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Hello, hello, moon, gang space, apes, assemble. I love it. This chat's already popping off i've been reading it getting prepped thinking about how we can poke fun at the suits. I'm not gon na lie space apes, i'm looking at the pre-market trading - and i am as of now straight up not having a good time lots of meetings.

Last night talked to astronauts and aliens alike. We got some big stuff to go over today, very very exciting. As of now, the suits are clearly pulling some shenanigans. Look at this chart.

Look what i have up right now: gamestop training at 125 amc pushing nine dollars on the lower right. Here we have the vix, which is volatility. Oh man, it's all right, guys uh! This is what being having diamond hands is all about. Obviously you guys know.

I'm invested in gamestop, i'm invested in amc. I am in no way finite financial advisor, but i can tell you i am a space ape guys. I have diamond hands i am holding holding holding you got to make your own financial decisions, i'm just letting you know what i'm doing um we will be reviewing the volkswagen uh chart that came up yesterday. I think it has even more more importance today.

Let's see how this all plays out, there are a couple things to go over, so guys screenshot. This robinhood has once again increased the amount of shares that they're allowing us to get ahold of uh. Please note that these are aggregate limits for each security and not pre-law pre-order limits and include shares in option contracts that you already hold am series 350 350 gme is 20 20 and cost is 150. screenshot.

This real, quick uh. They are subject to change throughout the day uh. I just wanted to get that out there. We could circle back to that as need be right.

Now, here's my portfolio getting annihilated before the market is starting uh, but guys i'm telling you diamond hands. I don't care uh, we'll see how this one plays out right now. These snakey suits do seem to have an upper hand, but we'll see how that plays out um as we get rolling guys uh. So i've been basically up all night all morning.

Reading uh articles and stuff like that, so we do have some uh things very important things to go over, but please let me know if there's anything, you guys think that, like the the group as a as a whole should know uh, let me know in the Chat um. I see it coming through the chat's already popping off, but this guy is a con man. Uh no you're, just a suit uh. That's that's insane, not a con man guys.

I try to be as transparent as i can. I will never give you legal or financial advice. I just let you know what i'm doing. We are here uh talking about the stories.

I lay out some technical analysis, i'm never giving buy or sell alerts. Um. That's just not how i work uh. We already have a greg.

We are two minutes in today's stream and you can't ever underestimate a suit. They will go full full greg on you and no matter how hard they try they're just jealous of not being a space ape. They just don't get it they'll. Never get it um and some people are just born like that, like you can't hate them, it's just they were.

They were just born that way. Uh we can't hate on them from that they were just dealt a pretty crappy hand. So i i was reading some really really interesting. Uh points on wall street bets about this short ladder thing.

So, let's just see how it plays out today, guys um, remember, remember a big thing going into today. Is that a lot of the money that transferred out of robin hood into weeble cash app each trade like wherever they were transferring last week? That money still has not hit and we're really really seeing that in the overall volume um? So here's the past couple days? Look, how on the bottom of your screen is the volume, so it was huge january 22nd, 25th, 26th, medium on the 27th and then since then it's been crushed uh every day the volume is going down down down, less shares are being exchanged um. It is way way easier to pull off a short, louder attack. If that's what's happening, i cannot guarantee that's what's happening just in my opinion, it looks like that's where we're at it's way easier to do it with lower volume.

There's a very, very good post about this in wall street bets. The credit does go to that poster. If i could reload this is reddit all right. Reddit apparently is just sitting there um.

I switched my name over to spaceape, i loved it um. There are some interesting articles guys we will be going over some of these um. I just want to give you a kind of full picture of what's going on right now very much. There is no way to sugarcoat it us space apes have to have diamond hands right now.

The suits are winning on this um. I want to bring back this chart from a technical perspective. We are very much concerned about this low at 113 69, which was the low from when robin hood was first banning the shares taylor. Thank you so much for that super chat.

Uh. We succeeded in a test flight. Last week. All systems are: go watch out, chimpanzees, apes in space, finding new life, uh, no more diamond hands, bye, bye, bye, um.

Thank you guys. I appreciate that uh diamond hands don't have paper hands it's against. These suits um from a obviously you guys know. I'm long.

You know i'm holding, but as i'm doing this, i'm also trying my best to teach you at least what i know about technical analysis, and we very much need to be careful at this 113 level. It's a low here, it's some previous resistance resistance can turn into support. That's what we saw on the 28th. We need this support really really to hold, because the next support is basically sub 100 um.

So this is a very key level. We will be watching till it today. The 113 100 14 price level keep that in mind and then on the upside, we're first watching. Basically those key psychological levels - 200, 250, just above 300, so feel free to screenshot.

This do whatever you need to, but i think there's going to be some fireworks in the market today, um, if i'm being honest with you right now, i'm not i'm just straight up, not having a good time um right now we are fighting with our hands tight Behind our back, the suits these snakey suits have been pushing it down. These paper, hands have been selling, they can't take it and that's fine they're doing what they can um, but this is where we're at the volume is very low. It's getting destroyed in pre-market trading and i still don't feel confident about volume flowing in until wednesday, thursday, friday, uh tuesday. This could shape up to be a rough day, guys, i'm just trying to shoot you straight of what i'm seeing.

Obviously, fingers crossed i'm trying to be honest, but you know i'm fully buy it, i'm biased and being long but from a technical perspective. I'm just telling you what i'm seeing in the charts, but you guys know me diamond hands, pre-market post market. These stocks have been crashing. Let's hope that there's a big turnaround, we're going to find out much much more in 23 minutes.

I'm excited guys if you are a space ape and you're prepared to show off your diamond encrusted hands. Let me know blow up the chat with some apes with some diamond hands. Um, let's see it, we got ta, get the positive vibes flowing uh. We got ta kick the day off right, i'm very much a believer in our cosmic space, ace karma uh.

All these greg's and lisa's are bringing us down, and i i just want to turn the tides a bit. We got to show them that we're not at least we got to give we're not giving up without a fight. We got to show them that we need business and we'll see how this goes. Uh right now, they're very much at dips.

I personally, depending on what i'm seeing in the market, i might be buying more to lower my cost basis, we'll see how that plays out. I have my robin hood opened. I already showed you guys getting crushed um. I am in amc, uh amc, gme, ethereum, dogecoin uh.

These are my other investments that i'm waiting just to get transferred into weibull. If you guys want weeble, there's a sign up, link below you get two free stocks: it's a win-win uh! You could get a total of, i think 1850 and a minimum of a free 10 so to win win um just so you guys know. I also think i was reading a bit. I think that mark cuban is doing like a live q.

A with wall street bets at um, 9 30. This morning, jeffrey just became an astronaut. Thank you so much um, oh okay, i did forget, there's one thing, guys um! I i fully admit i messed up yesterday and i need to give the official shout out to all the amazing amazing artists, guys you're blowing up my twitter, my email. I love it.

There are so many creative people listening to this right now, so i need to give props where they are due. So today's thumbnail is all thanks to ben. You can check him out twitter. Give him a like give him a follow.

He created this it's today's thumbnail. Thank you so much um, the main emoji for all the youtube members comes from octo ray design. This is a sick emoji. It's our ape diamond hand on the moon.

It's phenomenal. I love both of these and then yesterday's one. I forgot to give the shout out this one. Uh is amazing, like look at the just pure strength and diamond hands of this insane gorilla.

The art level is next level. I love it. This is from uh steve fin fien. Sorry i mispronounced that steve fien, if you love this so much that you want to buy, it is on redbubble, and if you want to see more of his art, you can find him under s-f-e-a-n-e on instagram it all of his links are tagged in yesterday's live Stream and then all of ben's links are tagged in today's live stream.

These guys are phenomenal phenomenal artists um, if any of you guys out there are artists and you're drawing up some cool designs reach out to me, send it to me on twitter. Send it to me, however email it to me: do whatever you need to and um i would love to give you a shout out. I would love to use it. You guys um.

I wish i was more artistic, myself uh it. It truly is mind-blowing to designs. I'm seeing so uh if this is something up your alley, whether it's a thumbnail, an emoji whatever or just if you want people to see it on twitter, you just have a cool design seriously reach out to me. Uh, you guys are phenomenal.

I mean i'm getting blown up with them. These are just a few. I'm gon na try to show more and more, but i just need to give credit where it's due give all those guys follows: likes checks out, check out the rest of their art. It is awesome, uh, very cool, uh nicholas we have a new space ape.

Welcome, aboard happy to see you guys, uh a tip to lift your mood. We got ta show them that we are too autistic to feel pain. Uh. Thank you so much for that.

Super chat, you guys are cracking me up already. I love the energy, no matter what's going on in the day, you guys are somehow uh, it's just the strength of numbers, guys we are this community. We are the moon gang community. We are a bunch of crazy space, apes, um, very, very excited.

Uh super super excited to be here today, guys there's pain in the market right now, but you never know man, the the second, the bell dings ding ding, ding, 9 30. Things can turn around um. The only fact i know is that the suits are hardcore paper hands. That's the one thing i can guarantee you guys is: they cannot put up with our level of determination and strength and just fortitude in this situation.

Uh we're space apes. We don't know better when we set our minds to something we're just pulling through straight with it and that's what today's all about uh, keep in mind: huge inflow of money, i'm predicting in volume uh for the remainder of the week post today, more and more people Will be transferring money from robin hood to whatever other account, so we just basically got ta survive today, uh without taking too much damage. That's my personal opinion. That's how i'm seeing things um, but yeah.

We have about 15 minutes now. If there's any big questions send them through the chat, we could talk about it. If there's any big breaking news that we have to cover. The main thing i wanted to, let you guys know about was the new limits feel free once again to screenshot this.

We could take a quick peek at dogecoin uh from a technical perspective. It did break below this trend line. Let's see how that plays out today, i'm in on dogecoin um, all right, no or guys if you have that art send them my way um. I was checking out this uh wall street bets is still mainly talking about gamestop um amc is a number two place and the number three place is still a severe drop off.

Clearly, their massive interest is between gamestop amc. So just keep that in mind all right. Thank you for that super angry c, i'm only 20 in about bought 325 last night. We last week if gme drops below 100 or 50.

Are we sol at that point? No um, so let me bring up the volkswagen short squeeze, so the and uh guys. I need to clarify i'm in no way guaranteeing that this will happen. Is this the short squeeze i'm looking for? I don't believe so. There was a way way better post of it on um wall street bets, i'm just trying to find it.

So, basically, my point is before the massive uh run-up. I need to make a bigger picture for you guys. I know this is tough to seize come on. Please be big here we go um, so if you guys can see this, i can zoom in here.

So this is the run up and then there was a massive dip before the huge huge short squeeze um. So there are predictions that were like kind of in this phase of gamestop, slash amc. It ran up, and this was still a big run up like 200 to 400. It was trading even at one point like even way lower than 200 like closer to 100.

So it went up a massive percentage, got knocked tapped right off that key psychological level and then popped off um. I can in no way guarantee that this will happen again, but i'm just saying it is a theoretical possibility. So huge run-up, a little bit of weakness ran up again, second flow up sell-off and then an explosion. I'm just looking at history in the world of trading.

History doesn't perfectly repeat, but the saying is that it can rhyme and so i'm hoping that the tune that we're rhyming with is a lot closer to this. I hope we wake up pre-market. It's way higher people just get absolutely destroyed on their short positions, and that's what we're in for you have to understand. The current situation is a considerable amount of risk uh.

Once again, if you have paper hands, this is not the situation for you to be playing in high risk high reward. We are gambling in the casino that we call the stock market uh, there's no, if ands or buts, about it high risk situation, but also a high reward situation. I have absolutely no clue about your own financial background. I know about mine.

I can make trades accordingly and i'm willing to take this risk. We have a new uh astronaut, ggc playtime. Thank you so much new super chat. Jackson.

Hill. Thank you thanks for the great content. What should we keep in mind when evaluating pre-market and regular hours? Still? Learning cheers so personally jackson, that's a great question. Personally, i don't put too much emphasis on pre and post market because the volume is considerably less than the normal trading day.

So it's very very easy for anyone uh with money to push it very higher or very low in pre and post market just way way less volume way less liquidity uh. The real movement which you should be caring about will come from 9, 30 to 4 p.m, because that's where most market participants are actually training and you can get a better idea of where the true level of supply and demand that equilibrium point is actually at um. Like we're going to see it right now, this volume that the spike was like almost around fifty thousand and nine thirty to nine forty five you'll see these numbers getting absolutely dwarfed. I put way way less emphasis on it.

Um, it can set the tone for the day. Obviously, people are seeing this and if they don't have pre-market trading, they might be waiting for 9 30 if they're scared to sell their position uh. That is a possibility we just have to see, or they can look at it as an amazing dip opportunity. You never know which way it's going to break this is stocks are ruled by mob mentality.

As long as you're on the side of the majority, you will be profitable, scott just became an astronaut. Thank you so much happy to have you aboard um, you guys. This is amazing. We already popped off to almost 6 000 viewers guys if you could blow up the likes, we'll get more and more people in here.

That would be truly appreciated. Let's get it to 1k likes if you're watching this. If you enjoy this content, if you appreciate the effort that all the space apes are putting in me live streaming, all the amazing tips that we're seeing in the chat coming through help out your fellow space ape. Let them know you appreciate what they're doing just hit a like.

Let's blow it up to a thousand there's enough people viewing right now. That would be truly truly appreciated. Um we're gon na we're in for it a volatile day. I don't know if it's gon na be bullish or bearish.

I just know it's gon na be crazy. Volatile the same way the entire week will be insanely volatile. I think the volatility will pick up for the remainder of the week um, just as more and more money's coming through all right, more greg's are popping off guys in this chat. Whatever you got ta, let them do what they're gon na do they're just like chirping little birds, they don't get it.

They always are waking up on the wrong side of the space rock they're, not gon na get it, and sometimes it's just not even worth your time. Oh wow, you guys destroyed that like thank you, so so much we're about to hit that thousand. I appreciate it. It really does help get extra people in here um.

It's guys, i'm not leaving the seat. You guys know me uh from last week to this week we're just streaming all day, we're talking whenever there's breaking news when everything's anything's going on we're cracking jokes, we're doing technical analysis, we're sharing things together, um, it really is a community of stronger together uh. There is power in numbers, we're getting information, we're helping people all over the world, speaking of which, let us know what country, where you're from right. Now in the chat.

I just want to prove to everyone that, like we are worldwide and soon we're going to be galaxy wide, but right now uh. Let us know what country you're from and it's amazing to see these thousands of people where you are on the planet right now. It is amazing um i love it. I love all of you guys the the vibes i'm instantly turned around.

Can you break down amc we're all in yes drew? I can do that. I will be taking a look at gme amc uh. If you guys could let me know what you're in gme amc or both i want to know which one deserves the the big screen spot here uh i want to obviously front and center. Oh, these countries are awesome.

Netherlands, japan, florida all over guys, um homack. Thank you. Jimmy can win uh, it can win uh, yes, uh. Another super chat.

Thank you. Tyler kelly is the pre market a good time to buy when it's low um. Honestly, in my own experience, i've noticed it's a flip of a coin. Sometimes uh.

It comes back to it might be a dip and when 9 30 hits everyone views it as a dip buying opportunity or there could be a panic because it's already low, it really is a flip of a coin uh. In this scenario, we just have to see how strong all of our fellow space apes are i'll, lose it all before i full diamond. Let's go that's thank you for that super chat. That's how i feel i would prefer to lose the money i have invested.

Instead of folding in to these suits all right, i'm seeing a lot of gme i'm seeing a lot of amc uh. I wish i had a polling capability, maybe a little bit more gme. I can switch it throughout the day. Maybe, as one is like seriously moving and another isn't um, but it looks like with slight bounce, i mean.

Obviously we still have a lot of ground to make up um, so we'll see how that goes. We have just under 10 minutes until the bell ding, ding, dings and all of our space-8 blub really really gets poppin um. I just need to remind you guys the situation we are dealing with. It's now been.

I don't know what five days since robin hood and other brokerages blatantly manipulated the market at the expense of retail traders. There's no difference from what they did to them coming in going into your wallet and taking out money uh. They just did it through an application and they said they're trying to protect us from ourselves. No way that is bs, you guys know it.

I know it. It's pure manipulation, um, and they have the audacity to come back and say what the retail traders were doing were manipulation. No, we have the moral and legal right to engage in the stock market in any way we see fit. Um meet kevin had a great video on it.

It is not a pump and dump. There are a lot of legal precedents for it. Um. Obviously, i'm not a lawyer, but in my opinion, uh.

This is the way you can engage in the stock market. Everything is legally legally fine and i i just i can't believe the audacity of these scummy suits all these greg's out there saying what we're doing and when they've been manipulating the market year in and year out, don't forget that when they screw up and cost themselves Money and hurt the economy they get bailed out by their buddies. If you and i lose money on this, it's our own, we are not backstop. We are playing two different games.

Don't forget that please please, please, remember why you're a space ape remember why we're fighting uh, keep that in your mind throughout the day, no matter what happens. 9. 30 to 4. You are a diamond handed space ape mexi man and cheese.

What's what's to stop robin hood from leading out our stocks to short sellers lending out or stocks to short sellers, i heard that tos says they. They can sell your stuff without asking uh. They are 100 allowed to uh lend the stocks that you own out. To short sellers uh that is allowed, they do it it's how they make money uh you get paid interest when you're lending stocks out so the way robinhood does that is they bought.

When you buy stocks um, you don't actually own it most. Everyone has a margin. Account you basically own a promise from robinhood for that stock and that's kind of why we got into the situation we're in right now. Excuse me, i think i have to sneeze um anyway um, so you own that promise, but anyway, when you're owning that promise, they still take those shares and lend it out to short sellers and that's how they make some of their money.

The other way they money. They make money is basically selling all of your order, flow and information to like high frequency traders. Um, that's why they can make it free is they're basically like gutting, you in terms of your information and also they like do all that short selling uh. It is legal, it's in the terms of service a lot of brokerages, do it um, so we'll see how it plays out zlump.

Thank you for that super chat. How long do you think this can play out for for in a perfect scenario? Do you think it ends whenever the media stops covering it, or do you see the actual long term plans with it honestly uh? As i see things now, like even from my own numbers on this live stream, the twitter trends - everything like that to me - this is very news. Driven. It needs to stay in the news.

Um. The wall street bets community is massive massive massive uh. I th. What are they at right? Now, hang on reddit's being slow today, i think they're, already above 8 million, which is trust me.

A lot of people are rep: 8.2 million uh. That's a lot of people um a lot of money, but it doesn't necessarily add up to like what these institutions can actually do. So, in my opinion, um, it really really has to be able to um stay in the the media. So just like the quote-unquote average joe trader, someone who just downloaded robinhood weeble um, we need to keep all of their interest.

It's a power in numbers thing and even though 8 million is huge, i don't know if it's quite a bit or quite enough, i should say we need quite a bit more um. This might be a couple billion, but the overall institutions are many many billions and billions of dollars. So for me i am closely closely watching the new cycle and this needs to stay in the news cycle, but thank you for that super chat slump. I know you've been like an og supporter.

I see you in here day in and day out and uh just so you guys know. I recognize a lot of your names, your determination for support of this channel, the moon gang and your fellow space apes is phenomenal. Thank you so so much guys we just got to create crushing this uh more people are watching in these likes are going up. Let's um, if you guys, could explode the likes up to 2 500 before this bell rings.

Let's get people in here. Let's know we're about to have a wickedly awesome day: no paper hands, no greg's no suits um we're in for a rough day, but let's see how it plays out all right. Let's get going uh. We have about three minutes three and a half minutes.

On my end, uh, the community - you guys are so amped up it like just seeing the the i guess, uh positivity the comments coming through the you guys get me jacked up like i can feel the adrenaline coursing through my ape veins. How long will these apps restrict shares buying? We have no idea kevin, i'm assuming they do it uh until, like the volatility dies down or until they can create a position that somehow covers their own ass um, but they can almost kind of do it indefinitely and trust me they are being hit over and Over again with um lawsuits, i do have a link for you guys later, but if you guys go to or just google matt law, it's one guy. I was talking to he's a lawyer if you want to sign up for a class action lawsuit against robin hood. Just google matt law, robin hood class action lawsuit.

You will find it with google. I will have a link in this afternoon's live stream, so you guys can click it right through the description. But if that's something that interests you definitely check it out. Let's go: let's go, let's keep climbing guys we're not leaving guys uh.

Not only do you jack me up, but if you see the wolf of wall street like the actual wolf of wall street jordan, belfort man he's crushing it, uh gets you like we're, just not leaving we're not leaving. That gift is just so true, i'm not leaving whatever happens happens, but i am taking my stand right here, um honestly, the the amount of people, the thousands of you that i've talked to of you knowing my position now i can't fold in these diamond hands, even When i have little moments of mental weakness um, you guys instantly put a diamond cage around me and make me feel so so much better about it and that's where we're at right now. So, throughout the day whenever news is breaking, let me know in the chat whenever anything's happened. Let me know in the chat we're going to talk about some technical analysis, we'll go over twitter, we're going to look at some awesome, memes, some art guys if you have any good memes, if you have any art, that's related to this, send them my way.

We will view it. We will give you a shout out. I love it. Look at this gamestop's already pushing um granted.

We are still very low relative to where the market closed yesterday, but i want to see this above 200. 300. 400. Today, let's push push push um, we just got ta hold we're not leaving guys space ape gathering guys space apes.

Oh you guys. I can already feel it in the chat. How amped you guys are getting. We have one minute to go and the space apes, this zoo is getting unruly.

Let's go it's a day of war corey. Thank you check out space. They have a short position. They are 20 over 100.

The shorts all right. This could be a big one. I will check that out: um, i'm brand new to socks. If i lose my cash on this bet, at least this has gotten me started.

Will you make videos for newbies like me in the future 100 guys you got before this live streaming thing? I have a catalog, a huge catalog of some nice technical analysis portfolio videos check those out they're all up there for free. I think it could really help you out. When can class action, lawsuit actually be accomplished to a single investor playing with less than 10k in their account um? I think it's more so of the message that's being sent uh and also the size of the class action like if enough people get behind it. We can really make a difference.

Uh power numbers apes together are stronger, all right out of the gate. Look at this huge pop in volume, which was expected. We were talking about that um massive pop in volume, uh gme, already pushing people are buying the dip same with amc, guys, i'm seeing green, loving it loving it. Uh volume is huge and keep like, like i was saying before the pre-market volume already dwarfed uh way way more volume right when the market opens that's where we're at we're already pushing 150 and we're just going guys.

This is the rocket ship rocket rocket rocket sophia. Welcome aboard, you became an official space ape. I love it. I love it.

Love the stream diamond hands gang dot shop, uh, happy to promote that. Let's go, we popped through 150. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go: where is it i'm gon na? Do my part gme, let me see it, let me see it. Uh shares two review order.

Buy done all right, i should have more gme, i don't know if it was filled um. We have to see what goes on. I just bought some try to buy. So i'm trying to push trying to do my part for my fellow space ape i'm not even getting a notification.

Robin hood is very much frozen at the moment, video showing how to set up think or swim for noobs. That is something i can definitely work on. In the future, uh robinhood is already frozen. For me i don't know.

What's going on, i tried to buy two amc's pushing 10 getting over that key psychological level. Um, let's go what's going on with spce uh i'll, throw that up for you guys uh, all right, guys, we're popping through 150. Already amc is popping through ten. This is the energy we need good vibes only.

I love that from barstool sports dave. Portnoy uh is no pushing. I see some um people talking about. No, i will throw that up.

There. Noke is selling off actually what about bb um same thing all right, so the interest should be on these two on your screen. I think i'm not gon na. Be surprised if a halt happens soon we're getting some volume we're getting some volatility um switching this over to the minute chart just so it's a little bit more appealing, amc, first, rejection, uh right at ten dollars.

Let's see how that plays out. Uh gme is very much trying to hold 150 right now. Let's see how this plays out, we just need volume to follow through. Let's see what happens uh, i want to bring up the vix.

Remember that the vix is volatility guys it's turned into red. A bit. Volatility is falling off in the overall market, um right there, jamie smashed through 150, not in a good way. App used in europe has just stopped people buying shares in gme and amc third party broker is dry wealth, 15 minutes before market open paul.

Thank you for sending that in man these suits are going to pull whatever shenanigans. They possibly can don't forget that this is not a fair fight. We are fighting right now with one potentially two hands tied behind our back. That is the situation we are dealing with.

Um, okay, not halted it just uh, my thinkorswim froze for a bit. Uh looks like things are turning red off of the open uh, let's see what's going on, my account is getting smashed as transparent as i can be. I let you guys know all right. Is there any big news? Uh, let's see, let's see all right, what's going on it's red, seeing red guys this is war.

Volatility is still dropping in the lower right all right we're getting some messages that fidelity is not letting people buy. Not sure about that guys. Let's see, let's get these vibes, uh rolling, don't forget moon gang today, the this channel is trying to hit 50k. If you enjoy these live streams, if you like stock market content, hit that red button drop a like on the video, do those two things for me: uh really helps out if you're enjoying yourself, if you're having a good time, if you like this community, hit the Subscribe button we're shooting for 50k today drop a like on this video.

It helps get more people from youtube in here. They got to know what we're doing i'm not affiliated with wall street bets, but i'm just trying to be a spokesperson um for like what i see going on on the reddit yesterday, we were talking about how all of the silver stuff was a nonsense. Trap. Look at this already stopped um gamestop first hall, today, axios broker for cash, app restricted buying on amc, um all right.

So once again guys we are fighting with a hands tying behind our back. Don't forget that it is not a fair fight, um stronger together. We need amc back over this 10. Let's see how this haul the halt will stop at 9, 40 and 11 seconds.

It is a five minute halt um. It is not trading right now frozen. Let's see what happens volatility all, maybe some of the entrance for right now for these five minutes will get transferred over to amc. If people just have eyes on it, um what is uh i'm getting some messages, but i also recognize that name as being a suit.

Uh that amc is being blocked uh. Are there any changes on amc? Can anyone confirm that amc is not as of now being restricted on robin hood, i'm seeing comments that it is being restricted on weeble. Let me know if someone can confirm that, let's go, let's go, let's go, amc is still selling red uh. I don't know if this is a short ladder attack.

I don't know. What's going on severe selling, there are paper hands in the market. There are snakey suits selling it down, not the prettiest situation. At the moment, not gon na lie.

Uh weeble, apparently suspended amc, got another message: two brokers blocked buying on amc and gme cash at block transferring money, guys uh. We thought we were out of these regulation issues, but we are not. We are still being uh, stymied blocked. Whatever word, you want to use um, there's a lot of shenanigans going on in the market right now, and you have to almost expect it from these snakes.

Amc still selling off looks like it's about to crash through eight dollars uh, when these people are restricting, and you only allow selling like, of course, the stocks gon na go in one way. We still have about three minutes on the gamestop band. Amc is still getting uh we're getting i'm getting comments that trading 212 is working um. Just so you guys know if you're on 212.

Apparently there are not blocks at this moment in time. Um amc 850. Let's hope it can hold. Eight powdery whale just became a space, a uh welcome aboard space apes.

Jacked me up. Thank you so much for that uh once again for everyone, just joining people are piling into this stream. Gamestop is currently halted. It will be unhaunted in about two minutes.

Amc is selling off it's trying to hold the eight dollar level. There is red in the market right now. What is dogecoin doing. Dogecoin is selling off all of the wall.

Street bets favorites are currently red right. Now i bought more. You guys saw that on stream with gamestop uh i'm holding, i will never ever tell you guys what to do. This is a brutal start.

Let's see what happens after this halt. Let me see if there's any breaking news for us schwab sold my shares of amc. Only invest what you can afford losing a few hundred dollars won't kill you you will recover, but the suits might not sound good right uh. That is a very good piece of advice.

Um understand that, whenever you're engaging in the stock market, it is a gamble. Um, there's nothing guaranteed ever in the stock market. No matter what you're doing there is a certain level of risk. The risk rating can be very different, lower risk high risk, but there is still always risk present make sure you are handling that accordingly, okay, guys, i'm getting more and more comments that trading 212 is working uh we have about a minute more.

Is there breaking news on this twitter uh, guys anything breaking feel free to tag me? We can look at it as a group uh, let's see, what's going on anything, no cool, pics or memes. Quite yet all right we are, the halt, is up we're trading and right after the whole, we are already seeing more red. Let's see what happens, amc still looks like it's gunning for eight dollars. We need these key psychological levels to hold um.

Remember what i was saying earlier in the stream. A big big level for gamestop is 113.. That was a drop i believe we were seeing on thursday. Maybe i still have it up here yeah.

So, oh, that's amc. Let me switch this over to gme uh yeah. So the low from whatever thursday was 111 112.. Keep that in mind.

Oops 121 - i'm not going to be surprised if this gets halted again very very soon that uh getting a lot of comments about the that european one blocking people guys. This is a bloodbath right now. This is a space 8 bloodbath, but um personally, i am holding amc, crashed through eight dollars. This is sell and sell and selling all right.

We are right that bounce was the low we saw on thursday and amc is coming up to it's like equivalent low level. Let's see what happens, this is a very, very important line in the sand. Um. I i guys i can't tell you, which way it's going to break.

We are watching it play out live. This is all all mob mentality. There's a lot of fear in the market right now. Wall street is shaking out a lot of people um.

I we just got to see if there's enough diamond hands or paper hands. This is the battle between diamond hands and paper. Hands we'll see how this one plays out for those of you interested in uh electric vehicles. Cz iv is looking like it's having a really good day, that is, that spat company looking to acquire lucid motors lots of rumors almost hit 30 dollars pre-market trading at 27..

Uh gamestop did break through that important level, let's see if it's momentary or if it holds marcus williams just caught. My first gme holding 100 100 shares on amc cash at block more purchases of amc uh. Thank you for that update diamond hand, guys it's been a brutal open. We are about 12 minutes in and amc and gme are getting crushed, crush, crush, crush um.

We got ta just see how this plays out uh joshua same deal. I said yesterday short light attack. The patterns for gme and amc are identical, hold diamond hands guys. Uh joshua has a very good point.

Thank you for sending that super chat in look at these. The charts on the day both are getting crushed. Two completely unrelated companies, um, it's not a sector movement or anything like that. It's not a political push.

This is very much a social thing. They look very very similar. Both are probably fear induced wall street induced snake induced lots of similarities going on guys. Let's keep up these positive vibes.

Let's get these positive vibes going. If you guys, if you're watching this, you appreciate the moon gang uh, your fellow space ape, if you guys could do me a huge huge favor. We are gutting for 50k subs today, if you like, the moon gang hit, the sub button turn on the notifications. You won't miss anything.

I've been streaming all day plan on doing it all week drop a like help. Get this live stream in front of other people. Elite moments uh looks like it's going to be a cup and handle. Hopefully, let's see um as this chart continues to develop.

We'll start to do some intraday technical analysis, we'll look at some daily technical analysis, i'm looking for a bid to be caught soon. It looks. I mean 100 is a very key psychological level. I'm sure there's a lot of people sitting out there saying um that they would love to own it at that nice human level of like 100 is easy.

Uh could be a big bounce off of this. Is it legal to block people from buying horror, hey um, not sure, that's what people are arguing right now, um, apparently they say they can do it in their own terms of services, but uh people i mean the lawsuits are piling up against them guys. This is a blood bath, a space, eight bloodbath, there's. No, if ands or buts about it.

This has been a brutal, brutal opening um. It looks oh, no, it's not frozen. Sorry! I thought there was another halt. Uh, my thinkorswim! That's the name of this software by the guy, by the way it's from td ameritrade uh.

It's just been really slow too much uh volume today, powdery whale i bought again at 289, i'm all in. I love this fight, invest if you can but i'll die before. I sell what are your thoughts on sofi micro investments? I think their spac switch, the ipoe or whatever that is will do very well so far is very popular at a minus 5 30 at the moment guys hold. We are fighting war that we can't control like the suits, but we are stronger together here from new jersey.

I love it. I'm right by you not far away. It stayed away. Cory looks like there's been 50k short sales of spce in the first 10 minutes of trading.

So far they are trying to break it. Um shang mag. I bought another 500 shares for this dip. Don't give up guys guys that's the type of space, a positivity.

We need uh, we all recognize that the situation is getting bad um huge bounce off 101, like i said guys key psychological level. Let's hope that the bounce picks up momentum and isn't a dead cat bounce. For those of you who don't know a dead cat, bounce is where it goes up, gives you some positivity and then crashes back down. Uh.

Sorry, i just missed a super chat. Keith. Thank you. Dogecoin is looking similar to gme yeah.

I agree. Here's a quick, quick peek at dogecoin, um uh, look they're selling like all three of these are so we have a crypto. We have a movie theater and we have a game. Reseller all look the same and they're like completely unrelated dylan e trade is taking a thousand years to clear transfers, and cash app is not allowing buyers of amc dylan.

Thank you for posting that i see your name in here. Very often, your support is phenomenal. Guys, space apes: this is our dip. Let's see how it plays out um we're looking to hold the line.

This is when, in just in game and thrones like that, big battle is coming in and they hold the line. Um gt black another common space ape. I'm always saying here this is clearly the hedge fund's last stand. They must not have read about the battle of little bighorn.

I love it. Your support's been phenomenal. I see your name time and time again, michael. I can't buy any more shares because the stoop stop me i'll pump up the chat, bring down the greg's, uh newest astronaut, frederick nielsen.

Thank you. So much welcome aboard happy to have you there guys, if you please, please, please can help me just blow up these likes, let's uh we're at 2 7. Now, let's get this to 5k. Let's get more people in here.

There's enough people watching power numbers apes together are stronger if you're a space ape, and you understand that we are fighting against the suits of the world, the greg's of the world and all this manipulation that they've been pulling off. Let's get more people in here. It truly does help with the youtube algorithm. Um got a lot of amc on the dip.

Let's hold guys, i am not selling they're panicking so hard right now, uh shang. I see your name all the time. I appreciate it artificially. Stopping trading preventing people from buying in manipulation reminds me of a recent election.

We had naked bb gma are all getting hit hard, but we will prevail. Patience is key. Very true, nicholas. Thank you.

Patience is key if you plan on having a long trading, career discipline and patience are two things that are an absolute must trust me, i'm still on the front side of my own trading career, i'm many things to learn many years ahead of me, and i already Know my own discipline, my own patience is something that needs to be worked on, developed and hopefully improved in the future key key things to have. As of now uh edward uh became uh. An astronaut welcome aboard happy to have you there uh right now, 750 is holding an amc, 100 is holding in gme uh. We got to see if they're hold, we need volume to continue to pick up and a bullish follow through um there.

This weakness that people are seeing, i'm sure, there's more sharks in the water, more people piling on short thinking that this is their opportunity, new people to get squeezed if we can get momentum, uh, blake, webster, getting bent over at the moment. If i don't make a return, i'm gon na lose my mind. Anyone who's selling, isn't ours, uh blake uh, we hopefully this turns around for you. Hopefully it turns around for us.

Robinhood is now taking two days to clear my deposit. Uh never had this problem. I mean it's shenanigans man across the market. The suits are gon na, pull whatever they possibly can.

Um guys blood in the water ape space, a blood in the water right now, there's sharks, circling guys as a team. We are stronger. We are better. We can fight these snaky sharks off um, there's greg's on their little yachts.

Right by us, they're not going to be throwing us in life preservers you. We cannot rely on greg's to do the right thing in this situation. Keep that in mind. We are scum to the elites make them eat dirt.

I enjoy tipping them when the uh fall to the waiter's status. When thank you, uh for that super chat diamond hand. Guys uh gme looks like it's coming back down. We really need this to stay on the top side of this simple moving average.

Quick recap: this white line is just it's very basic. It's one of the most basic technical analysis things it's the 10 bar simple moving average, as in the closing price of the most recent 10 bars, it averages it together and uh. That's how you create this line. Um, it's a very basic one.

It's thought that it's bearish when you're under it bullish when you're on top of it um g and me showing a little bit of life game, stop showing a little bit of life guys. This is all the positivity keep pushing it higher. I love these comments. Let's get some h going, let's get some diamonds going.

Let me know where you guys are at if you're a greg man, this just isn't the group for you. This is not the ape family for you, i'm sure. There's other streams out there, where you can talk to other snakes if you want this is just not the group for you, uh powdery whale. I see your name all the time.

Thank you uh. He says at uh michelle, i'm on your right. Shoulder hold water glove glove guys we can weather out these circling sharks together, stonks stonks go up, that's what's going on with stonks man. Can stop won't stop gamestop, don't forget that diamond hands will prevail uh.

How do i become a space ape? So there are two ways to become a space ape you being here in this chat with your positive volumes hitting that moon gang subscribe button is a great way to become a diamond handed space ape, and if you want to become an officially recognized one, there is A join button, uh right by the subscribe button space ape, is an option. Um you get cool emojis, it's a great way to support your name shows up in a different color. It's just the way to take your space ape status to the next level. Mark nielsen md we have a doctor in the house, ordered our cfo to get on bloomberg to get more gme and amc um mark nielsen md.

I really hope you are a vet because we are going to need some space. A vets in here going aboard. Welcome aboard, i hope you are well practiced in diamond handed space apes, because that is the special specialty we will need. Thank you for that.

Uh super chat. I appreciate it guys we are cruising along today. We have uh up up and away uh. This comes from dominic, the volkswagen squeeze took two months.

This is a beginning diamond hands. Uh, that's a guy who's done his research uh. It can take a while to play out um guys. Remember.

There is nothing guaranteed that these squeezes will continue, but hey if you have to at least be involved in the opportunity um. I look at it this way. I would prefer to lose this money than to miss the opportunity uh. I can forgive myself for losing the money.

I cannot forgive myself for missing the opportunity. Zj just became an astronaut welcome aboard brother fellow space. Eight, i love it uh gme. This is a bullish pattern.

We just needed to pop above 121.. Uh did i miss anything? I'm seeing this chat's going a million miles per hour. I even tried to slow it down. It is slowed down, but you guys are just that.

Amped up that pure adrenaline adrenaline is pumping through your space-8 veins. I love it uh, it's just something: greg's wouldn't get. They just sit there all placid and boring um paper hands no paper hands in this group. I'm shouting so much everything's drying out.

Let's go! Let's hope this holds all right. I would love for amc to get it above 8.85. I would love for jamie to get above 121 and that's just for right now. Of course, these numbers need to go higher and higher.

We look at vw, squeeze 2008 uh chart. Please you'll see i will bring that up in a bit. We were checking it out. A bit earlier, that is a great reference point guys don't forget if you're seeing breaking news that the rest of our space apes need like.

Let me know in the chat, uh anything breaking the chat needs to know. Uh neg. Can you give me a shout out? Bro, my name is neg garsuke. I'm probably saying that i apologize i'm from germany i'm about to join this space.

Eight, my friend neg. I know i butchered your name but uh. Your new space saves neg. The space ape um i'll have to brush up on my german to uh, learn how to pronounce that better.

But we'll have enough time on the rocket ship to uh. For you to teach me german and i'll teach you a bit more about becoming a space ape. Uh, we'll have plenty of time as we are going to the moon. Don't forget that guys! That's just our first stop because after that, as dr disrespect says, once you're on the top of the mountain you're only halfway, there guys we're living on the top, but we're halfway there we're going even higher michael uh.

You are a greg and you are officially out of this group guys, like i said, um no greg's, it's just that simple, the that's the rule. No no greg's like i don't even know how to put it all right. Let's see what's going on, um people are still panicking. I'm really hoping 107 can hold right here, guys, let's keep pushing this higher and higher.

All right hang on. Someone is saying um getting news that gme is on the new york stock short restrictions list. That would make sense, so there is such thing as srr short restrictions. Basically, if it's down such a percent in a day, you can't pile on and short it more.

This might be a lucky break for us. If we did hit that percentage threshold, uh new shorts might not be able to pile in, let's see how that ends up playing out all right. Where are we just learned about all this a couple days ago? What apps, companies or sites are you doing the least to block stock purchase are doing the lease to um, so it really does change uh borvak. Thank you for that super chat.

It really does change on a daily basis, um. As of now um we're hearing good things about 212, i think td, ameritrade uh is getting some uh positivity um in the comments guys help them out. Who is having no issues right now with their broker in terms of gme and amc and in terms of just info guys? Um twitter is great finvis f-i-n-v-i-z, tons of information there - yahoo finance - surprisingly always breaking news, um good stuff to know about that uh and then a new super chat. Thank you for sending this in robert just picked up 10 more shares at a big discount love the dips.

That's a diamond handed space ape for you, guys, thomas sinclair, just put all into jimmy. Let's go thomas sinclair, you crazy man. I pray that it pays off for you and everyone else in this group that will be on the right side of the trade gaffner uh revolut in ireland has been, has halted, gme and amc hearing some issues over in europe with revolut fidelity gme by shell still.

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