question into you is: what is your risk and what is your reward like? What are the price tables you're dealing with matt love, your content, facts and date approach. I think y'all youtube should do a roundtable discussion showing it's. Okay to disagree but united, i think we would strengthen the community to see. We are united, uh talk to tmi, um yeah.

I mean it's. What is this all right? Let me check this out. Um yeah. I mean it's not like it's just so to me like silly.

It's not even worthless, like it's. People are fascinated with other people's drama and to me like it wasn't a drama thing like even now. It's so much more useful for our community to talk about the actual facts and figures and not like the. I guess like drama behind it like it's just what's the short interest, what's the stock doing, what's the sec filings um, i don't know it.

I'm a little taken aback like it became very much a drama thing. I don't know um, but hey it's one of these things. It's drama like all drama it blows over. Let's just get back to it.

Nothing's changed the shorts haven't covered. The apes aren't leaving we're gon na see each other on the moon. It's that simple, like uh, let's use our our brain energy in our emotional state to focus on what actually matters these stocks and making money um. I think that's like a way better for place for us to put our energies all right.

Ding, ding, ding, the casino is open. Here we go here. We go off to the races folks uh. Thank you for all the information you've provided for free in your videos.

I've learned so much keep up the good work. Uh head high pasha straight. You crazy, duck joshua perkins. I appreciate that and i anyone out there you can do what you want.

You can run your social media. How you want the way i've chosen. It is to explain truth, and i'm not here to pat on everyone on the back and give you confirmation bias, i'm here to tell you what i believe to be true. If i get things wrong, i'm more than happy to correct myself um, it's literally that simple.

I i care about you, guys, truly learning and sometimes there's hard truths to swallow, and people don't like it, because they would rather get patted on the back and like feel good about it. But in my opinion, when you have legitimate money in play and like um you're being faced with a a true like life altering opportunity, you have to know what's actually going on, like you need the truth um and for me i don't know like if, if the Truth is on your side, like you're good, to go. That's it's just that's how this works. We should all want the truth.

Uh just transferred from weeble to charles swab and robin hood to fidelity, mainly so i could have things in one spot shout out nicholas and just so you know um. So i don't know specifically about charles swab, but i know with fidelity. They do have um. Not only free trades, but they have uh, they allow you to route your trades um.

So if you want to do your new trades uh in a way that would avoid a market maker, you would want some sort of brokerage, some sort of platform that allows you to pick your own routing and you can route it to the new york stock exchange. The nasdaq something like that fidelity does allow you to do that and then i'm sure, there's some other ones as well. Um, but remember this is more important for like right now into the future. If you already bought shares, it's that the the payment for order flow is already done, then uh payment for order flow is all about.

Like your upcoming trade, your upcoming buys your upcoming sales. So if that's something you want to avoid um, i i don't know about. Like inter well internationally, i believe payment for order flow is actually illegal in many spots uh, so you might have even less to worry about, but in terms of people in the u.s, fidelity is one, and i think there is another one. That's just not coming to my head, but it's overall, the name of the game is like.

If you want to avoid it, there may or may not be fees involved depending on what brokerage you're on some are free. Some aren't um, but the name of the game is seeing. If you can route trades like you specifically choose the venue that it goes to all right, uh, but uh thankful for people like you and trey uh yeah. I mean i appreciate you and i'm sure trey does i mean trade, and i have been in this really since january um and we, the support we receive, is absolutely phenomenal.

We love it. We love the success of the community. We love the education of the community of like how quickly people are learning what people are doing. It's so cool to see jimmy forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern looks bullish.

Shout out new england. Uh is nvidia going to rise back to 700 800 in the next few years and where the sun drop come from um, it was a share, split, uh, remember, uh, a share split, a stock split is not changing anything fundamentally about the company um. It's the equivalent of taking one five dollar bill and switching it into five one dollar bills. So you have more bills, but like the same as in the market cap, like that's the five dollars in this scenario, uh the market cap saying the same, so they have a like quadruple, the amount of shares for a quarter of the price um.

So if you previously owned nvidia, if you owned one share, you would now own four shares all right. I think we're up all right, all right. All right amc oversold this morning, oversold this morning on amc, uh, let's see if people are going to come in with the dip buy, let's push 40 and then 42. Those would be the first major levels, the first major levels, 42 right there all right.

First level. We want to take out is 40 uh key psychological level, key technical level right now, amc's at 39.93. Five, it looks like we are pushing it, which is awesome, gme pushing 185, which is also resistance. 185 right there, all right.

Looking strong. Let me pull up on um. I want this to play out for about 15 minutes, but i'll pull up the iwm on this other other chart other monitor just so, we can see. What's going on there, we go amc popping above 40 popping above 40., interesting interesting um.

So what i'm seeing is iwm is actually not looking the best this morning, but amc and jamie are looking strong, strong, strong. Here we go here. We go all right, all right. All right all right, uh we're making this run to 41 out of the gate, some serious strength, let's see how much we can carry the momentum.

Let's see how much we can sustain the momentum. Let's go, let's go! How nice of a day would it be to hit that 50 mark? I would love love, love, love to hit the 50 mark all right, jimmy popping up to 186 uh amc just hit it intraday high of 40.71. All right we are still making this run to 41. We are looking strong, strong, strong folks, all right.

Let's go! We just passed 41 now we're making this run to 42. boom goes the dynamite folks, what a day happy thursday happy thursday happy happy happy thursday. What's crazy about this? Is i'm looking over here and iwm is not looking hot um, but amc is looking hot feeling a bit froggy trying to make that jump, whoo straight to 42. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go um.

How long have i known trey, i met trey uh january or february, and it was like through trading um, but when we were both little little youtubers, we um i reached out to them and we started talking from there when we were just both baby youtubers baby Baby baby all right come on. Let's get this continuation, so amc hit 41.67 breakout is at 42 and then from 42, it's roughly 46 on the daily chart 46 and there might be some intraday stuff from the yesterday. But that's the major levels we'll be paying attention to the major levels come on, come on we're feeling good we're feeling good come on. Here we go.

Let's, let's gear up, let's gear up for this continuation. There we go here. We go hello, 42. All right! Let's get up to this resistance, don't be surprised because the rsi is now hot.

We might come up here and it might need a little bit of consolidation, but i would love to see it like test it hit. It maybe get a little bit above it i'd. Rather, it consolidate like right at 42., but let's see how this plays out hang out with me. What's going on, uh forget to hit the like on my way, smash it apes watch the hedgies get wedgies.

It might been here since february. Have you ever heard of cfd contract of difference um i have, and some people are asking about. Basically, if like, if you're buying a cfd, does it or does it not impact it um? For me, honestly, i've never dealt with cfds um. When i do it, it's more sort of just the straight up stock, so um with that, i would not be able to offer like the expertise on cfds, just saying even the parabolic arch had a dip at this point during its model kind of spooky.

So to my understanding with the parabolic arc, it's just more of the bounce off the 62 um, which we did that in like the lower 30s um. So, marco, i'm not quite sure of the time frame like are you talking about like on a daily time frame or an intraday time frame, but the dip was the 62 percent, but that's also where we had the rsi being oversold and the w a double bottom. Um, so there were a couple things that, like all came together that really added up to like a lot of different types of buying, which was obviously led us up to 41.74. Oh brother, what's going on brian just want to let you know you're a sloppy dresser that provides mild entertainment.

You know i love you. Here's to a great thursday shout out dan smith. Can you explain the gap up on jamie's chart eight minutes into the day. How is there no cross um, just because perfectly at on this one minute time frame right when this closed the very next buy um, it's just the first buy in that time frame and you're gon na see this gap.

Um you see gaps. You can see gaps on any time frame on the smaller time frame, it's much more rare, like it's most common on the daily or the weekly, or something like that um. But you can see the gap it's just when this ended. The very next trade went through at 186.79 and the minute before that the last trade went through at 185.74 um, it's just the first trade of that block um, because these are just it's putting all the trades together that happen in this one minute time frame.

So this was just like kind of a funky thing that right when it went over to the new one minute time frame. The next trade was a gap up trade, all right, we're letting the rsi cool off. Let's make a new higher low we'd love to see this bounce off of 41 would love to see it. Love to see it come on, come on, come on, come on start swinging around, let's get above 4130 4150.

Just rsi got a little hot on us. This morning we came out of the the gates. Excited came out of the gates. A bit excited a bit excited all right, so amc for my audio listeners ran from 39.30 up to 41.74 and right now it's at roughly 40 50 say roughly 40 50..

What are you gon na do all right? Wait is iwm dragging this down and let's throw up iwm for a second remember. This is the russell 2000 uh, okay, iwm not having the best opening this morning, but the spy is bouncing back um right here. We definitely want this to continue to push on iwm, but it's interesting. The spy is behaving in a much stronger manner this morning than iwm all right.

Let's drop the let's open up a little bit more space man, the uh spy is rocking right now, folks, it is rocking rocking rock and rocking all right, it looks like amc is trying to get its bounce off of 40.. There we go so we basically broke into this region of resistance, and now it's just in the region. So let's uh see how this one plays out come on iwm all right. Let's swing this back around all right, all right, all right! All right! All right! We're! Looking for the bounce on amc right at 40., uh kind of straight up straight down, let's see if we can get uh the higher low we're looking for here right off of a technical level.

Um, let's see if spy can actually get this break above 435. That's what i was telling you about yesterday. That was my first region, thus far a double rejection we might have like it has like a almost a perfect cup and handle. Let's see what this handle actually does on the day, though um is it going to stay rejected at 4 35, or are we actually going to get that breakout actually get the breakout all right? What questions do we have what questions? Okay, all right, all right! All! Right, iwm dragging us all right right now on both amc and jimmy.

The rsi is pretty neutral, so let's just drop it for now and then like wait for the next uh movement, and we could bring it right back up interesting, interesting, interesting, interesting all right. It looks like it's amc. It's trying very, very hard to hold on to this 40.. We have some buying.

We have a buyer wall exactly at 40., interesting, so spy really trying to push here. But on the flip side we see iwm being kind of weird uh. What are you doing, 220, 220, 220. uh.

Simultaneous. Look at all four got hit at once. Iwm s, p 500 amc gme same one minute red bar same same same. What are you doing? Is it going to catch whoa almost like scary? The same look at that simultaneously selling across market wide s, p, 500, iwm, amc, gme, i'm sure if you pulled up some other charts, you'd see similarities interesting.

Well, let's look for this bounce. Let's look for this bounce all right. What questions do we have so more rockets? All right, amc, recapturing 40. There we go all right, let's see if we can actually break above uh like roughly 40 50., we're looking for this trend reversal.

Looking for the trend reversal come on as of now jimmy has very very low volume, 180 000 and we're 18 minutes into the day. Amc has 14 million honestly low volume in both for what we're kind of used to seeing. So we want some volume to flow in. Maybe we can get some better volatility good morning matt.

We take a minute to show them acne on amc, with a little tutorial. Explanation keep on going um, so i could definitely show you the macd, but if you want to know about the math of it and maybe some trading signals um, i have that video on my channel. If you just search matt, kors macd uh, it's an older video, but if you're that's what you want to learn about like i have the math in there and um some trading signals that you could potentially use on it here is the macd to kind of give You a, i don't, know a quick rundown of it. A lot of people look for the crosses, so earlier this morning, 9 36.

We saw the cross upwards, the orange crossed over the purple or blue or whatever this is, and we saw that shoot up recently. It crossed the other way, so what we would need for a little bit of confirmation is, more so of the orange to cross upwards above the blue all right. What are we doing all right? So that's the macd rundown right there. We are now holding onto 40 interesting, though, because iwm doing something weird trying to see if there's any news, but i'm nothing jumping out at to me, but the iwm, as of now is definitely providing more of a a headwind.

Uh for amc at the moment, so, let's see either iwm bounce back or maybe amc will diverge. Something like that. Come on fighting fighting, fighting fighting trying to reverse trend here, 40 50. come on.

Let's get some buyers in here. People aren't liking the overall market. Let's i don't know, maybe they should just be looking at amc. Instead, a safer store of value.

Amc right now is at 39.83 gmes at 183.47 um iwm. Honestly, i'm surprised it didn't catch itself at 220.. That's just a nice buy level, but spy perfect double like what a weird this might be, what just a capital w like. What's it doing, at 434, the volume uh today look at today's public opinion on gme on weeble.

Also, where is it on volume uh jimmy um, not even 200, 000, yet so lower volume day for gme for sure in cancun last week in the pool bar and randomly met another ape in the wild, and we preached the ape gospel to everyone after a few Banana daiquiris, i love that when amc and jamie have the same price action but are different indexes that scream shorting to me correct me: if i'm wrong um, it could be shorting. What it screams to me is that they're being treated as the same the same people are watching them. The same algorithms are watching them. It doesn't.

I mean it's being bought the same, it's being shorted the same, it's being manipulated the same. That's what it tells me. I wouldn't just stop at like oh just shorting until the 947 market, why drop spy was virtually inverse pattern of amc thoughts? Um i mean you, i don't know a pattern for just like a couple minutes like that. Like you're gon na need um more data to say a pattern than just the first 17 minutes of open.

Remember the s. P 500 is a multi-trillion dollar thing. While amc is around 20 billion um, this they're just they're very, very different that s p. 500 is an etf that tracks the overall stock market.

Amc is uh individual stock within the stock market. Uh did some shorts cover on tuesday that contribute to the 25 rip. Thanks for everything uh, we won't really know until a little bit later today. My assumption is that a small amount of shorts covered, i think it was more so fomo buying of people buying it like off the technical bounce.

If i had to put my theory out there, but i'm not going to say like oh absolutely none covered and i don't think a large amount covered, i think a small amount of shorts covered that were just i don't know, had a weak short position. Maybe they got in way way too late and they quickly went underwater and got scared. Something like that. Hey matt, glad to be in the fight with you.

Can you talk about options, data and styco tractor and what it means in relation to amc, so options data? That's what could potentially lead to a gamma squeeze so for options? You just want it. You want the stock to move, and you want there to be a lot of out of the money, calls that go in the money and can trigger a short squeeze or a gamma squeeze in terms of stonco tracker um. It's uh a data source people have been using the issue with it. It's accurate, but it's only using one prime broker.

I've talked about this with ortex, and even people still don't like that, like ortex is 85 of all transactional volume um. So even that is not the full picture for what it provides us. Is it accurate yes, but it's only accurate to a certain degree of the overall picture. Things like fintel, iborodesk and stonco tracker, they're, accurate, but in even smaller degree, because they're all only using one.

Prime broker and the name of that prime broker is interactive brokers, so they're only getting it's accurate. Yes, it's 100 accurate um. It's just not that big of a picture i mean even ortex. Ortex gives us more of visibility like especially for retail traders than anything else, and even that is not that much because we get 85 of the legal legitimate picture and it's completely like not shown at all of the naked chores like we don't have any of that Information on naked shorts or shorts that were loaned out multiple times.

The one of the biggest issues with retail is the quality of our data. We're playing with two completely different data sets um. I've stressed that aspect about or text, but for whatever i don't know some apes out there. I guess they miss that daily spiel of mine of hey, i get it vortex, is not perfect, but it's better than the stuff like it's better than just like nothing.

Uh for people to go out there and just be like, oh, like i see the chart and because of that, i, like think just some random amount of shorts like that's not how this works. This is like a data driven factual driven just play. That's what the stock market is like. You have to have some sort of data.

You have to have some sort of reasoning. Um, i get it not perfect. I just think it's better than nothing and i think it's better than any other source that we're currently using hey matt. What's the average time to transfer from robin hood to weeble, i'm worried that the squeeze will happen between that time and i won't be able to pull out.

Thank you, um darden um. I don't know the average time some people have said as quickly as like one or two days. Other people have said a full week um. So if you think you're good for a week from now, uh have at it.

But with that there is a little bit of, i guess, risk in it all right. Someone said i missed one. I love the content here since february. Can you explain the analyst price predictions and how much weight you put on them? Looking at de um, it depends on the analyst you're gon na.

As you look at more and more analysts, i mean an analyst is just another human and another human. With another opinion. Some analysts i have found are more right than they are wrong, like there are some websites that track how good analyst predictions are, but i mean an analyst statement is not the end-all-be-all, for example, you're asking about d-e um. I don't know much about d e, but rich greenfield.

An analyst um said that amc should be out of set and he's a respected analyst, but obviously he's horrifically wrong. So analysts they can get certain plays very, very right. They can get certain plays very, very wrong. Um, so with it it's more of like you might want to take into account their reasoning and be like okay, like what are they saying? What is their reasoning overall? It's a game of like the more information you have the better, but i don't know the analysts are not preaching gospel.

They're. Definitely not preaching gospel. Isn't shawn williams, your favorite analyst yeah, another analyst too, i mean analysts can be as right or wrong as we can. They just call themselves.

Analysts. Are you gon na get in on the robin hood? Ipo uh, probably not doesn't really seem to be. My my cup of tea, not my cup of tea, folks, not my cup of tea, all right amc, what you doing baby 39.48 right now, the intraday um at the first minute we opened up at 39 30.. I just right now right here, it's just iwm! I don't know: what's going on with the russell 2000 um, i know in u.s politics.

They were like voting on the right to be able to debate the infrastructure bill. Uh. I don't know if that got held up. I know that there was some sort of other report this morning but like something is going on in the small cap sector, and it's not the best for small cap stocks right now like you could see that in iwm and then spy i mean spy is just Drunk today sold off ripped up sold off.

I don't know if it's about to rip off again, i don't think spy knows that the market's actually on oh jobless claims, oh jobless games, came in about a hundred thousand higher than expected uh. I did read that this morning um. I believe it came in roughly around 400 000 and they were expecting 300 000 um, so that was jobless claims. So obviously that's not good.

When you're underestimating jobless claims - and someone said the vote failed um, i don't does anyone else know about the the vote? The vote, the vote, the vote, the vote, the vote, the vote all right, let's see all right spy's coming back, i guess it's a little bit. Hair of the dog coming back iwm coming back. Hopefully this is the official trend reversal perfect half hour into the day: 219 22 434, we're looking for a breakout of 435 and then for iwm, we're looking for a breakout of 220 and with some exuberance in these two. I think we're gon na see some exuberance in individual stocks as well all right.

Let's do this. We got that let's, let's get some life. Let's get some excitement all right. We are 100 looking for the spy to break above 435., nope iwm.

Are you quickly? Turning on us, are you faking us out man, a quick fake out? Well, that's not fun all right, but in better news, amc is waking up trying to retest 40.. I want to see it above 40 30 and then we just want everything to go green everything you on this screen right now. We don't want really anything to move inversely. We just want green, green, green across the board.

We want money flowing into the market; um. Definitely definitely definitely just want to see some green, green, green green. I think i'm up to date, unemployment rate uh higher than expected yet well, the the jobless claims were hot, came in about a hundred thousand hot um. I think that someone did tweet this out.

I believe i read this zero hedge nope. That's the wrong zero hedge. Did walter bloomberg walter bloom all right. We should have it right here.

Dd we had that uber lumen, okay, yeah u.s, jobless, claims plus 51 to 419 000 survey of 350.. So it was hot by i guess: 69 000 um - that was the jobless claims thing that doesn't seem to be the biggest number, though. Okay, all right amc got above 40 would love to see it above 40 30.. Oh man, iwm and spy looked like they were going to put some momentum together.

They looked like they wanted to do it and now they're they're deciding iwm looking weak. What are you doing? Iwm come back around. Make us proud, make us all proud um. Can the hedges just return the 94 million shares on loan and not short them? They could do that if they never took the short position.

Because remember you take the shares on loan and then you short and then you close your short by buying back and then you return. The shares that you borrowed. You can theoretically take out shares that and not short them, but they didn't do that and we know they definitively didn't do it, because ever since june 30th, as of june 30th, we knew there was at least 75 million uh share short at least and no time Since june 30th till now is there anything that represents the covering of 75 million shares um. So what you're asking is? Yes, it's theoretically possible in like just the stock market, but that is not the situation of.

What's going on with amc in the slightest vote, failed on the infrastructure bill? Oh okay, that could be hurting um iwm then possible. Possible explanation. Is that a bear trap on the 15 minute i fingers crossed that it is uh.

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