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Crypto rally analysis: bitcoin dogecoin amc and gme crashing! – Matt Kohrs

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Space Apes,
Make those hands glisten! We are going TO THE MOON!
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Good morning, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, wherever you are space apes, i hope you're having an amazing day. We are gearing up for an awesome day in the stock market. Lots of things going on our docket is pretty big. Today of all the things we'll be talking about what we'll be looking at, of course, we're going to be talking about amc, gme uh later this afternoon, we'll get more information on the short interest in those i'm expecting big big movement in the cannabis sector.

Today, um i have till ray up in on the top here: cgc canopy growth company will be reporting uh we're going to get those numbers also keep a watch on apha um. Of course. Of course, we will be looking at crypto dogecoin bitcoin ethereum um, all those and also loosely related to that we'll be checking out tesla just to see how the market is really reacting to that big announcement. Yesterday of the company putting 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin on its balance sheet, um, of course i cannot predict what will play out today, but i think all this movement in the crypto sector is a very bullish thing.

I'm a long-term investor in bitcoin and ethereum. I am very, very excited for its future um. We have a couple news articles to go over. Let me throw tail raid back up on the top here.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Uh there are some pretty decent size, earnings announcements. Here we are tuesday, so this is canopy growth. They are reporting after the market closes.

Today we have twitter and cisco. Tomorrow we have gm and coke under armor um. After the close on wednesday, we have mgm uh. I'm kind of interested in mgm we'll get a better idea of what's going on just in the sports betting world.

I think this could have a big impact on penn thursday, very, very excited for disney. I think disney's going to have some impressive things to say. I i want to know more about them fully reopening the park, and i also want to know if they're going to reinstate their dividend. I am a fan of disney.

I think good things will come so if you guys just want to screenshot that these stocks should be moving, we are at the tail end of earning season. For those of you who don't know, earnings season is a several week period. That happens four times a year, and it's just when a lot. A lot of companies are reporting how they did in the past fiscal quarter and they're also uh setting up anything for like future guidance and things like that.

We are at the tail end for this particular season, but it happens four times a year, so feel free to screenshot this and those are the ones i'll personally be paying attention to. Of course, today the main one is cgc. Canopy growth company should have a pretty sizable impact on uh, what's going on in the cannabis world, speaking of which there was this new thing that just dropped on the street related to cgc um. Basically, you could check this out, i'm not going to go through it verbatim, but basically the sector is looking very good right now.

There's some bullish tailwinds, i'm very excited for that. With optimism on the regulatory front, investors have been writing these names higher in hopes that federal legalization is possible. There also has been momentum in state by state legalization, um, apha and tilray are now kind of associated with each other. We have jazz um, i'm personally intel ray myself.

That's what i have a call option: uh pre-market training tilray is up very very nicely. It closed out yesterday, uh just above 30, it's already up um to 35, so my one call option on that. Uh yesterday it ended up 30. It's gon na be sky high today, uh very, very excited to see how that plays out uh and i'm expecting the sector as a whole to have a pretty solid day.

Of course, of course, we will be talking about amc gme. I do have a little piece of amc news for all of you um this one just came out on fox business. Yesterday, amc entertainment, ceo's unusual plan to keep theater chain afloat, praised uh. Just so you guys know.

The ceo of amc is adam aaron, um and basically his unique plan was that he wants to the plague theater chain of float by selling loads of stock, to small investors, i.e us so that's pretty exciting um, but getting on the right side. The red rally wasn't always easy and sometimes required aaron to clash with with his powerful wall street allies, including his friends at private equity, giant apollo global management, um more information in here, but that's kind of there's no breaking thing going on right now, with amc really Or gme we are all waiting for that short interest report to come out. Uh this afternoon, that'll be the big news. If i had to assume right now, um it seems like there's a misinformation going on related to amc, gme amc's down here on the bottom left.

I'm assuming the short interest is still pretty high. That's if i had to bet money right now now that doesn't directly mean anything um. Obviously the short interest needs to be high for any hopes of a short squeeze, but it doesn't automatically mean that there's going to be a short squeeze so uh we just are kind of looking to check that prerequisite prerequisite off uh. I think it's going to be high honestly at this point.

I wouldn't be that surprised if the short interest on amc is actually higher than gme, but we'll see how that goes. All right. Christian, let's go to the moon. If gme goes under 50 i'm buying.

If amc goes under five, i'm buying i'll bring down my average cost. I believe there's another squeeze man best of luck. I would love for there to be another squeeze. What do you think will happen with zom after the offering news that happened late yesterday? Um? Really? I think we're going to find out pretty soon i'll, throw z om up on uh this screen every so often i know that's been a hot one uh.

Let me actually pull up to just see how it's doing guys we will be watching ocg today had a very nice day yesterday, hit just under 19, thus far in post market and pre-market. This morning it has been selling off, but there is a support right at 12 65-ish. So, let's see what happens there, the support's about a dollar away, but let me bring up z-o-m uh z-o-m sold off yesterday because of the offering, but it's fighting back in pre-market. So i just want to see how this opens and how the public really reacts to it.

Austin few hundred shares of ogn take a look at itrm. It's expecting to go boom today. Also, my options on nxtr are looking good at 250. Sure austin you've been killing.

It you're in here day in day out congrats. I love it um. Let's take a look at itrm itrm, very nice post market action yesterday, but then it kind of lost it in fremont or, i should say pre-market was pretty. Nice came down still sitting pretty high relative to yesterday's close, so congrats on that all right, let's see um right now, not much going on on cgc amc is actually now trading under six dollars.

I very very much want to see the bulls going up and then, let's take a look so right here, uh, obviously crypto's a hot button, hot subject right now, i am watching this triangle structure right now. It's building out in this wedge lower highs, higher lows: classic consolidation we're either looking for a bullish, breakout or a bearish breakdown, so uh throughout the day. This one down here uh this screen right now for dogecoin's on a 30 minute chart. So it will take a bit of time to develop and then right here we have the one minute so we'll be seeing more action and then amc um make sure you're keeping a an eye on tesla just because of its relation to that bitcoin buy.

Now we might be seeing something interesting until ray: i'm expecting a very uh, well very strong, pre-market training right now. Let's see how it reacts when it opens in about 25 minutes. If you guys in the chat, could do me a huge favor, let me know how you found it yesterday. If you guys were watching, you know, we had a quite an issue.

Uh with like the youtube notifications and stuff were. Did you guys get the notification today like what was going on with that uh? If you guys could, let me know um, i tried to do a couple different things in the back end uh, but people basically just didn't even know we were talking about it. So, let's see how that goes today, let me switch over to bitcoin just for a second bitcoin overnight, had a very nice new high above forty eight thousand uh, i'm interested in it hitting the just key psychological level of fifty 000. I think it can pull it off um right here.

I have a couple things to say about bitcoin in terms of what's going on with its rsi and stuff, but i think this drawback from 48 down to i guess 46 right now is actually a pretty healthy one kind of expected. Don't let this 2 000 sell off scare you in the slightest all right, so some people are getting notified, other people didn't get it and they had to search my name. I i don't know we just have to deal with it. If you were going to buy tilray today, would you now or wait to see what happens at open market open? I would wait uh, i'm not oh classic typo um, i'm gon na wait until right.

I really don't like pre and post market trading, just the volume and liquidity are so low. I put a lot more emphasis on what's happening during the normal market hours just to see where the chips are really going to fly, so tilray should be an exciting one. That's on top uh we are going to be hearing from cgc um overall good, good bullish, tailwinds until tail wins in the world of cannabis. Nndm.

The 3d printer is surprisingly good day. Pltr uh, i think, there's going to be a lot of things moving um. I do yesterday on the live stream. I made a position in ocgn, so i want to be paying attention a little bit to that.

Just to see how things are going to play out early this morning, don't want to turn it into a losing position. Let me know guys post a comment: what are the main ones? You're watching um, i know till ray is kind of a big pre-market mover thoughts on ocg and today we need to see how it's going to open uh. Obviously, it's been selling off a bit, but there's support relatively close by. I think it's smart to buy owen calls i'm 416., they are cheap and the chart is looking super bullish.

Let me look at on really quick. I mean, if you do, do it you're just chasing right now: um, i'm not saying it like. I mean it definitely can keep going high. This is a bullish.

Looking chart um. It should if it can hold this breakout at 39, like uh, it's getting rejected a bit at 40.. I mean it could be a play, but just know that you're close to support, isn't that, like it's kind of a chasing play, because it's at this new high, so it might continue uh but just like keep your risk tight, semi thick eye. Thank you for that super chat.

What are you thinking as far as putting money into sndo? Personally, i'm not in sndl, if i'm playing the cannabis industry, i like more of the established names such as tilray, apha, cgc uh? That's how i'm personally, choosing to play the uh cannabis industry stocks right now, i like sundial, has been doing um well for sure. I just really don't like messing around with penny stocks that often hexo clove jd uh hog. What are you liking about? Clove clov? Let me know: gme is taking a bit of a hit right now: pre-market um i'll, throw gme up here just for a second, so you guys can see right now, it's actually down at 56. um.

I believe it's low the most recent low over the past couple training days uh. I think it did end up tapping 49 um. Let's check that out, yeah down here um. So it's coming up on the support this previous low uh.

We broke out of this uh downward trend line, but it's just like stagnant. It's trading sideways, lower highs, uh. It keeps bouncing off of this 50 area. A breakdown below this would not be good for the um bullish community, all right, there's that is there any updates.

We need to go over uh on reddit still holding. I just want to see if there's any updates about the mod situation, all right, nothing, nothing too crazy. At the moment. Still quite a few people in this community with diamond hands.

They are not folding, it's actually pushing almost nine million people. That's pretty crazy. If there is any breaking news, send it my way we could go over it on stream at matt. Underscore, of course same thing on instagram uh, same tag, hey crypto! I mean, of course, guys we are not turning away from amc or gme.

I will keep those up, but i think big emphasis today will be on the crypto world and on the cannabis world, zip uh, hey matt. Can you talk a little bit about why we have till ray up on today? Specifically, should i get on this morning space apes to the moon? So it's up today, specifically because another big uh player in the sector, canopy growth - is reporting this morning um, and so it might turn into a big sympathy play and then, beyond that huge gap up uh, it ended the day at 30.. We at one point this morning: it was trading close to 37.. There's a lot of interest going on right now in it so with interest it could lead to some nice volatile swings one way or the other um, so we're just looking to capitalize on that uh.

But it's mainly because of the sympathy sympathy play related to cgc all right, there's people checking in from all over the world today. Um. Let me know what country you're from just post your country below. Where do i see cciv heading? I actually i'm in cciv i like it um for those of you who don't know cciv is a spac play.

There's a lot of assumption. Oops, there's a lot of assumption that they will be doing a spec deal with lucid motors. None of this is um confirmed at the moment, so this is a big speculative play, but i'm in on it i'm speculating on it. It's more of a high risk to reward setup and lucid motors uh.

It was denoted as the tesla killer. I highly highly doubt that, but right now spack plays are hot. Eevee plays are hot um, so i i do think that this uh deal will come through between lucid motors and ccib, and if that happens, i could see some pretty big excitement coming through. You guys are all over.

I love it: denmark, qatar, new zealand, kentucky germany, lithuania amazing, any thoughts on pi lbf heard they got a contract with neo and bought out direct competition recently um, so pilbf is definitely a gray market like otc one. I i don't uh really like mess with those, but i do like neo, so the second half of that here neo's a chinese ev play right now. If we take a look at its daily chart, um, it looks like it's bouncing off of this support and if it can call through and if there's a some nice momentum above 60 dollars, i think it could come back to 64 65 67. So i'm looking for a nice like trend reversal pretty soon in neo, pltr has been looking really nice too.

This chart is very similar to neos, obviously very unrelated companies. Neo, once again is a chinese ev play while palantir is a data analytics they're very tied up with the us government, but it's bouncing off the support and looks like a trend reversal yesterday. It was rejected pretty swiftly at 39.50, but we'll see if uh the space apes bull camp can kind of recover on that bitcoin. Let's go back to this bitcoin once again to reiterate big big eyes today on crypto on the canopy space and we'll also uh be paying attention to amc and gme um.

I just don't want to give the biggest focus to uh these ones, because yesterday mc and gme we're just trading sideways. So of course, if there's any big moves, we will be right on top of it, but um. In the meantime, we might as well discuss like the big movers uh to see if there's any solid technical, setups fundamental setups, just any solid money making opportunities. Let's go guys.

Let's get those diamond hands glistening big big day. We have about 10 minutes until the market opens um. My initial initial watches will be to see what happens with amc and jamie out of the gate. I want to know what happens with tilray out of the gate and i want to know what happened with ocgn right out of the gate.

Let me know guys post in a uh comment, the main ones you're watching. Do you have big positions? You have big percentage. Movers that i'm just somehow missing, let me know, keep me posted. This is very much a team sport dogecoin bullish on it guys i am in on dogecoin uh.

The three cryptos i'm in are bitcoin ethereum dogecoin, i think bitcoin and ethereum are great long-term holds in my own opinion, uh dogecoin, i'm just trying to ride the wave right now. I think i'm up close to a hundred percent um, but i really really like the troll meme nature of it it's playing out so so funny the people who hate it. I just feel like don't get the trolling culture within the internet, especially within this, like wall street bet sub community. I think it's absolutely hilarious um, but i think bitcoin and ethereum, especially bitcoin.

Now, with that big announcement from elon yesterday, huge huge news. Do you know a reason why trading 212 would let us sell htmc at this point? Not letting me add to my position: uh, it's billy, it's probably just because they're uh their own, like risk tolerance, um. They have to like they're trying to lower their collateral requirements with their own clearinghouse. That's why all these people uh last week and stuff when the risk got way too high, as in high volatility, moves between all of them, robin hood, interactive brokers, weeble td, ameritrade.

All of them kind of limited the trades in one direction because they had multi-billion dollar requirements from their clearinghouse. There's a really really good discussion. Actually, that kind of clears it up better between vlad the ceo of robin hood uh. He spoke with both me kevin and andre jic.

They are finance youtubers that are way way bigger than me, but i would recommend checking out those interviews very, very interesting, stuff. Um we are okay. Is there big news guys? Have you been sending me any breaking stuff? Okay, if there's big news, we need to go over just you could tag me in it. That's probably going to be the easiest thing.

Did our space cowboy leader, elon say anything nope, but d? This is pretty funny. D is for dogecoin morning gang coffee find andrew shepard love you in here, hey andrew. Can you let me know, did you find today's video easily yesterday people weren't getting notifications, they had to go out of their way to specifically search me in the group as a whole. More people are flowing in right now, um relative to last week.

These streams are getting crushed and i'm just like are: are people finding having a tough time finding it tesla will be pulling their money out of btc, blockfolio was hacked last night and btc logo was hacked. All well system was compromised, blockfolio hack, all right, let's see. What's going on with blockfolio has been hacked to display offensive content. I don't know if i could open that major hack, so trolls hacked it.

I guess they posted offensive stuff um. What's going on with twitter about blockfolio, so just classic troll stuff they hacked it. Uh. Apparently made it say very racist and inappropriate things, but i still feel like maybe it uh crypto might have a hiccup today, but i still feel confident about bitcoin on its way to 50k.

Amc is selling off uh. We have about seven minutes to go till the market opens ocgn, also looking down just so. You guys know. Yesterday on the stream, i did buy 150 shares of ocgn.

My average is right: around 1280. um. I was planning on day trading it, but then talking to some people in discord. They definitely convinced me what the long-term uh prospects of it, but really i do kind of stay away from pharmaceutical plays it's just not my wheelhouse, it's not where my expertise lie.

Uh dirt bike adcc, since the short interest report is released today, how does that affect the meme stocks? If the reported numbers are as of february 2nd, isn't there a huge possibility that the current si is much lower, there's also a chance? It could be much higher. Just so you guys know we are getting a report today, the short interest on amc and gme um. It's going to be an important report, but you guys should also know that it's not up to date, it'll be what the positions were in earlier february. So um with how volatile and crazy this stuff has been there's a good chance that whatever the numbers are reported won't really match like the current sentiment uh just so you guys know.

You need to understand that. So whatever we're reading in the afternoon report it'll give us an idea of what's going on, but it's not going to be like specifically where the short interest is at right now, all right. What's going on with gme, gme is right here, uh trading below gme right here guys, let me know uh what what do you guys want on the screen for the market open? We have three options: i'm thinking tilray ocgn. What do you want in the bottom? Left? Amc or gme they're pretty much moving um in the same direction.

So let me know what you guys want on. The bottom left just comment it below. Just give me the ticker. I will do it for the open and, of course, if one is moving uh abnormally, so we can definitely throw it up.

It's all about mob rule, but amc gme kind of moving in lockstep h-i-t-i. Another cannabis play all right this morning. I think i'm actually seeing more gme than normal, usually amc dominates, but it looks like coming across as gme uh. We we can switch it as need guys.

Amc is going to be right here. I could also put it in the lower right at some point. Um. It's just throughout the day they kind of moved in a pretty boring paint drying pattern before the open uh guys.

Could you, if you're watching right now and you're, excited let's get more people in here? If you could drop a like? Let's get this up to about 2 000 likes uh. That would be. Do me a huge, huge favor. Thank you very much uh your support for just me talking for hours and hours throughout the day having some fun teaching you guys some stuff.

All i ask is that you subscribe and hit the like button. Don't forget, get some coffee in your system, it's the rocket fuel that we run on um yeah. So in the discord you guys are talking about disney. It's definitely whenever you're heading into a binary event.

It's a flip of a coin: either they're going to beat expectations or they're, not um. Overall, though i do like disney before the world like went absolutely crazy. I thought it was a great dividend: stock uh with the world going crazy. They halted their dividend, but i think it's just a matter of time before they uh turn that dividend back on guys.

This is in a mate if you are interested in stocks, and you want like just a tool where you can get more information check out finviz.com. There was a super chat that just came through talking about news related to tilray. If you want to find news, you just come in here, you search it and there's like they show the chart, they show all the metrics, they show um people, upgrading and downgrading. These are the analysts and then it not only gives you all the news.

But if you really go down, you can check out all the insider buying and selling, and this is free. There is a paid version for finvis.com, i'm in no, like i'm not even affiliated with them, but i i trust, trust me. I use this literally on a daily basis. That's how much i like this website f-i-n-v-i-z, you can find a ton of information um, but let's see what's going on this morning with tilray, we have about two minutes to open, so i might not get through all this uh hang on all right.

This might be a paywall situation. Okay, yeah hang on uh. Here we go clicked on the wrong one: tilbray announces agreement with grow farmer to import and distribute medical cannabis products in the united kingdom kingdom huge huge deal uh andrew lawn. Thank you for that.

Little rocket fuel um tilray, a global, pioneering cannabis research, so this is obviously just positive partnership. They are working on bringing cannabis, uh medical cannabis to the united kingdom. Great great news, tilray will most likely have a phenomenal day. It's already up five dollars.

It closed out. Yesterday, at 30., it's up five. Now guys i have a call. Yesterday was up 30.

I'm expecting this to be up much much longer. I did announce this on stream um. So let's see how this goes. We have 10 seconds, so the market opens guys.

Let's get those diamond hands glistening pound the chest: let's get ready to go another very, very exciting day. Ding ding ding market is open all right off. The bat gamestop was red. Ocgn dipping a bit till rake kind of flat, actually red red red.

We are seeing red on the screen blood in the waters, but hey we're seconds into the day. Let's see how this plays off uh amc still below six dollars right here. Amc is trading at 577, very, very similar action to gamestop um. Let's see big movers any surprising movers, let's go comment them below.

If there's a big mover that we have to have up on the screen, whoa roy royko, whatever i know someone's killing it with tilray right now, that's awesome! What is this tail ray up right away? Jump from 30 cent 30 up to 130., i only had one um average cost of 255.. Now it's trading uh closer to six. That's awesome till rate. Already, fighting back really need ocgn to catch a bid, amc selling off, oh actually or sorry, gamestop gamestop may have already been halted till ray moving guys willem in the chat is talking about fiber.

I love fiverr as a long-term play, guys tilray cannabis is killing it. Today, i hope you're taking ocgn is popping back a little bit bouncing off of this support at 12.50 gamestop coming down uh i do want to bring up fiverr, i like fiverr as a long-term hold for all of 2021. uh willem in the chat. Thank you for that uh guys.

If you're looking for a long-term investment, this is a discount store, looks like it just hit a new all-time high. Throw this on your watch list see if there can be any follow through it's at resistance right now, so watch how it plays out at 285. But after that i would call for the psychological level 300. That's how it would personally handle this situation till ray still moving ocg and popping um till ray i'm up now: 174 um, that's hilarious, lit till ray ride, ride the bullish momentum, willem love, it hey willem.

I know uh. If memory serves me correctly, i've stumbled across your channel before i believe that uh you're in the world of photography, hey man, if you could help me out a little bit with the setup and stuff, feel free to shoot me a dm. I will respond to you later um at mad underscore course. I would love to talk to you about stuff uh.

I could help you out a bit with stocks. You can help me out a bit with photography. Uh awesome just became an astronaut. Okay, gamestop is getting hit off of the mat.

Um amc, two it these things are looking red right now, not good ocgn is continuing to push up. Are there any other big movers? What is the short interest report today on gme amc? They are coming out this afternoon. They are not out yet, but guys, keep in mind. They will be uh quote unquote, outdated, it'll, be from early feb, there's a good chance that the short interest will be changed from then until now um.

I wouldn't be surprised honestly. If there is more um short interest right now, higher short interest on amc compared to gamestop ocgn nice bounce out of the gate, till ray's still moving what is tesla doing tesla actually down a percent. I really really need uh tesla to keep going actually eevee. As a whole is kind of taking a hit today, so a big emphasis in the market, at least for opening, is uh on all these cannabis plays.

Just so you know the pre-market high on uh tilray right here was at 37 20. So that's the first one. I'm watching in terms of a bullish target, if it's not rejected there, i'll just keep so this option. It doesn't expire until the end of february, so i don't feel pressure to get out of it.

How confident are you until ready hitting 40 um? I'm feeling pretty good, i think, there's nice, nice tailwinds um in the in this sector, so i'm looking for it to go higher and higher. My overall, like honestly, um, i kind of wish i had like longer dated call options on the world of uh cannabis. Right now, i feel very good about it. In 2021, um yeah, ocgn, uh man, you guys, are doing super well in discord on the tilray tilray35, also a-z-a-e-z-s uh, getting crushed dm uh ocgn taking off i'm actually gon na hold my ocg and let's see how it plays out over the past couple days.

It's actually had really good, like mid-afternoon uh action, amc right now at 566, still gme, i mean these guys are they've, been muted, pretty like end of last week earlier this week, apha acquired till ray. How does that work in the market when one company acquires another like this uh? It can actually play out a couple different ways in this one. Obviously, the full acquisition hasn't gone through yet um, but generally you could either just get bought out at like whatever they decide to buy the shares or it could even get pushed into shares of like the new company. They would just do whatever like the direct mapping.

Is all right till ray? Let's hope it can find a. I mean ocgn already coming back down someone just scalped 3k on qqq. That is awesome congrats. Let me switch over to amc here for a sec just so people can see it same thing like these charts.

Look very very similar they're amc, gme moving together getting crushed thus far um in terms of today. What's going on this morning, it does look like there's better opportunity in the market relative to gme amc, but just so you guys know, i still have my amc and gme shares and also amc call options. I'm holding them diamond hands, i'm not getting out. Ostk just got an attention share involved in crypto uh awesome thanks for that call out.

Crypto, obviously having a great great day, ethereum, uh and bitcoin are showing a little bit of bullet strength. This morning, robert jones uh, i bought till ray thirty two dollars a call right when you did up nine 195 thanks for the chip, cheers, let's go to the freaking moon, hey guys, very, very happy when you guys are telling me about your winning trades. Patriots hold amc, don't let them win hold larry uh i i am holding. I hope i meet your definition of being a patriot in this situation.

I am holding go to robin hood, you can't even sell btc or ethereum. Things are going to get very messed up for them too. Brandon is um. Can anyone else confirm that that you can't sell like so i have bitcoin and ethereum, but, like i haven't tried selling them because i like want to hold them.

Has anyone else had issues trying to sell uh, bitcoin, bitcoin or ethereum through robinhood uh till rate, not holding this initial spike guys the market as a whole is going down right now? Where are the big movers at? Will you talk about options? I want to learn how to do them, but i'm really confused over them. Go gme, don't sell and just keep holding it's on sale, um yeah! I could talk about them uh, maybe when the market's a little bit quieter fire ooh fiber is up. It's still. Looking nice, it fiber is very much trying to have a nice technical breakout at this point, um if it does, if it can hold above whatever this high is uh 285.

If you can hold above it, we need some. You need a nice volume follow-through above this previous high, and i really my gut feeling is that at that point, 300 is like a pretty obvious call. Um, hey matt, wondering your thoughts on nano as a long term hold any thoughts on the short um nano. If you're talking about nano dimension and ndm 3d printing company, i'm in it right now, i'm in an eight dollars, i'm waiting for the big acquisition announcement um - i i usually don't mess around with stocks like nano dimension, but i think they're in a unique position where Um they have.

It is like a quote-unquote uh penny stock, but they have absolutely no debt. They have like actually pretty close to. Well, they have more than half a billion dollars in cash on hand. Uh.

The ceo was even talking about how they're allowed to make or looking to make a strategic acquisition, depending on who they acquire whether it's like multiple businesses, we don't know yet. I think nano dimension if they make the right play, could really shoot up once again. Nano dimension, 3d, printing company, ticker symbol and ndm uh gme, oh gme, is actually following. Amc is falling like guys they are uh getting crushed today.

Gme is over here. It's actually uh. We want it to hold 50 49. That's where it previously bounced off of below that uh things could get.

I don't pretty bad for them, but we'll see how that plays out. Um oc, jan didn't even realize it was dipping uh till ray coming back. So this morning the vibe has been that everything's been selling off a bit, but let's see till ray already coming back um now i like that, i it needs to get over this. We don't want a bearish trend to get established uh for really all eyes.

It seems even just from what i'm seeing in the volume and everything i think eyes are on canvas and crypto today. That's where it seems like the big moves are hold hold hold. Ctrm is on the move. Good call guys mash dre uh okay match thanks for that update on btc cgc is cgc now moving here.

Let me quickly throw up cgc. This is the cannabis play. That's reporting, uh great cgc. Okay, cannabis is on the move guys.

The money today is crypto and cannabis. Pretty much confirmed people are loving it. I i need to leave amc up here. I know people are still interested in it, but um here i'll, throw cgc here till raise on the top once again cgc earnings report this morning.

Bullish follow through that's awesome, same thing with sndl. That's another cannabis play james. I mean you're right on these. Are the money making plays uh today? Actually, in fact, can i get more till ray? I want to see how this goes.

I might be doing a trade live right now. Let's see how this plays out, what is tesla tesla's at eight, fifty all right till retail, ray tilray. Where are you i might be doubling down on this tilray, just looking for a breakout there, trade um all right. I just got a another till rate call option 40 strike price expiration date of feb 19.

uh. Just looking for this momentum to follow through all right, just loaded that up might turn into a quick day trade. Let's see how it actually. Let me reload this.

I want to just show you guys my new right here uh, so it expires not this week, but next week uh forty dollar strike. I'm looking for a nice percentage move today, uh. I might end up swinging it, but as of now, that's not my plan. I want to see how it reacts to 3720 and we'll go from there.

That is a live trade just made really really liking the sector strength. What's your thoughts on virgin galactic vgac, looking decent right now, not right now as an entry point all right cast and casting couch, i will look up vgac in one second, i just don't want to miss any of these other super chats. Do you think it's best to sell tail raid 40 and invest into something else or ride it longer i mean right now. I really do like the the thought of a long-term investment in one of these stronger cannabis plays, so whether you like cgc apha tail ray tilray, will be eventually acquired by apha um it or, if you don't know what cannabis want to play.

But you like the industry check out mj mj is a it's an etf for those of you who don't know what an etf is. It stands for exchange traded fund and the best way you can think of it is just a basket of stocks, so it gives you exposure to everything within that basket. So mj is an etf for cannabis stock. So you get exposure to everything, that's within mj and it includes all the biggest name, cannabis companies.

I love trading in etfs. I love uh having them long term. If i don't feel like picking out the best ev stock, i just find an eevee etf. Like that's one way where you could just make it easier, you're paying out, like you, pay a small like management fee if it's actively managed and you're, basically just paying all these big brain people to make the decisions for you of what should be in the etf Mitchell is still wondering if it's possible to join the space ape discord.

No uh, it's momentarily shut down, um we're just oh till rape, making a move, uh love to see that uh. This is now a new all-time high pre-market high was at 37 20.. Next stop. I'm watching is basically 40, let's see if it can keep pushing um but anyway to the discord uh right now.

No, it is um. We are not taking any new people. I will reopening it in the future i'll, let you know when that happens, all right hawks. According to the nasdaq website, amc beach, 1615 after hours market last night hold apes.

We going to the moon. I love that check. Ogi. All right amc is fighting back a little bit.

Here's ogi um another another one like we're all in this uh. That has a very nice percentage gain um, but yeah. I can't leave everything on the screen cannabis related. There are other things moving, but this is the money play right now that play i'm in we're already up 30 guys, the one i'm in that i just did on live like i showed you, i gave you proof of it.

Uh is already up 30 um. I hope other people are making some money right now, keep in mind. It's not always this easy a lot of the times the market can be difficult and when that happens, usually i'm just sitting on my hands, not making trades, but this was like as easy as shaq, making a dunk like the cannabis play this industry right now is Just really really hot all right um having an issue at 38, but overall, looking strong ocgn is coming back a bit and i just want to see ocgn. This is a therapeutics coming back to that, i want it above this 13 1350 area uh.

That was a play from yesterday uh, let's see how that one goes, let's go back to amc guys if on the chat right now, if you are in a cannabis industry uh, let me know which one you're in which one's your favorite uh. If you're in multiple comment them below, let me know the tickers of the ones are in. I want to get an idea of which ones you guys find to be the most interesting, i'm i'm until ray, obviously um, but i want to know. Maybe if there are better options out there uh s s4 fe.

I know that uh, i believe, that's just another crypto um uh, my favorite all coin right now is dogecoin, i'm just trying to ride the momentum of that uh basher bashzor remember five days ago, when i told you about ogi uh, yes and it's up congrats. I hope you are doing well. Acb is another one: uh sndo, okay, lots of people in sndl ogi, so those like more of the quote: unquote cheaper ones, but hey they're, all up if you're, making money congrats, that's the like. If you're in a cannabis, hexo hitti uh h as in hiti uh lots of people in that congrats, big big congrats, you guys are going to the moon, multiple ways to go to the moon.

It doesn't exclusively have to be through um gme amc. Many many ways to go: not just one rocket ship keep that in mind. These are still going uh. We might see till ray at 40 today.

That would be awesome. I'll set up a little alert at alert, quick reminder this charting software on the screen. Right now is called trading view um. If you guys want to try it out, there is a link below you could get the first month free after that.

I think it's like 15 a month, um, i'm not sponsored by them or anything. Just the affiliate link. How about nlst, what is nlst nlst uh, just a otc penny stock semiconductors. If you're going to play in the semiconductor world, you should really be considering nvidia amd or intel.

Those are the three semiconductors that you should be looking at. Uh did the official report of cgc's earnings announcement come out. If so, let me know how high do i think cgc could go today. Uh, i think, 50.

If this momentum picks up, i think that's a nice human target. A lot of people are gunning for 50., but we'll see all right. Uh is doge moving again doge, no doge. We want above eight cents um just so you guys know.

This is the pattern we're looking at in doge? Let me zoom out we're just looking at this triangle right now, so we either want to break down so right there. It bounced off of the line or breakout right now. Doge is very much consolidating we're seeing lower highs higher lows. Super super common in the world of crypto stock market uh.

The market loves to go from periods of expansion to consolidation back and forth, and that's what doge is doing right now. It's just consolidating there will be another big move. Obviously, the golden question is: what direction will that move be in and that's why we do a little bit of the technical analysis to get a better idea, but right now we're just waiting either for a breakout or breakdown, so pay attention below 0.077 on doge. I would be a bit concerned, but let's see how that um, let's see how that goes back to cgc cgc um.

Oh sorry, i missed a couple of these super chats. I want to get your feedback on a video that talks about fidelity, blackrock and rc ventures. Holding and buying more gme recently by galactic finance, uh k-pop uh feel free to send it over to me. You can like send it through twitter uh.

If you guys need to send me information at matt, underscore coors at matt underscore coors on twitter and on instagram uh. If you need to send me something aurora, cannabis is one that i'm in negative. I don't like aurora, i'm assuming is also running today. Um.

I don't know how you could be really negative on it. Amc to the moon, that's hilarious has to make you laugh. Uh chris check out tdc got an out of money, 30 call last week pre-earnings and it exploded ever since congrats uh, it sounds like you're up. Quite a bit uh tdc tdc, oh wow, you were up a lot, a lot congrats, that's a huge trade all right! This is the first big test uh.

So this was the pre-market high the tilbury broke out above it. Let's see if it's turning into support um, hopefully some bids are coming in to protect it there. So far, so good, let's see how it plays out. Uh, amc and gme are fighting back uh bounce off of roughly 550.

Let's check out gme uh bounce off of 52. gme very, very needed much needed to bounce around that, like 48 to 52 area that key psychological area of 50. Also, it was a recent low um. It like it's been bad.

Obviously it's come down off of 500 now 480, whatever that was um, but it could get very bad below that we want it to hold these levels. Anyone else having issues with robinhood josh uh. Thank you for sending that in it can help help. Your fellow spaceshape out are other people having issues right now with robinhood.

I was able to place the trade i haven't tried to sell anything just, but that's just how i'm seeing things let josh know if anyone else is having issues all right come on till right right here, we're looking to see if this resistance can turn into support And all i be mean by that terminology is support is an area that the stock is bounced off of resistance is an area that it's been rejected by that's all we're looking. This was resistance in the pre-market right here um, i probably the post market last night. No pre-market um on the announcement of they are partnering to bring medical cannabis to the uk. Uh great development cgc strong today, industry as a whole, strong ethereum, is actually on the move.

Let me quickly bring up ethereum here: uh, let's go over to this half hour. Chart ethereum looking pretty nice, i didn't even know it broke 1800 uh it's in this pattern of higher lows, kryptos on fire right now. The next resistance will come at 17.70. Look for a breakout above that above 1770 on volume.

I think we could be testing the current all-time high ethereum right now live stream in it is on the move. That's awesome, i'm assuming it's the same scenario with bitcoin. Look at this bitcoin coming up um above this, like 46 to 40, 46. Five to 47 area.

Might be wanting to retest 48 crypto, very, very strong right now, mr fixit, thank you for that. Super chat frsx too late, autonomous driving, uh mayor uh. If you're looking for autonomous driving, i would look much more into like the classic eevee autonomous plays, such as tesla. All right till rape finding a bit of support, let's hope that it can come through amc, still selling off gme, still selling off, not a pretty situation with amc, gme hey at least there are other things moving to make a bit of money back all right.

I like how this resistance is turning into support. It doesn't always happen that way, but hey today we are getting a bit lucky, ocgn still sitting around 1260. I wanted above that 1325 area. Amc barreling it out at 550..

Things are not looking good for these um meme stocks. Daniel just became an astronaut welcome aboard always happy to have more astronauts and space apes on this rocket ship uh, mr fixit ada cardano will pass bitcoin and many are missing. It check it out um. It could be true, but i honestly think that the best kryptos, in my opinion, as things currently look, are going to be uh, bitcoin and ethereum in terms of long-term holds um.

I'm writing the dogecoin wave right now just to make a bit of money um, but i do in long term like it. I actually um wanted to talk to you guys about some ways you could get crypto, especially for long-term holding, i'm just trying to get the information for you. Where did this go? Uh, tilray, nice, cannabis still showing strength today, all right, some of you guys, are sending me an interesting news. I just want to see what is going on with it awesome all right.

What is moving now uh. I need there's some stuff very interesting things. You guys are sending me now that i will uh have to go over in the um over break just so i can present it in the afternoon. Live stream till rate coming back um.

Here we go. Is it going to be the run to 40 dollars? We're about to find out is cgc about to run to 50. lots of strength. Look at all this bullishness.

The breakout will come right here brent. I second the comment on cordano. Their blockchain and scalability is second to none. I mean it's awesome guys if you're making money on it.

That's the name of the game. I will not bash anyone if what they're doing is making money uh, it's just like. I have limited crypto knowledge, but what i do know about it, i feel pretty strong in ethereum and bitcoin, i'm not saying anything bad about cardano. I just need to.

I guess, study it a bit more learn more. What do you think is better arc or apple. Both are good just want your opinion. By the way i've been watching your video wait: congrats.

69. 420.. Thank you um, so brie. When you're talking about that, do you mean those arc etfs we talk about like our rqwk, all those ones um.

If it is that a huge huge fan of all the arc etfs, i really like rkw and q um they're, all ets, from by kathy wood, she's, very, very impressive borderline wall street legend. She had a killer year in 2020 um, but i also really like apple. I go over app a lot i was actually i have an interesting article. I want to talk to all of you guys about uh very quickly in the afternoon stream related to apple.

I think similar to tesla they're gon na make big pivots into the crypto world and trust me if apple announces, something related to crypto it it'll just run rampant like when the biggest company in the us is like supportive of a cryptocurrency things will go absolutely crazy. Uh so make sure you're in the afternoon stream. For that okay, i just um just so you guys know well, okay, hey! I don't want to do it yet. I want to see what happens with till right here.

Let's see if this can act as support again right at 37, 20. um it did put in a lower high. So let's see how this plays out, it might be a trend reversal. We don't know quite yet nothing is confirmed.

I'm seeing positive things about fiverr. It is holding above 285, so new high congrats willem uh. You're up. Look! Look for 300.! That's the next nice psychological level um, if it might need to take a bit of a breather like this, is a big bullish, run uh.

They might be running out of strength in the like just short term, but overall fiber's killing it. I love it for 2021. uh congrats and you have to be up money at this point i mean jesus it's at a new all-time high, so anyone in it is up money. Um.

Let me be the first to congratulate you apple and doge. Coming out with puppy cars, that is great. Doge is better than bitcoin snoop doge it, the um. The excitement surrounding doge right now, just like all that celebrity stuff is, is great.

It's hilarious and i'm just looking to ride that wave a lot of the times these stocks, it's just like you're riding the public sentiment right now. Uh investing has very much changed over the past decade, where you had all these um hang on simon. You haven't read my super chat, i'm i'm sorry. I missed it uh, but here's your shout out willem love got in for 200 per share, but fiverr will go four to five four to six hundred this year.

Mark my words bro. Do you own fiverr stocks? I do, in my private account just my retirement um. Here's a quick shout out for you guys that want to know some of my long-term investments for 2021 fiverr is one lemonade, which is an insurance company, is one appian is one uh. Those are the three that i like bought at the start of january and i'm going to hold them all year, i'm trying if anything else, comes to my mind i just know those are three of my recent purchases in my own retirement account uh more of a Longer term hold fiver lemonade and appian love all of those um speaking uh.

For bitcoin, though we were talking about btc, um ethereum, all those uh. I just put a link in this. I believe it it's the first link in the video description below for block fi. That is what uh so last week, i was very, very excited with the crypto i got lucky and was able to front run this big announcement with um uh elon and that's where i'm moving all of my own uh bitcoin and ethereum too uh the way.

I understand it. Blackfy is a very it's. Basically, the way we think of a normal normal bank, backed by usc blockfi, is that for crypto, so they have um. You can get loan, you could get crypto loans, you could just store money or the way i'm using it is.

I just bought crypto, uh, bitcoin and ethereum, and i'm just storing it there. I haven't used their other banking features but check out blackfy. There is an affiliate link, the first one um in the description and the reason i'm bringing it up is because, if you use it uh right now, if you sign up for block fi you're not going to get a special benefit. But if you do sign it, you depend on how much money you put in to buy crypto.

You can get up to 250 free uh dollar like us dollars worth of crypto um, and really your minimum is 15 free dollars. So you're just gon na get free payouts in bitcoin uh. I just opened it uh, i'm about a week into having block fi. I like it um this isn't sponsored by them or anything.

I just have that affiliate link running, but so far what i've seen in block fi. I am pretty impressed um. I know people were talking about block folio and like they now have concerns about security. Uh.

To my understanding, the security for uh block fi is all done through gemini, which is those like the winklevoss twins, so high-end security, thus far uh no hacking's reported on that. Obviously it's a concern, but you could always take it. Offline put it in a cold storage wallet um. I haven't done that, i'm leaving it in my hot wallet on blockfi.

I trust them. If i get a massive massive position, i will take it offline, put it in like a safe safety, deposit box or something but uh guys. Basically, if you want free, bitcoin, just deposit money into that, it's the first link below um, not sponsored by them, don't have to be paid to say nice things, but that is an affiliate link feel free to check that out. Oh, and just so you know um to my understanding, i actually look to buy dogecoin on block blackfy.

I don't think it's available yet so i've only bought bitcoin and ethereum on blockfi. I think they are working just from what i saw on the website to get other all coins uh. But if you're looking for dogecoin that that's not available on it yet but hey uh, there's such a push now, i'm sure they have fancy engineers. In the background working on adding all those extra coins that we want all right, amc not having a good day till ray and canopy selling off, i actually have seen a lot of red in general over here right now.

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